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Wanchai Hash House Harriers
A Drinking Club with a Running Problem !!
A Drinking Club with a Running Problem !!

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With WH3 "Going Green in 2017" some may wish to sign the petition to reduce unnecessary plastic use in HK Supermarkets etc.

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Same Same But Different...

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For those more serious about their trail running...

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From Trail Running HK...

- - - - -

Meet Mr. Tam.

For those of you who sometimes make the hike/run from Mui Wo to Discovery Bay. Ever pause to wonder why the steep section up to the pagoda lookout rarely has any litter — we can thank Mr. Tam for that. Several times a week he makes the arduous (800+ steps?) trek to the summit. He picks up litter on the way up, and then empties the big trash bins at the top, and carries that serious double-bag load on a bamboo pole, all the way back to down to the Mui Wo rubbish tip.

I asked him why Hong Kong young people seem to be so lazy and selfish, often tossing their empty drink containers anywhere in the country parks, instead of disposing them in rubbish bins. He kindly lied: “I don’t think they are lazy. I think that unlike in America and Japan and Europe, their parents don’t teach them to respect the countryside, and not to litter them.”

During the summer months, when the heat is at its most intense, remember Mr. Tam’s great work.

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Thai Nash Hash 2017
02-04 June

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The San Diego H3 ran their annual Red Dress Run on Saturday, 18-June... and a reporter happened to be in the bar where they went afterwards, still in costume...

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Details of this weeks run...
"Ex-GM's" run

Hash Cash: men $60 / ladies & 12-18's $30 / under 12's Free

Run Start: 4:00pm

Trail: A to A, Rambo & Wimp

Facilities: Bushes

Bash: tba

Directions and Other Info:
Ferry from Central Ferry Pier 4 @ 2:00pm, 2:30pm or 3:00pm
Ferry from Aberdeen Promeande @ 2:00pm or 3:15pm

Also see the website...


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OnOn to Santa Hash this coming Sunday...
Organised by "Hopeless and friends"

Registration @ 2:00pm / Run @ 3:00pm

HK$80 (men), HK$50 (ladies & 12-18's), Free (under-12's)

Included: Run & Drinks, with Santa Stash selling separately.

Trails: Rambos & Wimps & Walkers / A to A

Stash: Shirt @ HK$100

Other: A raffle will be held during the course of the event. There will also be prizes for Best Dressed Santa & Santa's Helper. 


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HashFlash pics from run 1476...
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