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I'm still gainfully employed working on +Google TV - no it isn't dead, and yes it will support Cast.
With the exciting news about Chromecast we are getting a lot of questions mostly wondering if Google TV is dead. 

No, in fact partners are continuing to launch new Google TV-enabled HDTVs and boxes. As we announced at I/O, we are working with partners to bring the latest experience of Android and Chrome to devices later this year. We believe there is ample room for both products to exist and succeed.
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So does it mean that people with Google TV (the screen or a box) would not need to buy the "ChromeCast" separately?
So glad to hear this. Can you explain what would drive a person to buy a 99 dollar costar when they can get a chromecast for 35? Is it purely feature based?
+Michael Lavi I'm already able to fling YouTube and Netflix to my co star. Or is that not what you're asking about?
 +Warren Rehman  have a strange feeling the the jellybean update will do wonders for GTV, and also if somehow game mirroring or even fling to our tv's are implemented it could be killer, it be nice if it gets bumped to 4.3 instead of 4.2.2. I really thing you guys have some surprises for us in store for us over the next year, just my gut feeling speaking
+James Power I know that +Google TV does that with +YouTube , but I want my costar to be a fully functioning Google Cast product so that it supports all of the future Google Cast apps natively once development for this thing picks up (and it will).  I want the Play Music and Pandora "flinging", I want the mirroring of +Google Chrome tabs for non-supported apps (HBO GO, Amazon Instant, etc).  I just want the forking of +Google 's TV offerings to end (+Google TV , Miracast, +Nexus Q, +Chromecast ).
+Unsuk Jung correct, not needed as long as you have an ARM based device and it is updated to JB.

+Matt Lane the Chromecast is Chrome OS based and does not natively run Android apps whereas the Google TV devices are Android based and do natively run Android apps. Also, there's the whole "live TV integration" which Chromecast doesn't do and Google TV devices do do :)

+Michael Lavi yes, once it gets the JB update. Cast is a major unforking in my opinion, and +Sundar Pichai is doing the right thing for these devices which are now all under his purview.

+Kenneth Moody we're putting some final touches on the update, I can't wait for everyone to get it.
Warren it really feels like Christmas in July. Thanks forth wonderful gifts.
We are patiently waiting can't wait! +Warren Rehman if you guys bring Ultra Violet To the play apps that would be so killer, I'm pretty sure that's a whole other bag of worms, lol at least some of my library could migrate over to Play, I have so many movies stuck in iTunes that I need to get into Google Play, :-( never mind that for now bring on the Jelly Bean:-) 
+Michael Lavi I can't promise any dates on behalf of +VIZIO but I would be disappointed if you had to wait more than end of this quarter.
+Warren Rehman So just because I adopted Google TV early and got a Sony Google TV I'm unable to get a simple feature such as Chromecast that could easily run on it. It is when Google does things like this is why people are so hesitant to support new Google products. I shouldn't have to buy a whole new TV every 2 years (like my smartphone) just to keep support for it.
+Warren Rehman Here is my issue with that. It's not integrated and it's using up an HDMI port I do not have on my TV as they are all being used up.

I could completely understand buying a separate dongle or set-top box if it was from a different manufacturer. For example if I wanted to do AirPlay I could completely understand having to buy an Apple TV. (Funny enough thanks to an app on Google TV called AirTight my TV supports Airplay. I can stream Apple products to my Google TV, but I can't stream Google products to my Google TV without buying a dongle. Irony?) However, because the streaming standard (Chromecast) is Google, my TV is a Google TV I expected I would be receiving the same functionality.

What is really disheartening is that the YouTube app has been able to cast videos from my devices for quite sometime now. My TV can even be off and I can send a video from my phone or tablet and it will turn on my TV and start playing. With that being said I know it's completely possible to put this functionality into an application on the Google Play Store. So what is preventing Google from updating the Google Play Music and Chrome for Google TV applications to have the same casting functionality? The only reason I can think of is corporate greed.

Don't get me wrong I absolutely love my Google TV. I love my Android devices. (Motorola Droid (Google sent to me for being a developer back in the day.), Nook Tablet, Note, Note 2, Galaxy S4, Note 10.1) I just expected better from Google. I'm now wary of every buying another Google TV due to support.
+Steven Mattera definitely not corporate greed. Re: "it's using up an HDMI port I do not have on my TV as they are all being used up", buy an HDMI switch for ~$10.

I get where you're coming from, but please try to understand it this way:

We could spend effort, resources, and time to revive the x86 codebase to add this functionality - OR - we could use the same effort, resources, and time to pursue the other top feature requests. It's a matter of prioritization.

