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How being vulnerable can transform our lives

What do courage and joy have in common? How can you live a fuller and more wholehearted life?

The answers to these questions and more were answered in Daring Greatly by storytelling researcher and psychologist Dr Brené Brown.

Exploring the width and depth of how we live, love and engage with one another, Daring Greatly challenges us to defy the prevailing social climate of scarcity in order to live and love more wholeheartedly.

Weaving in numerous anecdotes from her research work in social psychology, Dr Brown implores us to embrace vulnerability. By doing so, we can reclaim our emotions, reignite our passion and purpose, and live more truthful and courageous lives.

More in my latest blog post here:

#Brenebrown  #LifeLessons #PersonalDevelopment #LifeCoaching
What do courage and joy have in common? How do we live fuller and more whole-hearted lives? Learn why vulnerability matters from TED Talk supremo Brené Brown.
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I have been a perfectionist all my life. Still struggling to let things go. 
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Walter Lim

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5 Delicious Steps to Digital Marketing Success

Why do some brands sizzle while others fizzle online?

What is the secret recipe to digital marketing success?

The answer lies in BACON. Or more precisely, Digital Bacon, a tantalizingly titled book packed with yummy tips to help your company navigate the online world.

Like its namesake suggests, the book hopes to make your online presence “irresistibly attractive” through a digital strategy with BACON as its acronym:

1) Based on reality – Discovery Phase;
2) Aimed towards results – Strategy Phase;
3) Creatively developed – Production Phase;
4) Organized in propagation – Distribution Phase; and
5) Numerically measured – Analysis Phase.

Now that I’ve whetted your appetite, enjoy a fuller meal in my latest blog post:

#digitalmarketing #contentmarketing #socialmedia #onlinemarketing 
Why do some brands sizzle while others fizzle online? Learn the recipe to online marketing success and make your digital strategies yummy with Digital Bacon.
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Walter Lim

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5 Life Lessons from Singapore's Haze

Breaching hazardous levels of close to 400 PSI (Pollutants Standards Index), #SGHaze is upon us yet again.

In a manner eerily reminiscent of the last time PSI levels breached 300 in 2013, entire streets were shrouded in a cloaking and choking grey.

Brought about by the El Nino effects as well as the clearing of forests in the surrounding islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan by various parties, the rising pollution levels triggered emergency responses from both the Singapore Government and various organisations.

What should we do when life gives us lemons – or smelly haze? Are there lessons that we can learn from the haze?

#SGHaze #ElNino #LifeLessons
What should we do when life gives us lemons - or smelly and choking haze? Are there lessons that we can learn from Singapore's haze?
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Walter Lim

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ABCs of Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing

Content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) and social media marketing.

Together, these three can work powerfully to propel your digital marketing strategy forward.

What do these digital marketing techniques involve? More importantly, how do you integrate them in a coherent and synergistic manner?

Read all about the trinity of digital marketing here.  

#ContentMarketing #SEO #SocialMediaMarketing  #DigitalMarketing  
How do we combine the power of SEO and social media in content marketing? Read about the trinity of digital marketing here.
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Walter Lim

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From Integrated Marcoms to Content Marketing

The old paradigm of Integrated Marketing Communication (or IMC) is dying.

In a world fragmented by zillions of online, mobile and offline channels, consumers are tuning out advertisements faster than you can produce them.

With endless “ad-free” options to choose from, nobody wants to be interrupted by your brand anymore.

What can marketers do in such a landscape?

Enter Content Marketing.

Learn more about the difference between IMC and Content Marketing here:

#IntegratedMarcoms #marcoms  #contentmarketing 
What is the difference between Integrated Marketing Communication and Content Marketing? Why is Content Marketing taking the world by storm?
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Walter Lim

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A truly touching story or clever viral marketing ploy?

I stumbled across this video on Facebook, and my curiosity was piqued. As I watched the story unfurl, I could guess how it would end (having watched one too many Thai video commercials). Somehow or other though, I couldn't resist viewing all 14 minutes of this video until the very end when.... I'll leave you to watch the video yourself to find out.

