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Are You a Memejacking Linkbaiting Troll?

Do you feel that your content marketing efforts aren’t paying off? Wonder why your social media marketing efforts aren’t bearing fruit?

Well, the online competition for attention is ferocious these days, especially when you’re up against a sea of memejacking, linkbaiting trolls.

Who exactly are these guys and what do they do?

Learn all about meme jacking, linkbaiting (or clickbaiting), and trolls in my latest post here:

#BuzzMarketing   #SocialMediaMarketing #Virality
Do your content marketing efforts fail to generate buzz? Uncover the tricks used by memejackers, link baiters and trolls.
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Walter Lim

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The Age of Antiheroes

Have you watched a Hayao Miyazaki movie like Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle or Princess Mononoke?

Miyazaki’s protagonists are anything but strong and heroic. On the contrary, they are often plagued by uncertainties, weaknesses and worries. 

However, we still love them.

The truth is that we are no longer enamoured by the archetypical superhero who dons a cape, flies around knocking villains off their feet, and is spotlessly immaculate.

Chances are, the heroes we admire these days are grimy, paranoid, and struggling to pay their mortgages.

Enter the Age of the Antihero.

#Storytelling #ContentMarketing #AntiHeroes #Branding 
The age-old notion of a hero donning a cape and riding a white horse is gone. Find out who antiheroes are and why we should embrace our weaknesses as strengths.
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Walter Lim

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10 Human Drives to Make You Truly Alive

How can we lead lives brimming with energy, engagement and enthusiasm?

Enter The Charge. Subtitled "Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive", this easily read tome provides lots of fodder for anybody seeking to achieve more with life.

Written by leading motivation and peak performance expert Brendon Burchard, The Charge inspires and instructs us in ways to lead a more successful and fulfilling life. One where we are not just passive passengers drifting along but active drivers shaping our destinies.

What are the lessons that we can learn to maximise the way we lead our lives? 

Read my book review to learn more:

#PersonalDevelopment #TheCharge  #Motivation #PersonalBranding
What makes us truly alive in whatever we do? How can we lead lives brimming with energy, engagement and enthusiasm?
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Walter Lim

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This is one "dinosaur" I wouldn't mind meeting/encountering/having a pow wow with/talking with..... #NotJurassicWorld #SundayHumour
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Walter Lim

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Social Physics - The New Science of Influence

Why do ideas spread from person to person? How do we marry the worlds of social influence, big data, and behavioural economics?

Enter Social Physics, a concept coined by MIT Professor Alex “Sandy” Pentland.

Director of the Human Dynamics Laboratory, Pentland’s book Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread – The Lessons from New Science proposes a new theory of human social interaction.

Packaged as a “new science”, Social Physics is defined as a “new way of understanding human behavior based on the analysis of Big Data”.

Grounded in hardcore data-driven research, it distils social, analytical, computational and managerial sciences into a discipline which helps us understand how collective intelligence and social influence works.

Learn more about how Social Physics work here:

#ContentMarketing #SocialInfluence  
Why do ideas spread from person to person? How do we marry the worlds of social influence, big data, and behavioural economics?
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Walter Lim

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Google Prioritises Mobile Friendliness

Public Service Announcement: Google
Is going to place a huge premium on mobile friendliness for websites come 21 April.

If your websites are still not responsive, take a long time to load on mobiles, or is not optimized for mobile viewing, you may suffer penalties in SEO/search rankings.

Read Hub spot's post below for more.

#Google #SEO #Mobile
Mark your calendars for April 21! Google is making a MASSIVE algorithm change that will affect 40% of all websites (more than Panda OR Penguin).

#SEO #Google #Mobile #Mobilegeddon

Here's everything you need to know:

Google's upcoming algorithm change comes down to whether your website, landing pages, and blog are fully optimized for mobile. Learn more about the change and how to prepare.
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Walter Lim

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I love these drawings and illustrations. Such a beautiful portrayal of love in the everyday things that one does in life. 

Do you like them too? #Artwork #SliceOfLife
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Walter Lim

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How to Master SEO for Your Wordpress Website

Do you have a WordPress website or blog? I'm sure many of you do. 

Well, do you know that WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms for SEO? That is, if you know how to use it.

Thanks to the awesome book WordPress SEO Success by Jacob Aull of Zen Fires Digital Marketing, I learned that SEO for WordPress is such a  comprehensive and deep discipline that it cannot be easily mastered in just one day.

It is also an essential part of content marketing - the newest buzzword in the digital marketing lexicon.

Check out what I've learned in my latest blog post here: #SEO   #ContentMarketing #Wordpress  
How can you master SEO for your Wordpress website or blog? Learn useful SEO tricks and tips in my review of Jake Aull's "Wordpress SEO Success" here!
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What Google Really Thinks of Your Facebook Shares and Retweets

A great piece of insight from +Stone Temple Consulting h/t +Mark Traphagen on what Google really thinks of social signals.

