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       Being charged with DUI or DWI and treated like a criminal can be a scary, embarrassing and difficult situation. You need an attorney who can explain what is happening and treat you like a person rather than just a case file. Besides guiding you through the criminal justice system and defending your rights Christopher Yotz will take the time to discuss your case with you so that you understand what is happening.
       If you or someone you know has been arrested for DUI or DWI in Kansas City or anywhere in the metro area contact Christopher Yotz at (816) 822-3625.
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Mr Yotz represented me on my DUI and did a fantastic job. I felt secure with Mr. Yotz representing me and the outcome was way better than I expected. I would recommend him to anyone.
Daniel OBrien
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Please drive safe.
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Driver’s license hearings in a Kansas City DWI case

Written by: Christopher Yotz 

            If you are charged with Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs in Kansas City, Missouri or any of the jurisdictions in Missouri and Kansas your driving privileges could be automatically suspended. You should hire an experienced DUI-DWI lawyer quickly after being arrested in order to properly contest this suspension. In Missouri you have 15 days to request a hearing on the suspension if you voluntarily gave a breath or blood sample. You have 30 days to file for a hearing if the officer claims that you refused to give a valid sample after it being requested. In either case, you only have a 15 day temporary permit to drive from the date of the arrest (assuming you are otherwise eligible to drive). You should hire an attorney well within that 15 day period regardless whether the state claims you gave a valid sample or not.

            When contesting the automatic suspension of your driving privileges the state only has to prove that there was a reasonable basis for your arrest (similar to probable cause) and that either you tested over .08% BAC (unless you were under age or had a CDL at the time) or that you refused to give a valid sample.

            The state has to show that there was probable cause for your arrest. They may not have to show that there was a valid reason for the initial traffic stop or that you were specifically arrested for DWI. If the initial traffic stop is determined to have been invalid in the criminal court this does not in itself invalidate your ultimate arrest. Also, if the officer has a valid reason to arrest you for another charge such as Driving While Suspended they can determine probable cause for Driving While Intoxicated later and it can still be used in the administrative suspension.

            If the state claims that you tested over .08% BAC then you have the chance to fight the level and maybe the timing of the breath sample. The allegedly scientific ways used to determine blood alcohol content are not perfect. An experienced DWI lawyer can accurately assess the evidence against you and properly counsel you on whether the BAC result can be effectively defended and how that may occur.

            The state may claim that you refused to give a valid breath or blood sample. If this is the case you must make every attempt to defend this claim or your driver’s license could be suspended for a year in Missouri.

            Regardless whether the state claims you gave a valid sample over .08% BAC or refused, you should hire an experienced DWI attorney quickly. Only an experienced attorney can provide you with the best possible defense to help protect your ability to drive. Contact attorney Christopher Yotz to help protect your ability to drive.
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General Kansas City DUI information from a Kansas City DUI lawyer
Written by: Christopher Yotz 
            If you are charged with DUI in Kansas City or anywhere in the metro area of Missouri or Kansas you need to hire an experienced DUI attorney to protect your rights. Attorney Chris Yotz has 14 years experience as a criminal defense attorney and has helped many people just like you who were accused of Driving While Intoxicated. He will extensively investigate the case against you while keeping you fully informed and engaged in the often confusing situation you are involved in.
            When you are charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DUI or DUI) there are two cases occurring simultaneously. They are the criminal case in the city or county court and the administrative case regarding your driving privileges. The attorney will pursue a vigorous defense of your rights in both cases.
            A DUI conviction can carry very serious consequences. The criminal charges against you could result in jail time, probation, expensive fines and post-conviction requirements that can prove both costly and difficult. Such a conviction could detrimentally affect your professional or private life. A criminal conviction for DUI/DUI can also result in additional license suspensions. An experienced Kansas City DUI attorney can help guide you through this process while protecting your rights.
            When charged with a DUI you must contest the administrative license suspension or you could lose the ability to fight a suspension of your license. If you voluntarily provided a valid breath or blood sample and it tested over .08% (unless you are under age or have a CDL license) you have 15 days to file for an administrative hearing to contest the suspension. If the officer claims that you refused to give a valid sample (whether they got a sample from you involuntarily or not) you have 30 days to file a civil suit to contest the refusal suspension. It can be very difficult to contest either type of administrative suspension and you should hire an experienced DUI attorney to help you.
            If you have more prior convictions or deferred prosecutions for alcohol related offenses, including DUI charges in other states, you could be facing mandatory minimum jail sentences depending upon the number of prior offenses. Even properly completed deferred prosecutions could be used against you on the current case. The prosecutor may have to prove these prior offenses occurred and should be counted against you. An experienced DUI lawyer may be able to contest whether any prior offenses can be used against you.
            The prosecutor in the criminal case and the hearing officer for the Department of Revenue in the administrative case must both show that there was probable cause to arrest you for DUI in Missouri. One of the common pieces of evidence used for this purpose is the result of Standardized Field Sobriety testing that police officers are often trained to use. These tests are allegedly based upon scientific studies and are (perhaps intentionally) difficult to contest. Attorney Chris Yotz is trained and certified in DUI Detection and the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing using the same manuals and techniques as the police officers. He can accurately assess the validity of the officer’s use and “grading” of the tests and help you fight inaccurate or improper results.
            A sample of your breath or blood could be used against you in either of the cases we are discussing here. Such tests are not entirely accurate and occasionally give very incorrect results. