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Anyone know if there is a Chrome extension for G+ that would let me have multiple columns, each dedicated to a stream I set up? It would be especially nice if I could scroll each column independently.

I follow people in several categories (friends, photographers, writers, tech folk) and would love to be able to make better use of the wide screen monitor.
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Brilliant idea. I'll pass the concept on to some coder friends. 
Excellent. Do let me know if they come up with anything. Now that the API is out, I'm hoping to see some clever stuff that doesn't slow the interface down so much.
I am not sure if it does should but I have not checked it recently.
I just checked and it does not yet. I figured they'd add support after google+ opened up the API, but who knows now that Twitter owns it. :-)
Good point. I used tweet deck for a bit. If I remember was a bit of a resource hog for what it was. 
The desktop app is, for sure. The web app is better. But I haven't used it in a while now just because it doesn't have G+.
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