Definitely worth reading since this came from Google's Matt Cutts himself. #SEO
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Walter Lim

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The 3 Illusions of the Social Media Age

We’re living in an age of illusions. One where lives are built and destroyed by that perpetually glowing screen in front of us.

Love it or loathe it, the social web is here to stay. We spend so much time online that our entire socio-cultural landscape has shifted in immense and incredible ways. 

While we can be ardent users of the social web, we need to be mindful that the Internet isn’t Las Vegas. 

Whatever happens in the Web doesn’t stay in the Web. 

Often, it extends its creeping electronic fingers into our flesh and blood world, molding and changing our lives in ways that we cannot imagine.

To prevent ourselves from falling into the digital abyss, we should take note of the three illusory forces operating in the social age. 

#InternetSafety #Online #SocialMedia
Social media isn't Las Vegas. Whatever happens on Facebook, doesn't just stay on Facebook. Find out more about the 3 illusions of the social age.
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Walter Lim

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Something to chew over in case you're wondering.... And no I'm not a Google Plus fanboy....
A Truly Awful Google+ Hatchet Job on Forbes Exposed

As some of you know, I've made it my policy for some time now not to waste time responding to the "Google+ is dead" articles that sprout up from time to time like weeds on a spring lawn. 

But the recent rash have been so bad, so poorly researched and argued, that I had to end my silence.

My next +Marketing Land column (which should publish next week, I think) deals with the main arguments in recent articles by +Larry Kim and +Travis Wright.

But in this post I'm commenting on a new Forbes post by Steve Denning titled "Five Reasons Why Google+ Died." In a response today +Mike Elgan dealt very well with a number of Denning's reasons, including a very bad misunderstanding of a quote by Elgan that Denning doesn't even correctly attribute. You can read Elgan's post at

I want to address a statistic quoted in the introduction of Denning's article. He quotes +Scott Galloway as stating that Google+ had a "97% decline in engagement rate, year over year." (The actual figure is 98%, as you'll see later, but that's the most inconsequential of Denning's errors.)

That's a pretty stunning claim. I wanted to see the actual study, where its data came from and its methodology. No context was given around the number.

In response to my comment on the Forbes article asking for that information, Denning referred me to a previous article of his, which linked to another article. That article had an embedded video of a talk by Galloway, in which he states the 98% drop in engagement as evidence that Google+ has failed, showing for a few seconds a bar chart with that stat.

But still no link to or citation of, in the article or video, whatever study this data came from. 

It took me almost an hour to track down the original study from which the "98% drop in engagement" comes, but eventually I found it.

It's at Turns out that L2 is Scott Galloway's own research company. 

The full report is for "members only." I entered my email address to get the download of the non-members version. It turns out to be only an excerpt, and does not contain the methodology or any details on how the data was obtained.

As far as I can discern, L2 looked at the social profiles of about 300 brands. So first off, this is only a study of brand profiles on social media.The study does not look at regular users at all. Which means to use it as a source to proclaim overall engagement is fallacious. 

When I dig down further in the excerpt, I saw that there was a lot more to the story.

Yes, of the 300 some brands they surveyed, Facebook is killing it. But if you look at the rest of the story, Google+ is doing at least as well as, and sometimes better than., the other secondary social networks. 

The ballyhooed "98% drop in engagement rate" (engagements per follower) occurred, according to the study, from July 2013 to July 2014. While that drop is  the worst among the networks surveyed, all of the networks had drops including Facebook, which dropped 13%. 

If you look at the other stats, you get a broader story. 

In the time period studied (again, July 2013 to July 2014), the surveyed brands increased followers on Google+ by 41% (compared to an increase for Facebook of 38%). Moreover, the absolute number of followers for Google+ was the highest of any network (960K, compared to FB's 781K).

Also, brand engagement per post went up 67% on Google+, while only 26% on Facebook. 

So you see, you can prove whatever you want, it just depends on which stat you choose.

And in this case, those numbers only apply to a very small sample of brand pages, not to all users of the networks, as the Forbes writer assumed.

These days I always want to add to these posts that I come neither to praise Google+ nor to bury it (sorry, Shakespeare!). I'm not going after this as a G+ fanboy, but simply because I hate misinformation.
Google needs to rethink its mission statement and delight its customers
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+Mark Traphagen Nice share. 
I felt G+ is trying to find a suitable social media for any ages. But it still has many improvements. Ppl who I met last year on here seem disappeared now, it might be they feel insecure or not save to be here. 
Base on my views, I found fake profiles here more than fake profiles on FB.
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A well considered piece on online versus offline communications in the social age. H/T +Julian Stodd
Let’s start with the difference: the Social Age is characterised by communities, largely online and facilitated by technology. I’ve written widely about how we engage in those communities, the roles we take, the purposes that they serve and the types of social authority that we wield when we connect there. But what do we lose as we move online, what is left grounded in the physical world?
Some things feel right, some feel wrong, and some are just different. That's what's at the heart of my thinking today. I remember the first time i went on camera: painfully awkward, the sound of my...
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