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A Great Way To Give Your Teens Privacy Online, But Keep Them Safe

We've all been a teenager. We all remember how much we craved and wanted independence. In an Internet connected world this includes freedom online as well.

The below Lifehacker article gives parents a great idea on how to let their teens be independent but still have the security that they know their teens need.
Parenting is a high-wire act, especially when it comes to kids and cyber security. You want to respect teens' growing need for privacy, but as a parent, need access to all information in case of an em...
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lmao NO the kids don't get to have their own passwords. And they know there are no secrets on my network. My son had a bunch of accounts he created that were a secret. I handed him a list of closed accounts and he looked at me dumbfounded. I simply said you know what I do for a living so there is no use trying to be sneaky. I can't stop him at school but that is mostly the schools job. At home I am the IT nazi.
And when he goes to college, what then? I saw what happened to college kids who never had been trusted to drink a beer at home.
He will get on the boxing team because his arms will be huge lol. My kids are on the internet all the time I just do what every parent should and monitor them. The difference between me and most parents is I have an in depth knowledge of technology.
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