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Walter Francis (Khaytsus)
Linux Geek and MTB to the core
Linux Geek and MTB to the core

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+Mia Clapham I saw this beauty and thought of you yesterday ;)

Now that Secure Settings seems dead (maybe since Marshmallow? My previous phone was stuck on 4.4.4) I'm looking for how to act on someone attempting to unlock my phone. Previously using Secure Settings I could run a task if more than N unlocks were attempted and failed (I take a picture from both cameras which are uploaded to Dropbox and send a text message to another phone) but I'm not sure how to do this on Nougat without Secure Settings. Can AutoTools do this? Or some other plugin? Or consider this a feature request?

Can AutoWear turn off Notifications on the Watch?  I can't think of any other way to do this, and I'd like to turn off notifications at night when I'm sleeping and using the watch for sleep monitoring.  Things like tilt/ambient etc I tie into AutoInput to disable but I am not seeing how to disable watch Notifications from the phone side?

I just got $0.65 answering questions about beards on Google Survey.  Word.

Does the WR tag (rain volume in mm) not work at all?  I'm wanting to add rain for the day to my watch face and this is acting like the tag is completely invalid.

I wasn't able to finish the initial setup on the phone with AutoWear, on the screen to set up shake it works on the watch, but the phone never shows the Next button.  I was able to just hit Back and get out of the dialog.  Everything I'm doing so far seems fine, even set up a few simple screens etc..  Is this just me, known bug, ?  Also, why no AutoWear-specific stream in this Community?  :)

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Yep, pretty much. 
Some days this feels like my job in an (XKCD-ified) nutshell.

Is there a specific reason that Termux is only available for API 21 or greater?  There are a lot of KK devices out there.  Thanks!

I'm sure this is asked frequently but I'm not seeing it in help, etc...  Is there a way to hit Alt, like Control for VolDown?  I use alt a lot in irssi, and I'd prefer to not have to change keyboards (I know some have Alt on the KB, but I use Swiftkey).  Perhaps something like VolUp-Something would pair up with the next key to send Alt-Key?  Awesome work, I just discovered this and I see a lot of potential for things for me to play with.  :)
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