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Why The Best Things In Life Aren't Free

FREE. Its a powerful word. Everybody loves freebies.

Besides its a great way to attract customers right?

Well, maybe not.

In a fascinating podcast on Derek Halpern’s Social Triggers, Harvard professor Francesca Gino, author of the book Sidetracked, shared that offering stuff for free could work against your interest.

On the contrary, making your customers pay for things – both in terms of money and effort – would actually increase the perceived value they have for your product or service.

Here are more nuggets from her research.

#socialmediamarketing #consumer   #psychology   #marketingstrategy  
Is FREE necessary the best incentive for your customers? Not necessarily says a leading psychologist. More here.
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Why The Best Things In Full tường nhé+Walter Lim
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Walter Lim

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Does It Pay To Be An Optimist? You Bet and Here's Why...

We live in a world that fraught with seemingly endless calamities, dangers and problems. Terrorist attacks, race-inspired cop shootings, earthquakes, floods, economic slums...

Closer to home, you may have experienced your fair share of daily trials and tribulations. The heater is busted and needs fixing. The car wouldn't start. The kids are bawling during breakfast.

Who in their right mind would want to wake up early in the morning, drag their poor body half asleep out of bed, and beat the morning rush to get to work or school?

Well, there is one group of people who choose to do so. Namely, the optimists.

Unlike pessimists, they see the glass as half full rather than half empty. And they are succeeding in almost every dimension of life...

#personaldevelopment   #lifelessons   #psychology   #optimism  
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Walter Lim

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12 Qualities of a True Leader

What is true leadership all about?

How should a real leader distinguish herself from the rest?

While there are plenty of leadership models around (including some which I have previously blogged about), it may be useful for us to think of true leadership as a list of vital traits which such a person should exemplify.

By studying and more importantly applying these attributes to our daily lives, we can hopefully move ourselves closer to being better and more effective leaders – be it at work or at play.

So what are these qualities like?
What is true leadership all about? How should a real leader distinguish herself from the rest? Discover the 12 qualities of a true leader here.
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Walter Lim

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7 Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination.

Almost everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, or Snapchat these days.

Unfortunately, not many companies are doing social media marketing right. Treating social media just like traditional channels, they pour their old wine into new social media wineskins.

What are some of the common mistakes in social media marketing committed by companies?

Well, let me count the ways:

1) They focus on selling and promoting rather than helping others.

2) They treat social media as an advertising rather than a conversational platform.

3) They spam their channels with continually with ads disguised as content.

4) They use social media to continually boast about the superiority of their products.

5) They neglect cultivating relationships with their communities.

6) They ignore the feedback of their customers on social media channels.

7) They want quick, immediate and highly tangible results from their efforts.

How then should companies avoid these slip-ups and harness the true power of social media?

#SocialMediaMarketing #Mistakes #ContentMarketing  #DigitalMarketing  
Learn to develop a social media marketing strategy, and catch a brief glimpse of my first social media marketing workshop here.
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Logic comments ...👍👍👍👍👍
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Walter Lim

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12 Freakish Lessons in Entrepreneurship from Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a freak. And a very successful one too.

Author of numerous bestselling books on social media and influencer marketing, including The Impact Equation, Chris has consulted with huge companies like Disney, Microsoft, Coke and Google, and is the publisher of Owner Magazine.

He has also sold multi-million dollar companies, and amassed huge followings on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

His latest book The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth touts itself to be a “real-world business playbook” for entrepreneurs (or wannabe entrepreneurs) who have a problem fitting into the strictures of society.

It teaches you how to think differently to overcome your fears, create a vision for your exciting new venture, and start making your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

So what lessons are contained in this slim business book? Read my blog post to find out.

#entrepreneur #smallbusiness #startup #entrepreneurship
Are you a freak? Do you go against the grain of conventional wisdom? Uncover the secrets of unconventional entrepreneurship from Chris Brogan here!
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Walter Lim

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Why You Should Hire a Public Officer

I used to be a public officer in Singapore.

I left the service in May 2014 to pursue my professional interests. However, I have absolutely no regrets working in the public sector.

I enjoyed my time in the public service and made many close friends during my stints in these organisations. I've also learned many invaluable lessons in leadership, management, and communication, and have picked up valuable life lessons from various mentors whom I've met over the decades.

Now that I'm an entrepreneur, consultant and lecturer, and am exposed to the vagaries of hustling for business, I can appreciate the benefits of my exposure and training during my decades in public service.

