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Rooting a Nook Color today. Anyone else run into issues when trying to "burn" the CWM image to the SD card? **and by issues I mean receive the error message not enough space on disk.

Using Win32 Disk Imager
4gb Sandisk MicroSD
1gb CWM image

Following instructions from XDA forums:
and in general for rooting process the thread:

Yes, I have already performed the complete wipe process. I'm ready to burn the bootable drive and finish this sucka. Any tips most welcome. Thanks interwebnets.

Oh, and the system software was updated to 1.3 prior to the wipe, just in case someone knows something I may have missed.
[RECOVERY] Making an updated bootable ClockworkMod SD Nook Color Android Development
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Never did a Nook Color.

Also couldn't guess what issues you're having.
Might help if I mention that huh. I'm getting the error not enough space on disk. I've also tried writing Nookie Froyo following these instructions:

That image also reports the same error. Card has no data on it. It's fresh from the package, but I did try writing a file of 1gb size to it just to be sure that there were no read write issues with the card.
If you used Windows, try Linux.

If you used Linux, try Windows.

If you don't have a Linux install handy, download and burn the Ubuntu CD. You can run graphical Linux straight from booting the CD. No mess.
Not a bad idea, I was thinking about burning an Ubuntu disk. If no success there I was thinking of making this laptop a Hackintosh anyway.

One way or another I'll get this thing rooted. Then, the G2 will get the root.
And if you're curious, the Ubuntu CD will set up a partition and dual-boot for a proper install with all the speed and 3D acceleration that comes with. Without wrecking Windows. That's the OS I'm using 99% of the time.
Actually that is what I am in the middle of installing.
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