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Stratfor has 11 alarming predictions for the next decade
by Armin Rosen - Business Insider
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#leadership #riskassessment  
Stratfor has 11 alarming predictions for the next decade
by Armin Rosen - Business Insider
#leadership #riskassessment  

Risk Assessment is the Responsibility of Leadership. Intelligence and Reconnaissance are indispensable tools for that.

The private intelligence firm Strategic Forecasting, or Stratfor, recently published its Decade Forecast in which it projects the next ten years of global political and economic developments.

In many ways, Stratfor thinks the world of ten years from now will be more dangerous place, with US power waning and other prominent countries experiencing a period of chaos and decline.
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39 Commonly Misused Words and How to Use Them Correctly
by Jeff Haden / Inc. - Time
#language #grammar

Useful advice indeed.
Easy to get wrong. Fortunately, not that hard to get right
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Walter H Groth

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The Koenigsegg Regera has 1500 hp and no transmission
by Alex Kierstein - Road and Track

Interesting concept indeed.

It's hard not to think of the hybrid supercar in Darwinian terms when you come to realize that the Koenigsegg Regera has transcended the transmission altogether in a rather incredible evolution. Instead of an electric motor behind or in addition to a traditional gearbox, the transmission of the Regera has atrophied like those cave fish without eyes—replaced entirely by a trio of three electric motors. Koenigsegg calls it "Direct Drive".
This might be the most interesting hypercar development in recent memory.
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Walter H Groth

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This New Fuel Cell Fits In Your Pocket, For Carbon-Neutral Charging Off The Grid
by Adele Peters - Fast Company

A pocket-sized fuel cell that can charge small electronics, like a smartphone or digital camera, for weeks. With the right kind of fuel—renewable LPG—it's actually carbon neutral. The device is completely independent from the grid, so it can be used anywhere, like a backcountry hiking trail, a crowded cafe, or on an airplane.

"Nobody wants to carry heavy batteries with them," says Sascha Kühn, founder and president of eZelleron, the German company making the device, appropriately called Kraftwerk (though it may conjure up visions of synthesizers, the word actually means "power station" in German). "Nobody wants to wait 10 hours until their backup power packs are charged up again. This belongs to the past."
Next time your smartphone drains too quickly, recharge it with this fuel cell that only weighs as much as a cup of sugar.
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Walter H Groth

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This incredible electron micrograph shows light as both a particle and a wave
by Russell Barndom - The Verge

The particle-wave nature of light has fascinated researchers for more than 200 years, but a new experiment has allowed researchers to visualize it like never before. This image was taken by turning an electron microscope on a laser-charged nanowire. Light moved down the wire in both directions, creating a standing wave of photons, which the electron microscope was able to capture by focusing on the wire. The result is an image that captures both the wave and particle nature of light. A wave is clearly visible in the curves of the figure, but each data point represents a unique interaction between a photon and an electron, slowing or speeding the electron enough to be measured by the microscope.
The particle-wave nature of light has fascinated researchers for more than 200 years, but a new experiment has allowed researchers to visualize it like never before. This image was taken by turning...
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Data Monopolists Like Google Are Threatening the Economy
by Kira Radinsky - Harvard Business Review
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#leadership #strategy #bigdata  
Data Monopolists Like Google Are Threatening the Economy
by Kira Radinsky - Harvard Business Review
#leadership #strategy #bigdata  

The White House recently released a report about the danger of big data in our lives. Its main focus was the same old topic of how it can hurt customer privacy. The Federal Trade Commission and National Telecommunications and Information Administration have also expressed concerns about consumer privacy, as have PwC and the Wall Street Journal.

However, big data holds many other risks. Chief among these, in my mind, is the threat to free market competition.
To keep competition alive, we need new anti-trust laws.
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Walter H Groth

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Magic 'metamaterials' storm physics
By Jonathan Webb - BBC

Physicists are abuzz with possibilities for "metamaterials" that can be designed to have surprising properties.

Tweaking the structure of materials to manipulate things like their appearance is already fairly well-known; the next phase is changing their mechanics.

A major conference is alive with ideas, designs and samples including springy ceramics, unfeelability cloaks and programmable rubber sponges.

They could help build spacecraft tiles or even terrain-sensitive shoe soles.

"I think this idea of metamaterials is slowly migrating into different areas," said Prof Martin Wegener, from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.