The thing is this. Are such videos effective in marketing and promotion or would viewers treat them as a form of emotional blackmailing? 

On a related note, you have to hand it to the Thais for being such awesome storytellers on video. :)

#ViralMarketing   #Viralvideos   #Thailand  
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Walter Lim

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How social CRM integrates social media with sales, marketing, and customer service

The greatest challenge of the social media age isn’t to grow the largest fan or follower base. 

Nor to achieve the greatest “virality” in our digital campaigns.

Rather, it is how we can better reach prospects, convert them to customers, and serve their long-term interests through social media.

Enter The Social Customer

Covering a wide range of topics on social Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the book integrates social customer insights, marketing, sales, analytics, demand management, support, and customer experience, with mobile and location based services.

More in my book review here:

#SocialCRM  #CustomerExperience #SocialMedia #SocialBusiness  
Is your company looking at how to use social media and CRM to acquire, monetize, and retain fans, friends and followers? Consider the principles of Social CRM.
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Walter Lim

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12 Good Reasons to Visit Taman Jurong Shopping Centre

Have you visited Taman Jurong Shopping Centre before? Well, I have! And here are 12 good reasons why you should too!  

#TamanJurong   #ShoppingCentre   #myfavhdbmall  #retail 
Enjoy casual shopping, dining and personal services without breaking your bank at Taman Jurong Shopping Centre. More about this hidden gem in the West here.
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Walter Lim

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The Maker Movement Manifesto [Entrepreneurship]

Can you imagine a future where you can design and fabricate your own vehicle?

Or perhaps create a custom-built gadget to solve a prevailing health or hygiene problem?

Well, apparently you now can. At least in certain parts of the world.

A new revolution in invention is upon us. One focused on creating, building and making physical goods and machines in the real world, aided by advances in technology.

Named the “Maker Movement”, it arose from the growing numbers of crafters, hackers and tinkerers.

By marrying art, science and technology, these 21st century inventors create all manner of goods, toys, machines and tools.

More on the Maker Movement here:

#makerspaces   #hardware   #entrepreneurship   #innovation  
What is the new world of hardware innovation like? How can crafters, hackers and tinkerers build their own stuff? Read more here.
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Walter Lim

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What is your Employee Value Proposition?

In the world of business, we’re often focused on our customer value proposition.

What makes our products or services stand out in the marketplace?

How do we draw the right customers at the right price?

The unfortunate thing, however, is that we often neglect to pay attention to the most important stakeholders in our organisation.

Namely, our employees.

Learn what constitutes your Employee Value Proposition and steps you can take to craft that into your HR strategies.

 #Employees #Personnel #Recruitment #HumanResource #HR
How can companies attract talented employees to work for and grow with them? What is the value proposition to their prospective and current employees?
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Walter Lim

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Are you a Giver, Taker or Matcher? [Behavioural Insights]

In this world, there are three types of people – givers, takers and matchers.

Givers are altruists who love to help others. They are more likely to offer free advice or valuable information, and tend to be more generous with their time, energy and money.

Takers, on the other hand, are the manipulative and exploitative folks who sit on the opposite end of the spectrum. They love to self promote and are more self-aggrandising than givers.

Like their name suggests, matchers are those who will give when the occasion calls for it. However, they are more calculative than givers (though less so than takers), adopt a quid pro quo attitude, and have a mental slate at the back of their minds to “keep score”.

Is it truly more blessed to give than to receive? Are there situations where we should not just give but receive?

Discover more about the world of giving in my latest blog post:

#behaviouraleconomics   #psychology   #leadership  #organisations
Is it truly more blessed to give than to receive? Are there situations where we should take more than we give or simply match what is given?
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Walter Lim

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Content Marketing Campaigns - An Essential Checklist

How do you implement a content marketing campaign? What steps should you take?

Like any strategic marketing initiative, content marketing needs to be performed in a methodical and systematic fashion.

While spontaneous bursts of creativity and originality certainly helps in creating great buzz-generating content, keeping to a schedule helps ensure long-term success.

To help you along, I have developed a brief set of questions which you can use as a checklist. Hopefully, this will provide a useful guide to you before launching your next content marketing campaign.

