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$35 512MB Raspberry Pi

Finally has the elbow room to support a full-featured Incredible PBX.
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Beautiful. Thanks for bringing me in.
Where are you buying your PIs for $35? Everywhere I see (in the US), they're 45 and up.
Last time I checked they were $35 but mostly with $10 shipping...bought mine from element 14.
@Peter Lucky you since you will get the 512 meg version!  It's a great little piece of hardware but I have to admit I am waiting for the cubie board!
I'll be glad to sell you a brand new CubieBoard. Never opened it.
You have one!  I appreciate the offer BUT I want to wait until they get past their pilot runs...I think the design may be a bit unstable at the moment and I am busy playing with ST and TI microcontrollers...
I have been using this for a week and i must say.. awesome rabbit hole i have gone down :-)
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