"Originally the excitement was all about electromagnetism - and then it went to totally different areas like thermodynamics and, lately, mechanics."
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Cool I guess
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Is Social Media Actually Helping Your Company’s Bottom Line?
by Frank V. Cespedes - Harvard Business Review
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#leadership #marketing  
Is Social Media Actually Helping Your Company’s Bottom Line?
by Frank V. Cespedes - Harvard Business Review
#leadership #marketing

When it comes to business, we talk too much about social media and expect too little. It’s like the old joke about sales people: one person says, “I made some valuable contacts today,” and the other responds, “I didn’t get any orders, either.” Companies measure the market results of their sales investments. But few have measures or even have accountable managers in place for their social media investments, and only 7% say their organizations “understand the exact value at stake from digital.” Meanwhile, according to a Gallup survey, 62% of U.S. adults who use social media say these sites have no influence on their purchasing decisions and only 5% say they have a great deal of influence.

Business success requires linking customer-acquisition efforts with a coherent strategy. You can’t do that if you are not clear about the differences between hype and reality when it comes to buying and selling. And we should care about this distinction for reasons that go far beyond making even more ads more viewable. Companies’ abilities to make better use of their resources are important for society, not only shareholders. It spurs productivity, and productivity — not just tweets and selfies — is what spurs growth.

About the author: Frank Cespedes is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and author of Aligning Strategy and Sales
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+Walter Lim For that we would have to get access to the entire study. That would gives us the scope and depth.

The impact on the bottom line of social media is first and foremost cost. I never trusted the metrics shown by ad agencies to prove the ad impact on sales. The moment you dig deeper, the house of cards falls apart.
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Walter H Groth

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A Warning From Buffett About Banks
by Andrew Ross Sorkin - The New York Times

“Money-shufflers don’t come cheap.”

That was Warren E. Buffett’s latest salvo against Wall Street from his annual letter to shareholders published over the weekend.

At one point in the letter, Mr. Buffett argues: “Investment bankers, being paid as they are for action, constantly urge acquirers to pay 20 percent to 50 percent premiums over market price for publicly held businesses. The bankers tell the buyer that the premium is justified for ‘control value’ and for the wonderful things that are going to happen once the acquirer’s C.E.O. takes charge.”

He goes on to say that “a few years later, bankers — bearing straight faces — again appear and just as earnestly urge spinning off the earlier acquisition in order to ‘unlock shareholder value.’ Spinoffs, of course, strip the owning company of its purported ‘control value’ without any compensating payment.”
Warren E. Buffett, the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, has released his annual shareholder letter, and it is unusually critical of the financial industry.
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Processes, Methodologies and Skills – How They Fit Together
by +Tamara Schenk -
#sales #processes #methodologies #skills

How do you align methodology, processes, and skills?

Thank you +Tamara Schenk for sharing!
#b2bsales   #processes   #methodologies   #skills  

There is a third element that’s often not considered enough. Integrating methodologies and processes is one thing. Knowing a methodology, and a process, in theory, is another thing. But that’s all explicit knowledge only. Acquiring the implicit knowledge of how to apply methodologies and processes successfully is the missing element that makes the discussion a triangle.

Click and read more: 
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You are welcome +Tamara Schenk 
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What's Next in Government Surveillance
by Bruce Schneier - The Atlantic

Modern targeted surveillance is likely to involve actively breaking into an adversary’s computer network and installing malicious software designed to take over that network and “exfiltrate” data—that’s NSA talk for stealing it. To put it more plainly, the easiest way for someone to eavesdrop on your communications isn’t to intercept them in transit anymore; it’s to hack your computer.

And there’s a lot of government hacking going on.
A future awaits where countries share intelligence one minute, and hack and cyberattack each other the next.
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Whatever I do I believe that life at large is a beautiful and exciting adventure, worthwhile enjoying every moment of it. I believe in having a dream and making it come true. I believe that each challenge holds within opportunity and you need to be aware of it. I believe that, when you want to reach what is really possible, you have to strive for the impossible and “boldly go where no one else has gone before”. I believe in an optimistic approach to life.

Mountain climber. skydiver, scuba diver

Engaging in activities like mountain climbing, skydiving, and scuba diving, got me to leave my comfort zone and striving to reach the magic of the unknown territory. These often humbling experiences taught me how to handle the ‘black swans’, the unexpected adversities, when reaching for the stars.

I am always looking for new and challenging experiences and going beyond my perceived boundaries. I love to immerse myself in the fields of science and technology, the art of communication, and also exploring the latest discoveries and looking for new and innovative ways to make sense of all that. I love learning, knowing, and understanding the needs people have in different countries with different cultural backgrounds.

Having lived part of my life in different countries and being exposed to their culture rewarded me with invaluable insights into human interaction. To me, beautiful design is the communicator between technology and human beings; technology meeting people where they are. I just love the space, where technology meets communication, creating a remarkable and lasting experience.

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