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Talking to Yourself Doesn't Mean You are Crazy - As It Has Cognitive Benefits, Study Finds

Most people talk to themselves at least every few days, and many report talking to themselves on an hourly basis. What purpose is served by this seemingly irrational behavior? Previous research has suggested that such self-directed speech in children can help guide their behavior. For example, children often talk themselves step-by-step through tying their shoelaces, as if reminding themselves to focus on the job in hand.

In the first experiment, participants were shown 20 pictures of various objects and asked to find a particular one. In some trials, participants saw a text label telling them what object they should find ("Please search for the teapot.") In other trials, the same subjects were asked to search again while actually say the word to themselves. It was found that speaking to themselves helped people find the objects more quickly.
Most people talk to themselves at least every few days, and many report talking to themselves on an hourly basis. What purpose is served by this seemingly irrational behavior? Previous research has su...
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i was just telling myself the other day that I wasn't crazy... :D
S. John
good news :-))
"Good news everyone."

Oh wait, there's nobody here in this room but myself.
"every few days"? How can one go so long without talking to oneself?

Sidenote, I kept a diary in high school and one time shared some typical entries with a friend. Their observation "Why do you ask so many questions?" Just seemed normal to me to write away guiding my thoughts with questions to myself...
As a developer who loves to talk out loud his thoughts, I approve.
I also speak to myself when repeating one step-by-step procedure, like when changing fonts, redefining styles and checking to see how it affects the layout.
It's really only worth considering when one hears a reply in such a conversation.
When I'm alone, we're always talking.
Question: What about talking to yourself outloud. Is that normal?
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I have a few people I need to share this article with.
Look through history and you will find that, "people have been doing this for years." Hey its normle. It has kelp you in the know. I say do it more. how many times you think you have help your life by doing this simple thing. If it helps you become a better person, then what is bad about that.
i like talking to an intelligent person ...
It is only thinking out loud. Hearing something has an effect that just thinking about does'nt. More so when its your own voice. Example: Dont you believe yourself more.
What if you talk to yourself like "Sgt. Pile" from Full Metal Jacket?
I knew it! Can I get a Doctor to sign a statement saying just that?
"Oh good I'm not crazy"
"I still think you are"
He may have killed more in that movie if he had not done some person thinking and talking. But that was just a dreamed up play.
I prefer the term "thinking out loud" because that's all it is, and it helps focus the attention on what needs to be done above all the other thoughts going round in my head.
Thanks for the positive feed. Everbody in the world does this. And it is something most does privite. But for the record it is self help and no charge. Lol
Since when is being crazy and having Cognitive Benefits mutually exclusive?
It's OK to talk to yourself. Just as long as your not conversing back and forth (as in taking the role of two different people). And if you get into an argument with yourself, while talking to yourself, then you know that you've got problems. Especially if you give yourself a black eye or something.
It's even worse if it ennds up with the conversation sounding like different voices...No he just said different voices..who said that? He did. No it was me..Will you all shut up?!!!
Come to think of it...that's why so many people actually wear those bluetooth headsets. They aren't really talking to someone else! LOL!
Relieved Sigh.........
sue w
i talk to myself all teh time, and even solve my problems too
I talk to myself all the time! No i don't. Yes I do!
Most people have their own internal heirarchy to boost cognitive order. Talking to self, discussing things with others, writing things down, etc. The worst thing ever is probably just bottling it up inside without an outlet-
What if I talk to myself in Spanish? (I have no Spanish background or need to speak it)
If you however are talking to yourself in tongues there might be a reason for concern! :)
+Clayton Kern it's ok, it becomes a problem when you start mixing Chinese with Korean while speaking to yourself
Perhaps you know Spanish only on a subconscious-level. You may be trying to tell yourself something important. But since you only know Spanish on the subconscious-level, you'll never know just what it is that you are trying to tell yourself.
Good to know I'm not crazy, although the funny farm sounded nice
I was just telling myself this yesterday.
Might not mean you're crazy, but, you are definitely annoying the hell out of us not talking to ourselves!
That's what I always said talking to yourself is not. Its when you answer yourself thats when you lost it.
Its not talking to yourself if you have a dog...
Notice they don't talk about people having "conversations" with themselves, just repeating words for like memory retention.
Losing it implies that the person talking to themselves had something to lose in the first place. If they're strangers, then you never know.
It's not the talking to yourself stuff, but having arguments with yourself. Might be a sign.
