Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Big Disappointment

Finally received our unlocked Galaxy Nexus yesterday. Connecting to AT&T was seamless using the SIM chip from our iPhone 4S and a SIM adapter to "enlarge" it to standard SIM size. That's it for the good news.

Quality: Fit and finish of the phone reminds me of a $200 Android phone, but worse. Cheap plastic battery cover on the back of the phone. This phone costs nearly $800 and yet the battery cover won't snap into place without leaving open snaps.

WiFi Report Card: WiFi connections are just as squirrely as they always have been with previous versions of Android. Connects quickly and then randomly loses the connection even with 5 bars from the access point. No, it's not our access points. Same thing happens on four different brands of access points at four different sites. iPhone 4S works fine.

Security: Face recognition to unlock the phone is slick when it works. Unfortunately, it also works with a photo of yourself displayed from another cell phone.

Quality of Apps: As others have mentioned, for almost every app that is available on the iPhone and Android platform, the Android app invariably comes out on the short end of the stick.

Battery Life: Last but not least, there's the battery. Even on a solid 3G network with an AT&T Microcell within spitting distance, the Galaxy Nexus blazed through half of the battery in just over 2-1/2 hours. No phone calls. No web surfing. Mostly idle time.

Memory: Did we mention that this phone only has 16GB of internal storage and no MicroSD expansion slot? Come on, Google, what are you thinking?

Bottom Line: Our phone is headed back after less than 24 hours. Not only did we miss the iPhone 4S, but this phone (even ignoring the manufacturing defect) wasn't even in the same league. Never could appreciate the big, huge screen for the reasons outlined above. Save your money!
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