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Walter Adamson

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Watson knows me. Do you - does your brand? Do your social support teams and your social media marketing teams and your customer insight teams know me? If they don't then you are officially dead in my book because I see you as stuck in the mud conservative lacking imagination and intellect - refer my Profile.
Whoa! That's how IBM Watson's Personality Insight analysis described me when I plugged my LinkedIn byline plus Summary into the new Personality Insights Demonstration.Programmatic 1-1 Marketing and Customer Support at ScaleTwo-thirds right, I thought - you ask which two-thirds? But also insights into the Coming Revolution in Customer Social Insights and Support. If I'm waiting for social customer service then the agent doesn't need to respond wit...
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Walter Adamson

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Walter Adamson

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I suppose if you hold a certain viewpoint then you are going to wriggle and squirm and defend it to the end, huh? #bigdata #wearables Good questions from the interviewer.
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Yes we all need our own emotional intelligence - that part of us that is often irrational to others!!
This is what will differentiate our from 'robots', at least during my lifetime!!
Good interview.
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Walter Adamson

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Standing up with confidence on the swing suddenly happens :) #Misha 
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Walter Adamson

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Xiaomi is certainly one to watch. I have their Mi Band fitness band which is $15 roughly 10 to 15 times cheaper than the competition. These guys are going to change the mobile and wearable market dynamics. 
2015 is here, and more Chinese executives and entrepreneurs than ever before are planning to take their businesses global. I spent the majority of 2014 on the road speaking with many of these executives in China, Europe and the United States for my new book. While most are still developing [...]
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Shan L
+Kuen Lee well xiaomi has its own MiUI Rom to delivery the experience xiaomi wants thier customers to have. And I would use vanilla Android after MiUI. As for stock like Samsung and HTC would be my 3rd choice 
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Walter Adamson

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Just as to sing is to be human, to selfie is to be human, I think.
Every new technological advance creates a band of doomsayers lead by both pro- and pop-psychologists, and these days aided and abetted by the TV Breakfast Show hungry for psycho-babble on every conceivable topic - and of course social media is easy prey. ...
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Yes the mobile phone photography has changed the way we portray ourselves and how we interact with others spontaneously.  
I'm sure there will be a few PhD's written by sociologists on the analytics of selfies!!
Women Vs. Men; Younger people Vs. Older people; Cross cultures, etc.
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Walter Adamson

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Watson Personality Insights - give it a try. But more importantly, think about what it means for customer support and marketing. #IBMWatson  
Whoa! That's how IBM Watson's Personality Insight analysis described me when I plugged my LinkedIn byline plus Summary into the new Personality Insights Demonstration.Programmatic 1-1 Marketing and Customer Support at ScaleTwo-thirds right, I thought - you ask which two-thirds? But also insights into the Coming Revolution in Customer Social Insights and Support. If I'm waiting for social customer service then the agent doesn't need to respond wit...
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Walter Adamson

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The question posed, and answered: But what if the system lever was much more important than the human one ? Straight talking.
FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInStumbleUponTumblrBuffer Summary :”with, by and for people”…such seems to be the creed of the “social” transformation. And results still look uncertain. Sometimes non-existant, sometimes great but looking like exceptions and not the consequence of a perenial
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Yeah interesting article from +Bertrand Duperrin thanks for sharing +Walter Adamson .  
I'm reminded of the "Process", "People", "Information" and "Technology" dimensions I use in IT strategic planning.
Social networking is People connecting to share/ collaborate with Information using Technology.

Doing this using "work" systems (e.g. Google for Work, MS stuff, etc) ideally you have a set of systems "architected" and designed to support the business capabilities and processes, using a work identity.

Now if you introduce social networking using "public" systems (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), to me:
a)  this crosses the work - personal boundary that I want to keep separate;
b) from the Work perspective, it makes information security and the People authorised more challenging.

So I can agree with Bertrand that in the Work context, the "system" (Information, Technology, Process dimensions) is more important and can be optimised to meet the business needs.

Re the People, I suspect those that don't network at Work, probably don't do a good job of doing it outside of work, unless their job does not give them the time & space to do it.

Oh and personally I think Google for Work nails it better than Microsoft today!!  lol

What do you think about this?