#ContentMarketing #Campaigns #SocialMediaMarketing 
How do you implement a content marketing campaign? Learn the steps needed in this essential checklist of content marketing campaign.
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  • University of Melbourne
    Masters in Arts Management, 2009 - present
  • National University of Singapore
    Bachelor of Science in Botany (2nd Upper), 1991 - 1995
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing
    Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, 2000 - 2002
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Geek Content Marketer. Nerd Storyteller. Publicist. Social Influencer. Dad of one.
Content marketer, corporate storyteller, book geek and intrapreneur, I have over 19 years of experience in integrated marketing, corporate communications, social influence, strategic planning, and industry development. An information junkie and book nerd, I love to translate the latest ideas in business, marketing and personal development into practical and workable solutions. A judge for the Singapore Blog Awards for the past 5 years, I'm also a speaker and trainer on social influence, content marketing, branding and communications.
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Launched Singapore's first heritage and museum blog, Vice Chairman of Association of Singapore Attractions, Board Member of Army Museum of Singapore, Member of PS21 Excel Committee, Leading marketing and business blogger, judge for's Singapore Blog Awards for 5 years
Owner and Editor, Cooler Insights (
Writing, speaking, blogging, social influence, public relations, marketing communications, copywriting, leadership, management, training
  • Cooler Insights (
    Owner and Editor, 2006 - present
    Cooler Insights is a website and blog focusing on content marketing, social influence, personal branding, PR, management, and other areas. Written with the non B-school reader in mind, it makes cutting edge business ideas and concepts more easily understood and appreciated with conversational language. A key feature of the blog are business book reviews which capture key lessons from the masters of their craft. For more information, check it out at
  • National Heritage Board
    Director, Corp Comms and Industry Promotion followed byOrganisation Development, Estates & Security, 2003 - 2013
    Joined NHB in 2003 as Deputy Director with initial budget of $80,000 per year and a team of three officers. Grew to over $2 million per year with team of 15 officers handling an expanded portfolio of marketing, corporate comms, internal comms, social media, industry dev, and international relations. Key achievements include launching Singapore's first heritage and museums blog (, spearhearing NHB's move into social media via platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and helping NHB museums to hit 2.6 million museum visitors in 2008 in 5 years (from 480,000 visitors in 2003). In my later years, my portfolio shifted to cover Organisational Development and Estates Management.
  • Association of Singapore Attractions
    Vice Chairman, 2004 - 2013
    The Association of Singapore Attractions (ASA) was formed in 1992 and is a key representative body for the attractions industry. Its objectives include promoting and fostering co-operation, understanding and goodwill among members; acting as the representative body working with all tourist related organizations, government bodies and international organizations; and conducting joint promotional and public relations program to enhance members' presence in the industry. Currently ASA has more than 50 members which cover a wide range of attraction types from adventure; to culture and history; to edutainment; to lifestyle and to nature and parks.
  • National Art Gallery, Singapore
    Director of Strategic Planning, Policy & Marcoms, 2010 - 2012
    For this portfolio, I oversee the areas of strategic planning, policy, board management, marketing, corporate and internal communications, and visitor experience with a start-up division of 8 staff.
  • NTUC Club
    Senior Manager, Corporate PR and Marketing, 2000 - 2003
    Managed Advertising and Promotions, Public and Media Relations, Stakeholder Communications, Internal Comms, E-marketing, Events Management, and Special Projects.
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
    Strategic Planning and Development Executive, 1995 - 1996
    As the Strategic Planning and Development Executive, I was involved in strategy and policy planning for Ministry-wide issues. This included establishing a corporate planning structure, scenario planning, operational concept planning and technology planning for cross-departmental projects involving units like the Singapore Police Force, Singapore Civil Defence Force, Singapore Prisons Service, and MHA HQ itself.
  • SPRING Singapore
    Senior Officer, Local Enterprise Development, 1996 - 2000
    Worked with Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and tourism sector companies to boost business performance through franchising/economic grouping, business events, industry transformation plans, certification schemes, and account management.
  • Singapore Press Holdings
    Senior Promotions Manager, 2000 - 2000
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