It's okay to talk to yourself. It's even okay to respond. Just don't get caught saying "...what?"
"Talking to yourself" sounds so demeaning... I like to call it "thinking out loud".
Wonder if they "think out loud", but have a multiple personality disorder, and a different voice for each individual personality?
we never talk to our self....we have some great discussions all the time and some times we even agree with ourselves......LOL
Talking to myself is how my left brain and right brain communicate.
I talk to things I have to tidy up like "you go in the dishwasher" and "you go in the bin" and "oh my wife better not find you"
I'll bet your corpus callosum (sp) is always getting between them.
don't confuse those last two, John
I talk to myself and people sometimes say I'm crazy, but it helps me so much. With math, reading, anything really.
cute welly earned a laugh. have a great day Dave
i do that all the time, but we had a fight so we're not talking anymore.
I was just speaking with myself about this just the other day! Wow! How serendipitous! And not only that, but if you just do this one thing at least twice a day you can make your day a fun experience.
Ok. I'll tell you.
Just walk to a quiet place where you are alone and includes a mirror (it doesn't have to be quiet, but it helps). Try to stare yourself down for at least one minute while looking yourself directly in the eyes. If this doesn't crack you up with laughter or at least make you crack a smile then I can't help you but I'm sure someone else can help you find your inner child and his/her sense of wonder and lightheartedness. When you're done - then get back to work (or whatever it was you were doing)! If you spend your days in a place that doesn't contain a mirror then you'll just have to get a portable one to carry with you all the time. :-)
"I think this is a really good post." "It's okay..." "What do you mean, okay? It's good for cognitive reasoning." "Whatever!!!" "Oh shut up!"
should I comment on this post or not...should I....and my does my butt suddenly has started to itch.............
I had to tell myself to shut up so I could read this.
i speak to myself for about one milisecond... i say "t-" and thats it -_-
(im TERRIBLE at making jokes sometimes... but mostley im pretty good and- YET AGAIN IM GETTING OF TOPIC)
Its funny how when I used to lie to others without being found out, I would also lie to myself and not find myself in!
My son asked me, "Dad as a Christian Zen artist and Holy man, can you tell me the answer to the question that does not exist"? I replied that I would, but I should have to spend some time not thinking on it. Sometime later I the answer came to me and so I then told my son.
The answer my brothers and sisters, is, LOVE. :)
Clayton, I could always translate your conversations with yourself in Spanish. It's free the first time.
Phew, I talk to me, myself and I, more then I talk to 'other' people! I do agree with this post. It actually helps keep me SANE!!
LOL, good one Brian G.
I highly agree with this study. In fact I just sent a 10,000 word email to myself. Excuse me, But I have to now go read it....Bye.
Talking to yourself is OK. Hearing answers is more worrying...
I'm Back. guess what that letter said??? You wouldn't guess?? C'mon Guess!
Woot, I'm not a total nut job! :D
The talking to yourself bit is fine... It's when you have a conversation e.g
(talking to ones self)
What is 7x8?
No problem
Lol x
Talking with one's self... not so bad, arguing with one's self - out loud - that can be a little scary! :-/
what kind of drink lol...! :)
you don't need a drink you need some sleep insted of doing damage to your liver and other organs
need friends pleas send me one im cool
yay i'm not crazy after all, that is so comforting
works for geordi laforge
I talk to myself sometimes and I think it's normal! It's a sign of intelligence lol.
wow and I thought I was crazy... yeah me too.
Take that parents!! I'm not crazy! XP
I talk to myself when I need to drown out others around me at work. Oh and right now after I hung up with my mother who sometimes makes me crazy......!
talking to myself keeps me from going crazy lol
Sometimes the only way to find intelligent conversation! :)
i talk to myself! i also said sorry to a chair when i bumped into it! do you have any studies on that?
Your semi conscious self & actual self are two different entities..Factually speaking, its important that we keep communicating with each other..The dysfunctional chasm causes a lot of abnormal behavior..Thanks for sharing...
Jim A
Studies have show that the more your learn about Obama, the more you talk to your self.
Looks like mass confussion to me. Well I always figured talking to myself, I always got the right answers.
It's more when you talk to other people when youre by yourself. However talking to just me is monotonous so i had to invent someone to respond. So long as everyone else does i'm okay with that. in a crowd as it were. :)
may the good lord richely bless those who dont judge
Nice to know people do talk to God, like I do! Anyway, I wouldn't talk to myself or to God if I know people are eavesdropping!
Multiple Personality Disorder with cognitive benefits!
I don't talk to God, God talks to me, I just try to listen.
I have regular arguments with myself, just my right brain talking to my left brain to come up with the best solution to the current problem.
If you believe in Cavemen? I would say they HAD to talk to theirselfs to learn speech.
I think we have just figured out where talking to ourself really started. And it has changed the world.
its very helpful for me,nd thanx whom who research on it......
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