#googleforwork   #socialtransformation  
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Walter Adamson

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Big news indeed. Can't wait to see comparative results using this data versus current techniques.
LinkedIn will enable web site publishers to profile visitors to their sites based on its huge pool of data, and then provide a marketing tech platform to segment and target those audiences to help drive sales. The company has also launched an ad network that will allow brands to track professionals on sites beyond LinkedIn, again based on its data.Today’s announcement is a big step up for LinkedIn, which until now offered fairly traditional — alt...
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I need to go & see what data I have entered into LinkedIn and how they plan to use it!!
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Walter Adamson

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Not sure what the criteria were, but a good list and shows who's listening. Thanks +Vala Afshar 
The Top 100 Most Social Chief Information Officers to Follow on Twitter in 2015.
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Walter Adamson

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Enabling Gen G in the workplace isn't as hard as it seems, if we can provide the right culture, tools and get out of the way! We have a great series of blog posts about this by +Jeremy Scrivens  and will be discussed at an event in February led by keynote +Ross Dawson 
The future of work is extraordinarily important, and I believe one of the most relevant frames for us to think about the future of business, society and indeed all of humanity. This is Guest post by Ross Dawson, our keynote speaker at the Future of Work roadshow at events in Sydney, Melbourne, ...
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Walter Adamson

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Good overview. Hadn't thought about how it relates to MDM. 
Start with the well known platform as a service concept. Then add in key features for the Internet of things. Here's what you get.
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+Walter Adamson interesting article...
IoT is a larger scale, consumer driven example of what manufacturing, mining & utilities companies have had to deal with - how to deploy and manage devices, how to get data of different devices and standardise the data before you analyse what it means.

There are layers of "standards" that need to be worked out - the OS & NW services, the platform services, the embedded apps and the management services.  Today, these will largely be proprietary (e.g. Nest thermostats, smart alarms/ security devices, personal fitness/ medical devices).

Smart phones are obviously examples of how the IoT could be managed, but "MDM" implies someone (or organisation) managing a set of devices based on principles and policies.  This will need to happen to the new smart TV's (Tzien & Android TV).

The challenge for the IoT is to have "webs" of things that are managed by a provider (a bit like Chromecast & Nest are by Google), but which people can interact with.  So, for example, Chromecasts are updated by Google - I as a user have no control over that process, like I do over my smartphone or tablet!

Interesting times ahead....
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Focused on business impact of digital disruption | Social Computing | Mobile | Cloud Computing | Big Data | Top Kred 1%
I advise complex organisations across different sectors about how to embed “social media” into a multi-channel multi-functional business strategy. I use my qualifications in computing science, mathematical statistics, and my certifications in social media strategy and IT audit (as an Internal Auditor) combined with my wide business experience.
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    Provided advice on computational statistics to the academic staff based in the Computer Centre. Also Chief Systems Programmer for the Computer Centre.
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How social technologies transform business engagement. At the intersection of social business, cloud, mobile and customer transformation.
I help business understand how the intersection of the mega-trends of cloud computing, social enterprise, mobile, and collaborative commerce are going to change their world, and how to get ahead of the curve. I help Enterprise IT do the same.

By "help" I mean not only understanding and strategy, but the implications for competition, products, margins, value, brand, customer engagement, culture, organisational structure, collaboration, agility, risk, governance, IT, digital marketing and inbound sales - to know what to let go and how to get with the flow. Call it business reinvention if you will.

Actionable strategy is my thing - I've taken many to the market - feet to the fire, nose to the grindstone, the hard yards, and then when it's working it needs someone other than me. If you need to understand how the mega-trends will drive outcomes which will reshape your business, or just your IT investment, and how to capitalise on them, then give me a call.

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  • University of New South Wales
    Mathematical Statistics, 1966 - 1969
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Good service bad food. Both of us ordered T-Bone medium rare. What we got was two thin well done pieces of cardboard. Would not here again, staff were very friendly. I read their website "best Italian food in Melbourne" I think that has to be some sort of joke, or delusion.
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Good atmosphere great coffee imaginative menu but not stupid creative nice corner friendly staff breakfast here for sure.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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We always looked forward to takeaway or eat-in from Fazios. And the eat-in was better because things were more crisp and hot. Not any more. Seems to have changed hands. Forget the crisp base of the pizza that's now soggy even in the shop. Forget the crunchy prawns on the Bari pizza they've lost their freshness and their flavour especially the garlic. Forget the super hot crisp deep fried edge on the Italian Rosemary potatoes, they've gone the way of McCains with nothing distinguishing. And don't ask for the Whitebait - the waitress looked at us as if we were from outer space. We had to eventually point to the item on the menu! Pity, lost its way and it's now another average pizza place.
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