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The struggle is real...
Thousands of President Obama appointees and hundreds of Hillary Clinton campaign staffers are struggling to look for employment after Democrats lost the White House in November. Since Donald Trum
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According to the dems, the economy is just fine. Hmmmm.... small dose of reality setting in.
Golly, that's too bad. It is a shame they believed their own lies I guess. Can they get unemployment? They sure don't look happy. Maybe Obama's bye bye speech tonight from Chicongo will cheer them up.
Lol, fuckover the country for 8 years, now they can't find work,, well not alot of places want humans that are that way.
Practice their russian and see if Putin can find them something in Moscow.
Lead by a false prophet, with false hope. Now maybe these assholes will see the other side of the coin and feel the pain of 95 million other Americans who can't find work.
When Nixon's people were out, do you think Hillary's hordes gave a F---K?
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