Sorry to say, but the 3 year old Intel based devices are discontinued and are not going to see JB nor most of the new features that the newer ARM based devices will.
+Warren Rehman what exactly does "support cast" means? My GTV can already do everything that the ChromeCast presentation showed using +Chromemote and +Able Remote. Does that simply means that these apps will become native so we won't need a third party anymore?
I'm in the same boat as +Steven Mattera, but I'm basically OK with the situation.  However, it is sad to see it end-of-life'd after such a short time. I'll write it off as this being a first-gen device and that I'm an early adopter. I'm getting a Chromecast to use alongside the Google TV box. If I'm streaming Netflix or Google Play content, I'll likely use that device. If I want to play local media or run an Android app, my Google TV box will still be handy.
+Vandré Brunazo In some ways you're right, Chromemote or Able Remote can send a URI from your computer to your GTV and have it launch Chrome with that URI, YouTube app or what have you. One thing they don't do is mirroring of desktop Chrome tabs.

For more details on what the difference is with Cast, see:
Can you guys just release a Nexus Google TV. I'm tired of the slow updates from manufacturers.
+Adam Christensen perhaps in hind sight it seems an unfortunate choice to use the Intel SOC with the first generation of devices for several reasons (price of SOC, incompatibility with NDK, Intel abandoning their TV SOC plans when the company shut down its Digital Home Group) but it was the best option at the time.

We moved to ARM to support NDK and unfork our Android customizations back to mainline. We made sure we supported Intel based v1 devices up to v2, but they would never get off Honeycomb due to the NDK incompatibility. Unfortunately this affected first gen devices and early adopters.

I still use my Sony Google TV Blu-Ray player, and it works great, but I'm going to use a Chromekey for Cast support.
+Antony Williams I would love that. Obviously Google is not a premier TV manufacturer like Sony, Sharp, LG, Samsung, Vizio, etc... I'm not sure if it would make sense for Google to try to create a TV to the extent it partnered with Asus for the Nexus 7, but I'd be super excited to see what that would look like. A Nexus 60 (inch) ? :D
How about a Nexus Stick? I've finally realized that I don't need the HDMI pass-through capability of Google TV since I don't have cable. My needs could be satisfied by one of those Android HDMI sticks, but they are far from fully baked products most of the time.
Thanks +Warren Rehman, your second to last post answers some of the questions I stilled had. The one thing I still don't completely understand is how does the new Intel based smartphones and tablet work with Jelly Bean, but the first generation Google TV do not work? Do these new Intel based smartphones and tablet not support the NDK? Are they using a fork of Android?
+Warren Rehman Thanks for commenting on this - good news indeed.  I was a day #1 early adopter of the Revue (no longer used) and have been waiting for things to coalesce before investing in the Google TV platform again.  The Jelly Bean update with "Google Cast" support (I was a big fan of Nexus Q functionality) is checking most of the boxes.  I have a question and a comment:

Will the "Google Cast" functionality come to Google TV by way of an Android app?  The idea being that any Android device could then become a receiver.  Or will you be restricting the functionality to Google TV and Chromecast type devices?

Google TV device with integrated Blu-ray player:  there are some of us that would still like to see this happen!  It was disappointing when the Sony NSZ-GP9 got cancelled.
+Warren Rehman I'm sooo glad to hear this! One off the wall question. Is there any possibility of a mobile Primetime app with casting functionality? I know it would be a bit more complicated because of all the content providers involved but that would be rad!
+Adam Christensen and +Antony Williams a Nexus stick/box sounds even better than a full-on Nexus TV, but without live TV integration it probably wouldn't be something I'd personally be working on.

+Steven Mattera ARM NDK code can run on some x86 SOCs via Intel's Houdini binary translator. Not the case for the SOC used in first gen GTV devices.

+Jason Mull Cast is not coming to ARM based Google TV devices as an app. It will be part of the platform. Other than what was publicly announced (Chromecast and Google TV devices with JB) I can't comment on other devices getting cast support.
Developed an app for Google TV. Wishing for the best going forward, but sad for 1st gen folks like me.

I'm buying a Chromecast for my 1st gen Sony GTV so I can finally consume Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. Ironic, eh?

Looking forward to new GTV features.
Curious if the Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV falls under the category of receiving a JB update. I couldn't find conclusive evidence but as far as I couldn't looks like it's running an ARM processor. 
+Warren Rehman From what I've gathered from these comments it sounds like the Logitech Revue is out of the question for Chromecast support as well? :( So unfortunate.

Not sure if you would know who to ask about Chromecast support for the Nexus Q do you?

