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On The Decline Of Magazines

I use to be a huge magazine reader X years ago, now hardly ever. Google+ and other sites replaced them.
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I buy most magazines these days from the used book store in my area.  I will always want the tactile feel and ability to pick up inspiration at a moment's notice with not having to "plug in".
but g+ and other social sites aren't curated. Your stream isn't curated to have content about a particular theme and category, and it doesn't have a consistent editorial line
+Jerome A. F but couldn't your stream be curated by how you choose who to follow. Scoble for tech, etc, etc.
I do have a tech blogger circle and a news circle. but for the average g plussers, they post anything they like, they don't post on a particular topic. there's no point to organize your circle around that. and I still get Wired in my tech bloggers circle,  so basically I'm still reading a magazine. It's not that magazines have been replaced, it's just their content is distributed and consumed differently now.
+Marc Roelofs So who is that?  I am terrible with actors names but I know the face.
+Jerome A. F Curated has up and down sides.  The curation creates and promotes the current zeitgeist even when it is wrong.
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