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This is the only argument in favour of Fahrenheit that I recognize.
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Warren Chu

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Take a second look at the above image -- it isn't actually a photo. Nope, the entire scene (dubbed Davis Street) was painstakingly created with the
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This is awesome. I like the Chicago el train in particular barreling around SF. :-)
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Warren Chu

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Helen Wan looks at why even though Asians do well in school, they fall behind in the workplace.
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Warren Chu

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In some cases, returning different types from a single function works.
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Warren Chu

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Google recently announced a font family, Noto, that aims to include all the world's written languages. But it may prove to be an even more ambitious effort than self-driving cars.
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Warren Chu

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+Steven Rose just a few more years...
Tesla hasn't quite delivered its new Model X SUV yet, but at least we have a name for its first electric vehicle pointed at the mainstream. In an
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Ahhhh! I'll be in the market around then...
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Warren Chu

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"If you want the freedom to worship as you wish, to speak as you wish, and to marry whom you wish, you must tolerate my freedom to do so -- or not do so -- too. What I do may offend you. You may find my actions immoral or unjust. But attempting to restrict my freedoms in ways that you would not restrict your own leads only to injustice."
Michael Bloomberg criticized a disturbing trend of liberals silencing voices they "deemed politically objectionable" during Thursday's Harvard commencement.
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Warren Chu

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This article is the latest contribution to a long sequence of observations I've made that lead me to this particular conclusion: There is no such thing as "smart."

We're quite fond of dividing people—especially kids—into categories based on how intelligent they are. The super huge vast majority of kids are not fundamentally different when it comes to "intelligence," and if you sit down and have a hard think about how to define that word, you'll find it keeps slipping away from you. Because, I think, it doesn't really exist. If it exists at all, it does so only in a form that would appear dramatically unfamiliar to you and far less relevant to almost every decision that currently relies on the notion.

The kids in remedial math and the kids in advanced math are all more or less equally good at math. The same is true of all the other subjects as well.

Why, then, you might ask, is there such disparity in performance? Let me turn it around and ask you a question. If you had to do your very best to explain these disparities, but I deny you access to the easy answers that follow the pattern, "Kid A is smarter than Kid B," or, "Kid A is just better at math than Kid B," what would you say?
Rich students complete their college degrees; working-class students like Vanessa Brewer usually don’t. Can the University of Texas change her chances of success?
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I might say things like: Kid A has a greater interest in this kind of math than Kid B; or Kid A has an easier time using the given learning method than Kid B (has nothing to do with smarts, per se, but this might be what we usually detect as cleverness); or More has been expected of Kid A than of Kid B, and kids often rise to the level of expectation, even if it's low; or Kid A is more motivated and willing to work to learn it than Kid B is (interest is the tip of the iceberg here; motivation often comes from a combination of interest and understanding the need/utility of something).
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