Thanks again for being public for what's being supported. It's truly appreciated man.
+Craig S. i would like to know the same!!!
i want a google miracast device! preferably incorporated in google tv. will settle with chromecast!
+Warren Rehman Love my GTV - thanks for all of your great work on it.  Especially appreciate the often unappreciated ‘live TV’ integration.  QUESTION – when will we see sports apps on GTV such as NFL, MLB and NBA where I can stream live games via GTV?  This would allow me to start cutting the cord.   I know Chrome is an option but performance is not great.
+Craig S. +Jason Scofi Miracast support is part of the Android platform since 4.2, so all JB devices, including Google TV devices with the JB upgrade should support Miracast.

+Ryan Warner No support for Logitech Revue, sorry.

+Phred Lane +Ryan Warner Nexus Q is out of my scope. I believe it's technically possible.

+Kevin Nham Yes the NSZ-GS7 is an ARM device and eligible for the JB update.

+Mike Wiland Glad you see some value from live TV integration. Honestly I cannot comment on unannounced content deals or applications, but I want to say that Google TV was never intended to facilitate cord cutting, an unfortunate and common misconception that probably won few friends with content providers. The value we try to add is to help you get the most value from the content you're already paying for. 
+Warren Rehman Thanks for your input Warren. Much appreciated! I'll just have to look out for the Q news. Lemme know if you hear otherwise :)
> Yes the NSZ-GS7 is an ARM device and eligible for the JB update.

F5 F5 F5 F5
Thank you very much. I'll wait and see about the Q. Sad to hear the Revue is left out though.
+Warren Rehman   I agree that GTV can optimize what I already pay for and that is really why I like the 'live TV' integration.  I may never cut the cord.  However, if I have a sports subscription today, there are no GTV apps to leverage this investment.  For example, I have and can watch/listen on every device but GTV.  This seems like a nice growth opportunity with GTV.
Throw my support in for a Nexus GTV box (not a tv...just a standalone device like the co-star).  And while we're at it, throw my support in for Nexus Android on a Stick.
As long as I'm throwing support around, throw in support for ChromeCast v2 to have HDMI Pass Through.  It's the best feature of the Co-Star...not having to switch inputs on the receiver just makes it feel so much more integrated...and quicker.
+Mike Wiland if this is because they're blocking your GTV browser from accessing their website. Then you can bypass this by changing your browser user agents, it's in the Chrome settings. I had to do that to watch comedy central, if I remember correctly.

Just go to browser, settings, advanced settings, under the hood, user agent, generic user agent.
+Vandré Brunazo Thanks but I can watch sports via Chrome on GTV.  However, performance is not great.  Dedicated apps certainly work much better and equally as important, they provide advanced features not available via Chrome.
Ditto. Just waiting on Hisense for the update now. So very, very excited.
+Warren Rehman: Thanks for being forthcoming with honest information about the pending GTV updates.  As a v1 Early Adopter, I'm disappointed that none of the v2 updates will be passed along to me, but I am happy to finally get information about what to expect (and clearly, what not to) from my Sony NSZ-GT1.  

I'm a little perturbed that I missed the v2 boat by 2 months (when the Sony NSZ-GS7 was released) but I'll swallow hard and save up to purchase a Co-Star or whatever is newly available when I decide to upgrade.

The most important thing is that someone was finally courageous enough to step forward and answer customers' questions honestly.  It encourages me to continue being such a Google "fanboy."

 "We could spend effort, resources, and time to revive the x86 codebase to add this functionality" That's funny. I spent effort, resources and time on the $1000 spent on a TV that wasn't fully baked. The v2 update only made it functional. It took so long to get Play on it that most people lost interest. You never should have put the damn things on x86 if you knew it was going to cause such an obvious divide and problem for developers. Now I just have a TV that has a delay processing video game input that will never get any new services like Hulu+ or anything else that's popular.

I'm only so sour because I expected much more ;/
+Warren Rehman  I've tried turning off all the image processing done by the TV. It's still impossible to play a game like Bit.Trip Runner ;/ Sony's official response is that it's normal, quote from help pages "Some users may experience a slight lag or delay in response time when connecting the Internet TV device to a game console. This is a natural result of the advanced processing circuitry in the Internet TV device. This is normal operation."

17 page thread on it over at!

It would be nice if we could disable/bypass the CE4100 chip by input, completely skip Android almost like a pass through function to get best possible input response.
+Warren Rehman but are you aware of that without a tuner it is dead in our minds? So why did you buy the great SageTV? TV companies won't switch to internet soon and without TV it is almost useless, just for a few.

