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This is probably one of the most innovative commuter bikes I've seen, glad that they won and can't wait to see it in production!

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Calling all programmers/designers . We're looking for a few great people to flesh out our team. Pass this on or apply yourself. No, you don't have to live in Vegas, but that's a great bonus .

Taking a gamble in Vegas

TL;DR version
I've decided to accept an opportunity with a really good friend's company ClippPR (they help people track their press and engage with customers). We'll be moving to Vegas in the next few months (I'm going up first then once the house stuff is finished Sara will be following with the rest of the animals). This is an incredibly exciting opportunity and I'm really looking forward to becoming part of ClippPR and the Vegas Tech community.

The longer version
Back in November, when I finally decided to pull the plug on ClearBox Media/City Recess, I wasn't sure what I was going to do next. I was listless. I didn't think I wanted to do my own startup again, but I was also unsatisfied with some things. So, I just decided to step back from stuff a bit and re-examine things. I attempted NaNoWriMo (made a lot of headway even though I started late). I started playing around with a shared budget app. I took a much needed break from things :). Then our annual vacation hit and just before we left I read a few things about a book called "So Good They Can't Ignore You". It sounded like it might offer me some advice since it was anti-"Follow Your Passion" and more about learning to love what you do. So over our holiday break I started reading, or rather barrelling, through "So Good They Can't Ignore You". This book resonated with my experiences so well and made me start examining what I was doing to become "So Good They Can't Ignore You" in my life.

One of the core realizations I had on that trip was that I wanted to be happy doing what I'm currently doing and figure out which direction I wanted to go in. This was a fundamental shift in how I approached my job and in how I approached learning new things. I documented, I experimented, I did some programming, I did some programming-related things, I started a new blog and I started thinking about my next steps. A second realization I had was that in order for me to advance further in my career I need more and better opportunities. Unfortunately that meant one of three things: Find a job with an out of state company and do remote work; Wait for the Startup Tucson scene to grow enough to present me with those opportunities; Leave Tucson. The first option does have it's own appeal for sure, but I don't like doing something halfway. I don't want to collect a "Silicon Valley" paycheck and live in Tucson. In order to grow in my career I need to become a part of the community, as I have here. The second option isn't really an option for me as I see it, I am extremely excited by the growth I've seen in the past 2 years with Startup Tucson, but, in my opinion, it would take 5 - 10 years for me to be able to truly take advantage of it - time that I don't have unfortunately. That leaves the third option - Leaving Tucson.

Sara and I started going through our list of place requirements, high on my list was a good startup/tech culture that was already going strong that has a lot of opportunities going. That requirement whittled it down to probably a half-dozen places, next was weather, expense, location. That narrowed down the list to three spots - Portland, Las Vegas, and Denver/Boulder. They all have a lot going for them and have really started taking off in terms of startup growth and each has its own charm. We were looking at getting serious about the move in May/June. I'd start sending off my resume and we'd start visiting some of the places we had questions about.

Now comes the opportunity knocking :). A former advisor and really good friend Thomas Knoll asked me to join his startup in Vegas, taking ownership (technically) of his application. This was exactly what I was looking for! Something that would force me to grow as a Lead (to hopefully eventually CTO or Product Manager). I didn't want to wait until May/June to decide, if we were going to do it it would have to be now, another opportunity like this one most likely wouldn't come along for another 6 months or even a year, I'd have to build up a relationship with a startup or really a pre-startup and develop trust with them (heck it took 3 years to get to that point with Thomas). So we decided to take that leap.

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This would have helped a lot on City Recess -

Bound and determined to get our beta for City Recess ( up this weekend! We will do it :).

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If you hate all that normal IDEs have had to offer in the past 5 years please back this Kickstarter. This looks so awesome!

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I really think +Leonidas Prime would love this WRECKING_CREW_ORCHESTRA 20120208EL

I don't know all of these songs but I got a few.

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Wow. Those are some cool robots.
Some people have way too much time on their hands.
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