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We're in the age of Soros...
Liberal billionaire George Soros has quietly poured tens of millions more than usual into lobbying Congress in recent years, disclosure forms show. Soros' lobbying efforts have jumped more than fo
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The lobbying has to stop, it is what has caused so much trouble in the United States, we have people with so much money they want to change the world to fit their demented thinking, a very dangerous thing! Soros tried to get( buy) people in the White House to further his plan! He has already brought down governments, broke countries. This guy has to be stopped! Lobbying has to stop or we will be at the mercy of this demented mind! He will make Hitler look like a choir boy!
+Gee Mezz Conservatives have latched onto Soros like a leech. He isn't even the highest liberal donor. What about Sheldon Adelson who donates almost four times as much, or even Thomas Steyer who donates over four times as much?
Tom Steyer spent 26 years running hedge fund Farallon Capital, then sold his stake in late 2012 and switched his focus to politics and the environment. The San Francisco resident said he would spend upwards of $50 million to back select Democrats in the 2014 elections. He is a passionate advocate of clean energy and has been one of the most vocal opponents of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline. Steyer and his wife, Kat Taylor, have donated tens of millions of dollars to alma maters Stanford and Yale for "advanced energy" research.
Political heavyweight Sheldon Adelson pledged allegiance to Donald Trump in May 2016, but ultimately promised the Republican nominee only $5 million in financial support-- peanuts by Adelson's standards. (He spent more than $100 million trying to elect a Republican during the last election.) This year he focused on congressional candidates instead, doling out $40 million to Republicans across the country.
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