And do you know ArgusTV? The features are incredible (my HTPC works great but it's still outdated Windows..... I know it looks very complex but you can make a hidden settings for unlocking very incredible recording plan (like the hidden Permission manager in android 4.3, I really like it :-)

Google TV = 2 tuners + remote + every android is a remote + powerful gaming console + gamepad + the latest Android(Nexus) = I buy the box even for 1500£! :-)  like sgs4 I'm buying = great machine + Nexus
How about Raspberry Pi? Could it be theoretically possible to have some Googlers spend some of their 20% time to create a system image that would be bootable on Raspberry Pi devices and provide Googlecast functionality? That would give you an immense, immediate and very vocal install base in an instant :)

+Warren Rehman So I have a Sony NSX32GT1. Guessing this won't be updated. So I guess my question is why would I want Chromecast exactly? Wouldn't there be overlap in functionality? How would it work? Sorry if that sounds stupid...
I am really excited about the Chromecast coming to the GTV devices. I always loved the YouTube functionality of using my phone to navigate videos and cast to my Asus Cube. This basically is using my TV as second screen. Now that this functionality will come to more apps and services is awesome. (Hint: Google Play Music app should be one of the first.) Plus I won't have to switch inputs from watching live TV which allows a seamless transition. (Another hint: Add an option when streaming stops to return to live tv.)

When Plex adds the ability in their app which I am sure won't take them too long. I will finally be able to use the touchscreen of my tablet to browse and search all of my content and internet content and easily "cast" my selected content to my TV.  This is a godsend from using clumsy remotes to browse content with on-screen keyboards and using D-pad navigation to move through content one item at a time.

I second the need for a mobile PrimeTime app with the casting ability. I have used Smart Peel on my Samsung tablet which uses its included IR blaster, but I love the interface and functionality of the PrimeTime app.

I think this is the future of television. Finally, an integrated way to bring all the content together and the ability to cast to various home TVs. I will be my own TV producer from the comfort of my couch. 
Great news because I love my Google TV.  Just picked up an Asus Cube and really like the voice search feature.  Cant wait for the Jelly bean update
+Warren Rehman I have a question about Flash, Chromecast and GTV. I understand that the Jellybean update will remove Flash from the GTV browser. Will the GTV version of Chromecast support Flash playback (as long as the phone/tablet/laptop that is being mirrored supports Flash)? And if so does this suggest that other cloud-based Flash workarounds will function on the GTV Jellybean OS?

I saw an android browser in Google Play Store that utilizes their own cloud technology for Flash support. It has a good rating from the customer reviews. I think it would be great if something like that will be able to function on GTV after the Jellybean update......
+Warren Rehman It's a shame Google is letting their only good GTV device go by the wayside.  The GT1 is the only device that plays everything and plays it perfectly.

My new GS8 is crap in comparison.  It doesn't output my Plex movies in 24p.  The lack of DTS is obviously Sony not licensing it, but Google needs to get on the ball and let people buy licenses on the Play Store for their devices then.  MPEG2, VC-1, and H264 are all mandatory on devices I invest in.  Seems like VC-1 is still supported, and obviously everything uses H264.  But MPEG2 is neglected like DTS.  Then we get to  HD audio support.  

The GS8 stutters when it plays VC-1 with LPCM, and even worse I have 3d MVC H264 rips that play perfect on my GT1, albeit in 2d, but they are a stutter stepping mess because it seems to want to play both left and right eye streams.  While it would be great to play it in 3d with the option of falling back to 2d, it should at least play the base stream right.

Any chance the Jellybean update will make the GS8 perform as good as the "old" GT1?  Be nice if we could actually use the hardware we paid for since it should support every codec blu rays and network tv use.  

I agree with the sadness of SageTV not being used.  I have a network cable card tuner that barely gets any use.  I never wanted to replace cable, I wanted GTV to replace my cable box (and blu ray player), not add one more plug into the wall.

Chromecast seems like a waste to me.  Some apps already supported the notion and I'm not eager to have to carry around my phone to control my tv.  I have a GTV remote for that.  I'd rather the TV devs work on making GTV a full product, and the chrome devs to work on making Chrome on ARM not crash on my chromebook or crawl on my GNex.

Edit: I forgot to mention how every Netflix and Youtube (and amazon on the GS8) stream starts off at VCR quality and then adjusts to higher quality.  This is on the GT1 and GS8 via gigabit ethernet connected to 50mpbs Comcast.  Fixed in Jellybean?
+Anastasia Beaverhausen the best place for answers is probably this interview with Sundar:

+Jack Samuel See: "... pretty much anything you can access in a web browser should (at least theoretically) be available.
It also works on pretty much any site that uses Adobe Flash for video."

