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You know what the #WorldCup needs? More slingshots. 

Google + Every few months I come back to it and think to myself "what a great social app". And then I'm reminded that none of my friends actually use it. It's a cryin' shame. 

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Seems like someone thought icing sugar on the deck was a good idea. 

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Looking like another beautiful summer day in Manitoba... get out there folks!

Sad news today, apparently Google Reader will be terminated on July 1 :(

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I've been told that sometimes I look too serious when I'm staring at my computer at work. Truth be told, solving the world's problems is a serious task. Here is a happy blob to show that I am, in fact, a happy person. 

So in Canada it's now a hate crime to disagree with someone's lifestyle, particularly if it's those of the LBGT persuasion. Eeeeexcellent. I guess they can lock me up then. Goodbye freedom of religion, goodbye freedom of speech.

Feel like I should be posting something on here, especially since I've got an android device now. If only I had something useful to say... oh wait, it's still social media and no one cares.

Was reminded again last night why home theatre is just so much sweeter than going to the movie theatre. Better sound, better viewing angles, larger screen/viewing distance, food at a fraction of the price, nobody's knees in your back, replay at will, no 3D, etc. But the movie was fantastic! #Avengers

Gotta get some fresh air and vitamin D before spending the afternoon & evening inside @ work. Enjoy your friday folks!
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