Here are 8 qualities of public officers - or ex public officers - which may be highly valued in the employment or business market.

#humanresources   #recruitment  #leadership #management 
I used to be a public officer in Singapore. I left the service in May 2014 to pursue my professional interests. However, I have absolutely no regrets working in the public sector. I spent about 17.5
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Thanks +poo edwin for your support and encouragement.
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Walter Lim

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7 Vital Lessons for PR Practitioners in the Digital Age

What is the role of Public Relations (PR) in the digital and social age?

Should we merely hustle for media coverage while producing corporate annual reports?

Well, the answers to these questions may surprise you. At least according to Gini Dietrich, author of the book and website Spin Sucks.

While media relations remains an anchor for the PR professional, Dietrich suggests that the digital components of the communications mix will take on greater prominence.

They include content, email marketing, social media, crisis and reputation management, events, social advertising, and more.

As a long time PR professional turned content and social media marketer, I couldn’t agree more.

Learn 7 critical lessons from my book review of Dietrich's slim but power packed volume:

#SociaMediaMarketing #SocialPR #PublicRelations #PR #Communications
What is the role of Public Relations in the digital and social age? Pick up invaluable tips on digital PR from a renowned blogger and marketer here.
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7 Vital Lessons for PR Full tường nhé+Walter Lim
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Walter Lim

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Offensive versus Defensive Public Relations

Is PR always about “sugar and spice and everything nice”?

Are there situations where you have to close ranks and fight to defend your corporate reputation?

In the social age, seemingly innocuous events could be blown way out of proportion. At the same time, getting your news out there has become increasingly challenging in an ever-streaming, over-cluttered digital world.

While the social age has heralded a more open culture of sharing and trust, publicists must still be circumspect in the way they communicate and engage.

#PublicRelations #SocialPR  #PR #Communication 
The world of Public Relations (PR) consists of both offensive and defensive communication strategies. Learn the difference between the two here.
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Walter Lim

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Digital Marketing 101: Search vs Social

One of the most common dilemmas faced by marketers is this:

Should we invest in helping our customers to find us on search engines like Google?

Or would our marketing dollars be better spent on social media outreach?

Ideally, one should have both. However, we all know that we do not live in an ideal world.

How then should we differentiate between both strategies?

The answer depends on which stage our targeted customers are in the buying cycle as well as the nature of our product.

More in my latest blog post here:

#digitalmarketing  #SEO #searchmarketing  #socialmediamarketing  
What should a new business do to improve its digital presence? Should it invest its resources in search marketing or social media marketing? Find out here.
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Any ideas , the cost ....price for individual social media is charging ...
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Walter Lim

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Five Ways Brick and Mortar Retailers Can Beat the Gloom

It was the best of times. It’s now the worst of times?

Retailers and shopping mall owners in Singapore are breaking out in a cold sweat these days.

Many Orchard Road malls are emptier than a graveyard these days – even during the June school holidays and the Great Singapore Sale. So are the malls in the Marina Bay area like Marina Square.

Competition from online retailers have also been stiff - especially when it comes to price and convenience.

What can shopping malls and retail outlets do to restore buzz and vibrancy in the heart of our city?

#retailers  #shopping #smallbusiness  #consumers  
Retailers and mall operators in town are breaking out in a cold sweat. Foot traffic is low and browsers are not buying. What can they do to beat slowing sales?
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Truth ..very challenging ..
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Walter Lim

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How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Producing Results

Can you find more time to do the things that truly matter to you?

How can you devote your energy to what’s truly important?

In a bid to further optimise my life, I recently listened to an audio recording by +Tony Robbins called The Time of Your Life.

Robbins spoke passionately about the need to determine what one’s life purpose was, focus on the things which truly matter, and develop an action plan to achieve those objectives.

One of the areas which struck me most was the issue of time management.

To be effective and efficient in the limited hours and days of your life, you need to manage your time proactively so that you ultimately spend most of it on what’s important and not urgent, ie The Zone.

This is the sweet spot and target right in the middle of your life’s dart board. Before getting there, however, you need to understand the four concentric dimensions of your life.

Learn what these are in my blog post.

#leadershipdevelopment   #personaldevelopment   #lifecoaching  
How do we find the time to do what's most vital to our lives? Discover how to achieve peak performance in the Zone with Tony Robbins.
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Walter Lim

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7 Ways to Use Metaphors in Marketing

Have you used metaphors for your marketing efforts?

What were the outcomes of your attempts?

