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Dear +Google ,

On behalf of the entire Internet I BEG you, please black out your logo as a "doodle" in protest of SOPA and the hearing on the 21st of December. You are one of the largest Internet companies with billions of hitts a day. What a better way to spread the word to the masses then to make sure that anyone visiting your homepage is made aware of the danger we all face.

Reshare this message. Copy-pasta. Write your own. We need exposure. There are far too many people that have no idea what #SOPA will do to the Internet.

Thank you,
The Internet
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Do you really mean "copy-pasta"? Haven't heard that one before. :-)
Ward A
Yeah I really mean copypasta for Copy Paste lol.
Just making sure. It could have been some new meme I hadn't heard yet. ;-)
Ward A
I must mention that +James Wood wrote this, I changed a few things around. I saw it on +Elizabeth Bathory 's page and he said "Copy paste it do whatever."

Hats off to you sir... Great idea.
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