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Walk In Beauty Thai Spa and Salon

Traditionally the Thai massage has always been a dry massage. The focus of this massage is to target the crucial pressure points in the human body without lubricating. This massage is said to be therapeutic and infused with healing qualities. The Thai massage was made popular as a fusion of Indian and Thai massage techniques. Despite the gradual evolution of the technique, the original Thai massage still retains its authenticity as a dry massage and is still practised in the same age old manner.
60 mins - 1199 INR ( 50% Discounted Special offer )
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Thai Massage
We at Walk In Beauty take great pride in our Thai massages; primarily because they truly are one of a kind. We make no compromise on quality. We use special oils and products imported directly from Thailand. The various Thai massages on offer at our Spa are the following:

Thai Dry Massage
Thai Oil MassageĀ 
Royal Thai Signature Oil Massage
Thai Body Shine
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