+Drew Hill the "TV devs" (me and my team) are definitely working on making GTV a full product. And I totally agree with you "I wanted GTV to replace my cable box" - that's exactly what we did in Korea with LGU+, a pay TV operator that uses GTV cable boxes, and it's been very positively received by their customers.

Everyone else, I really appreciate the interest in my project Google TV, but I think I'll have to stop responding to comments on this thread as I can't really share more than I already have.

Thank you all for the criticism and constructive feedback, your support means a lot to me. 
+Warren Rehman saw that before. Makes me jealous. I know that Comcast is going to do IPTV for xbox1 later in the year. No intention of paying for live when I only play single player games. And why should I have to pay to use content in already paying for.

Trust me, I'm routing for you. I'm just tired of never getting a solution that fits me from any company. GTV has so much promise, and the hardware is a champ (both gens), but it never gets used to the fullest because of software or licensing constraints. Is tiring always getting "promise" or "almost there".
+Warren Rehman: When will Google TV devices receive, "Cast" support? Will all Google TV devices receive this capability from Google at the OS level? In other words: Will the Logitech Revue receive Cast support? If so, when (even roughly)?

The only way that Google TV is not 100% cannibalized by Chromecast, is if Google TV receives identical functionality.
Warren, love my arm sony Google tv, but are you aware that Primetime doesn't allow for the playing of most tv shows from the "On DVR" queue via my dish network vip622 enhanced integration? Y'all released a fix for movies, but not tv shows...

Would also love if you enhanced the pause button to also "play" for the youtube app. (like netflix). 
W K Scott Holmes
When will the Android 4.2.2 Update be available for Google TV released???? WE were promised soon 3 months ago, also Promised frequent updates have heard Nothing since, Where is it? Honeycomb 3.2 is becoming RAPIDLY Antiquated and apps are NO longer supporting it, the gap between it and my Nexus 7 grows, No Google Cast support ect.. Also, will there be an Gapp to replace flash? Would also like official Sirius XM app that works properly with Android OS, I hope my Google TV will be brought up to date soon, I'm starting to regret my Google TV purchasing decision, I feel Google is becoming like Apple, MORE proprietary and a LOT less Open,Slow to Keep standardization, compatibility and interoperability of the Various Google products, A Standard , that is tantamount to enrich the Consumer/ End User Experience, to lessen confusion, And to grow the Android/Google TV/ Chrome community, At the time, things seem a bit fragmented, Thanks and Hope to hear back soon

Warmest Regards, S
Hi, I'm really sorry I cannot comment. I totally understand your feelings on this and I'm chomping at the bit myself.
"In engineering there are only 2 dates, there's 'soon' and there's 'shipped'. If it haven't shipped, it will be ready soon."

The brilliant knowledge of +Bruno Oliveira.
Care to rewrite your article? Not sure if they let you know, but Google TV is, in fact, dead.  All hail Chromecast! (did we have customers that spent several hundred dollars on Google TV devices? well @#$%'em!)
Chromecast... eww.  Wifi only with support for only one codec and no real remote.
Hey +Warren Rehman Sorry about resurrecting such a old thread. Just wanted to let you know I actually got a new Google TV! (LG 55GA7900) I also just got the Jelly Bean update today. It's awesome I can install VLC, and XBMC! However I have one question, was the cast feature scrapped? I can't cast music or chrome tabs to my TV. I can cast YouTube videos, but I've always been able to do that. Any who thank you and to the awesome teams at Google and LG for the great update! Can't wait to see what is in store for Kit Kat and Google TV! =D 
+Steven Mattera I can't say more about Chromecast than what Sundar has said publicly, but I'm glad you finally got the JB update.
Will I be able to cast from my Hulu app to my Revue?
So any word yet?  Are you guys waiting so long that everyone will just jump to Roku's instead?  Google TV has been pretty terrible and the lack of casting is pretty pathetic.  If google can't do it open things up so at least a third party can develop an app to cast to.
I have given up on it long ago accepted that I was suckered out of my money by Sony and Google lesson learned Hell hasn't frozen over yet better chance of finding a leprechaun at this point wtg promise everything deliver little
Well I guess that update was only specific for the lg tvs becuase I have three Google tvs that are on honeycomb lol... Oh well is anyone trying to buy three gtvs for 40 a piece... Hopefully tryna get some Chromecast or the android tv if it ever comes out lol... Maybe I should just get the Amazon fire tv lol basically the same thing
Hi everyone, I'm going to finally close comments on this post. Hopefully you've seen the Android TV announcements and demos at Google IO this year.