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Have you always wanted to see an Equestrian Vaulting competition and haven’t yet? Here is your chance! The Warm Beach Vaulters are presenting “Vault into Spring” at the NW Washington Fair and Events Center, April 1-3, 2016. This is the first of four U.S. Equestrian Federation (USEF) recognized selection trials held in the U.S. to determine the US National team for the World Vaulting Championships in Le Mans, France.

Many of the top athletes in the country will be competing as well as vaulters of all ages. All levels of competition will be on display from beginners on a horse at a walk to thrilling teams of vaulters at a canter. There are even adaptive classes for those with mobility challenges. Join us for any or all parts of the competition. The Warm Beach Vaulters will also have a silent auction on Saturday as a fundraiser to help with club expenses.

The Warm Beach Vaulting Team has grown out of the camp vaulting program which has been going strong at Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood for over 20 years. The team started practicing in 2006 and has been traveling to compete in diverse places such as Colorado, Kentucky, California and British Columbia, Canada. The Warm Beach Trot Team was the National Champion in 2007, and the Canter B Team claimed a national title in 2013! Two Warm Beach Vaulters joined the US National Team for 2015 Junior World Championships in Ermelo, The Netherlands.

Equestrian vaulting is one of the more unique sports you’ll ever witness. We hope you will join us!

The “Vault into Spring” competition is open to the public at no charge.
Location: Lynden Fairgrounds, NW Washington Fair and Events Center
Dates: April 1-3, 2016
Times: Friday 4:00-9:00pm; Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm, and Sunday 8:00am-4:00pm
Silent auction on Saturday, also open to the public.    
web:; facebook:

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Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center welcomes the New Year with a brand new solar power system on the flagship building, Cedar Lodge. This solar system quietly generates clean electricity through a 9.6 kilowatt solar photovoltaic (PV) system mounted on the southwest-facing Cedar Lodge roof. This system connects to the Snohomish County PUD power grid. Electricity generation from the system reduces the energy Warm Beach Camp purchases from PUD. This connection also allows the Camp to feed power back into the grid if the solar panels were to produce more than Warm Beach Camp demands.

“We are thrilled with the community partnership between the Camp, PUD, and Arlington Electric. This solar project will be a showcase of clean energy stewardship for the thousands of guests who attend events at Warm Beach Camp. A TV monitor inside Cedar Lodge displays a graph of energy production in real time. This allows guests to see the difference this project is making and we hope it stimulates a vision for what we all can do to live more sustainably,”says Patrick Patterson, Warm Beach Camp General Manager.

The solar power system was provided through a grant from Snohomish County PUD’s Planet Power program. Installation was completed by Arlington Electric & Solar Company. Visitors are welcome to see the project first hand. For more information on Planet Power, visit

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A week of summer camp can be a life-changing experience. Young people experience God in whole new ways, make new friends, develop life-skills, and build positive character. And yet, the cost of providing such experiences continues to climb at a faster rate than the ability of many people to afford. For many years, Warm Beach Camp has offered Kids 2 Camp Scholarships as a way to help ensure that no child gets left out of a summer camp experience. We now offer an easier way for people to obtain the support needed to make Camp affordable – Tier Pricing. Read More >>

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Leave the world behind and invest in your future together!

• Grow in communication •
• Strengthen relationships •
• Learn tools for a healthy marriage •

During the weekend, you will...
• Discover God’s unique plan for the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman
• Gain insight from the Marriage Encounter Team couples’ own marriage experiences
• Evaluate your relationship in a supportive, nurturing environment
• Take your marriage to a new level
• Learn practical approaches to communication and understanding

2016 Dates:
January 22-24 • April 1-3 • October 28-30

Cost: $424 per couple (includes event admission, program fee, meals, snacks, two nights lodging)

We are hiring! Assistant Program Manager position is open.

This year-round, full-time position will coordinate a wide variety of projects related to the decorations and program of The Lights of Christmas. Directs and implements our ministries to adults and families. Supports administrative communications needs of the Program Department. More information on our website.

We are hiring! Marketing Administrative Assistant position is open.

Full-time availability is preferred. This position will support the marketing work of Warm Beach Camp by processing deliverables to advertising channels: writing, editing, proof-reading, designing promotional collateral and assisting the marketing team in day-to-day work.

If you think this position would be a good fit for your skills, and availability, we would love to hear from you! For more information contact Christina Barnes at| 360-216-4262

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What I learned as a horse camper

By Ruthann Goodrich

My time spent as a horse camper were some of my favorite childhood memories. Each summer, I would wait in anticipation for my week of horse camp, packing my bags far in advance before I would go. I could not wait to spend a week with horses, staff, and fun all day long.

I started going to horse camp as young as I was allowed, all the way through high school, and then working as a Jr. Wrangler or Wrangler in Training. I can’t even begin to count all the things I learned as a camper but these few things have impacted my life forever!
I learned a lot about horses - how to ride, groom, saddle, and learned enough to teach it. More than all that though, I learned how much Jesus loves me and how horses and God impact people for a life time. I had counselors who spurred me on when I was going through hard seasons, ones who taught me about servant leadership, and how to love as Jesus does.

I would never in a million years take away my time at camp, and honestly, it has helped shape me into the person I am today.

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A cabin of boys came as part of a big group, already aware of who the “problem” was. They made it pretty obvious by their attitude and comments toward him. Their camp counselor, Simba, could see how the camper’s antics got him labeled as a problem. So Simba decided to take action, using the power of words and the heart of Christ. Instead of thinking of this camper as a problem, he renamed him as a child of God needing love and grace.
Simba looked for opportunities throughout the week to positively reconnect the group of boys, demonstrating empathy and good friendship behavior instead of sharp words. By the end of the week, the boys in the cabin were renewed in knowing each one of them is a child of God, a son of the Father.
“Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” – Proverbs 12:18
Warm Beach Camp counselors do much more than supervise campers all week. They listen, share, model good behavior, and love each of their campers (even those with extra grace required). They understand the power of camp and look for opportunities to be a beacon of light in the lives of the youth who come here. It doesn’t matter if the campers are part of a large church group, are rich or poor, or have never heard the Gospel. The counselors work hard to treat all campers as equals and provide them with an opportunity to grow in Christ and know they are loved.

The Power of Camp

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It's not easy to raise three boys, especially if you are a single mother. Each summer, the boys head out to Camp—a respite for Mom and a highlight for the boys.
As the boys become teenagers and are in high school, imagine the profound joy of Mom when she hears one of her sons ask, “Can I go to Warm Beach and volunteer with Special Friends Camp?” Some stories only become deeper and richer with time. Later that summer, Mom heard “I want to do that again next year!” Camp, a place of both giving and receiving. #summercamp

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About 300 women from the Pacific Northwest attended Refresh - A Women’s Event 2015 for a weekend of fun, worship and nourishment for the soul.
Keynote speaker, Kim Meeder, boldly shared God’s timeless messages of Truth, Hope, Encouragement and Purpose for every woman. You can listen to her speaking sessions from the weekend by following the link below. We hope you will be encouraged and strengthened in your faith.
#WomensEvent #WarmBeachCamp   #KimMeeder
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