An integral part of your everyday life, analogies and metaphors are popular storytelling methods which simplify complex ideas and imbue them with meaning. They help to make your advertisements, articles, and brand stories come alive for your target audiences.

Metaphors constitute the essence of our “mindscape”. They help to describe what we think, feel, hear, say and do in a deeper, more resonant and impactful fashion.

Metaphors also help to drive human behaviours and add colour to our world.

Here are 7 ways to incorporate deep metaphors in your marketing.

#marketingstrategy   #advertising  #creative #metaphors #design #copywriting 
Discover how you can use the power of deep metaphors to better understand your customers, and improve the way you tell your brand stories.
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  • University of Melbourne
    Masters in Arts Management, 2009 - present
  • National University of Singapore
    Bachelor of Science in Botany (2nd Upper), 1991 - 1995
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing
    Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, 2000 - 2002
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Geek Content Marketer. Nerd Storyteller. Publicist. Social Influencer. Dad of one.
Content marketer, corporate storyteller, book geek and intrapreneur, I have over 19 years of experience in integrated marketing, corporate communications, social influence, strategic planning, and industry development. An information junkie and book nerd, I love to translate the latest ideas in business, marketing and personal development into practical and workable solutions. A judge for the Singapore Blog Awards for the past 5 years, I'm also a speaker and trainer on social influence, content marketing, branding and communications.
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Launched Singapore's first heritage and museum blog, Vice Chairman of Association of Singapore Attractions, Board Member of Army Museum of Singapore, Member of PS21 Excel Committee, Leading marketing and business blogger, judge for's Singapore Blog Awards for 5 years
Owner and Editor, Cooler Insights (
Writing, speaking, blogging, social influence, public relations, marketing communications, copywriting, leadership, management, training
  • Cooler Insights (
    Owner and Editor, 2006 - present
    Cooler Insights is a website and blog focusing on content marketing, social influence, personal branding, PR, management, and other areas. Written with the non B-school reader in mind, it makes cutting edge business ideas and concepts more easily understood and appreciated with conversational language. A key feature of the blog are business book reviews which capture key lessons from the masters of their craft. For more information, check it out at
  • National Heritage Board
    Director, Corp Comms and Industry Promotion followed byOrganisation Development, Estates & Security, 2003 - 2013
    Joined NHB in 2003 as Deputy Director with initial budget of $80,000 per year and a team of three officers. Grew to over $2 million per year with team of 15 officers handling an expanded portfolio of marketing, corporate comms, internal comms, social media, industry dev, and international relations. Key achievements include launching Singapore's first heritage and museums blog (, spearhearing NHB's move into social media via platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and helping NHB museums to hit 2.6 million museum visitors in 2008 in 5 years (from 480,000 visitors in 2003). In my later years, my portfolio shifted to cover Organisational Development and Estates Management.
  • Association of Singapore Attractions
    Vice Chairman, 2004 - 2013
    The Association of Singapore Attractions (ASA) was formed in 1992 and is a key representative body for the attractions industry. Its objectives include promoting and fostering co-operation, understanding and goodwill among members; acting as the representative body working with all tourist related organizations, government bodies and international organizations; and conducting joint promotional and public relations program to enhance members' presence in the industry. Currently ASA has more than 50 members which cover a wide range of attraction types from adventure; to culture and history; to edutainment; to lifestyle and to nature and parks.
  • National Art Gallery, Singapore
    Director of Strategic Planning, Policy & Marcoms, 2010 - 2012
    For this portfolio, I oversee the areas of strategic planning, policy, board management, marketing, corporate and internal communications, and visitor experience with a start-up division of 8 staff.
  • NTUC Club
    Senior Manager, Corporate PR and Marketing, 2000 - 2003
    Managed Advertising and Promotions, Public and Media Relations, Stakeholder Communications, Internal Comms, E-marketing, Events Management, and Special Projects.
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
    Strategic Planning and Development Executive, 1995 - 1996
    As the Strategic Planning and Development Executive, I was involved in strategy and policy planning for Ministry-wide issues. This included establishing a corporate planning structure, scenario planning, operational concept planning and technology planning for cross-departmental projects involving units like the Singapore Police Force, Singapore Civil Defence Force, Singapore Prisons Service, and MHA HQ itself.
  • SPRING Singapore
    Senior Officer, Local Enterprise Development, 1996 - 2000
    Worked with Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and tourism sector companies to boost business performance through franchising/economic grouping, business events, industry transformation plans, certification schemes, and account management.
  • Singapore Press Holdings
    Senior Promotions Manager, 2000 - 2000
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