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Walter Adamson

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Laudato also said other social collaboration platforms such as Pinterest have changed the way customers engages with the home furnishings company. Pinterest allows users to create images on ‘boards’, and Pier 1 Imports is seeing customers creating dedicated boards for the store, resulting in dynamic content on the web about the business.

“But we don’t get to call her up and say ‘change this font and move this picture’,” he said. “We’re seeing our customers arranging products in ways we hadn’t even thought about.”

“There are limitless ways our intelligent, educated consumers who love decorating can use our products in different ways,” he said. “But if they’re not happy they could create a board saying ‘I hate Pier 1′ too.”
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Digital Strategy is pretty much a meaningless piece of jargon that now litters the financial press and is apparently something about which every Chairman feels compelled to brief the media or face being called a digital dinosaur. But what could they possibly be discussing?
When the janitor starts talking stocks it’s time to bail, right? And when the Board starts to talk “digital strategy” it’s very likely also time to bail. Digital Strategy is pretty much a meaningless
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Walter Adamson

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My comment: The US and Israel benefit enormously from the Military-Industrial Complex and also from pro-active small business laws. Israel suffers from lack a resources and constant threats and that tends to focus on the mind on getting the most bag for the buck and hence innovation. But that doesn't explain why the US has been able to create such wealth from innovation. My own opinion is that it is 90% mindset. Australia has been a fat lazy country for so long - which was actually the point of Donald Horne's The Lucky Country - there is little ambition and even less competition. The populace at large does not understand the difference between quality of life and standard of living - the latter trending down for decades except for the recent blip. Nice weather, no pollution, good education and health, and sunshine beer and footy for everyone, plus the fact that you can become a millionaire by being a bank manager has totally displaced the energy and focus needed to maintain this for future generations. THAT is a massive cultural shift needed, and unless that shift occurs everything else is dancing on the head of a pin - as has been proven over the past decades of "assistance".
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Walter Adamson

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Walter Adamson

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The social business renaissance will not come to you

"Organizations interested in driving innovation should strive to create policies, platforms and staff positions that promote employee interaction on internal and external networks".

This thinking about the complete social architecture is still quite rare. Great article explaining the complete rationale of social business and how IBM geos about some of it.
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Walter Adamson

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Board digital illiteracy and complacency will make the "digital bang" bigger in Australia.
Extract from article by Andrew Grill Australia’s economy faces a “short fuse, big bang” scenario where the effects of digital disruption have been and will continue to be far reaching and greatly transform a number of industr...
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A lot of “social media” training for CEOs and C-level misses the real point because it focuses on the “practical” outcomes rather than the experiential insights. For certain a CEO can build a bigger personal brand, they can follow a niche and be up-to-date, and they can tweet with substance over style and measure the “right things”. To me that’s like taking the right medicine - the hygiene factor. But what is the medicine trying to cure? What it is trying to cure is the insularity and closed mindset, or at least the misguided mindset, that precludes the ability of many to understand the goodness that social technologies can bring to their business. And by goodness I include the ideas of Growth, Commitment, Purpose, People, Culture, Innovation, etc.
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Walter Adamson

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Yes that's typical but it is not a strategy. That's the point.
This pretty much explains my reason for doubting the credibility of 'social media strategies'. Thanks +Tom Fishburne yet again for capturing it perfectly.
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Walter Adamson

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Adobe said of the old social media way "this is not where we want to be as a business" and now moving towards a real social business. This is where it's heading - it's getting serious for those left behind.
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Focused on business impact of digital disruption | Social Computing | Mobile | Cloud Computing | Big Data | Top Kred 1%
I advise complex organisations across different sectors about how to embed “social media” into a multi-channel multi-functional business strategy. I use my qualifications in computing science, mathematical statistics, and my certifications in social media strategy and IT audit (as an Internal Auditor) combined with my wide business experience.
  • Kinship Digital Pty Ltd
    Principal, 2011 - present
  • Digital Investor Pty Ltd
    Founder, Principal, 2000 - 2012
  • NewLeaseG2M
    CEO, NewLeaseG2M, Partner Social Media Academy in Australia, 2009 - 2011
  • BHP Billiton Ltd.
    Various Executive, 1989 - 2000
  • University New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia
    Senior Teaching Fellow & Consultant in Computational Statistics, 1971 - 1980
    Provided advice on computational statistics to the academic staff based in the Computer Centre. Also Chief Systems Programmer for the Computer Centre.
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Melbourne, Australia
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How social technologies transform business engagement. At the intersection of social business, cloud, mobile and customer transformation.
I help business understand how the intersection of the mega-trends of cloud computing, social enterprise, mobile, and collaborative commerce are going to change their world, and how to get ahead of the curve. I help Enterprise IT do the same.

By "help" I mean not only understanding and strategy, but the implications for competition, products, margins, value, brand, customer engagement, culture, organisational structure, collaboration, agility, risk, governance, IT, digital marketing and inbound sales - to know what to let go and how to get with the flow. Call it business reinvention if you will.

Actionable strategy is my thing - I've taken many to the market - feet to the fire, nose to the grindstone, the hard yards, and then when it's working it needs someone other than me. If you need to understand how the mega-trends will drive outcomes which will reshape your business, or just your IT investment, and how to capitalise on them, then give me a call.

{MSc in Computing Science, graduate of the Advanced Management Programme of the Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Education, Certified Social Business Strategist 2009, Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 4} Linkedin
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  • University of New South Wales
    Mathematical Statistics, 1966 - 1969
  • University of New England
    Computing Science - MSc, 1971 - 1979
    By thesis alone - Software Portability. Completed part-time 1973, 74 but worked at the University 1971 to 1979 as Senior Teaching Fellow.
  • University of Melbourne
    Mt Eliza Business School, 1987 - 1987
    Advanced Management Program
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Good atmosphere great coffee imaginative menu but not stupid creative nice corner friendly staff breakfast here for sure.
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We always looked forward to takeaway or eat-in from Fazios. And the eat-in was better because things were more crisp and hot. Not any more. Seems to have changed hands. Forget the crisp base of the pizza that's now soggy even in the shop. Forget the crunchy prawns on the Bari pizza they've lost their freshness and their flavour especially the garlic. Forget the super hot crisp deep fried edge on the Italian Rosemary potatoes, they've gone the way of McCains with nothing distinguishing. And don't ask for the Whitebait - the waitress looked at us as if we were from outer space. We had to eventually point to the item on the menu! Pity, lost its way and it's now another average pizza place.
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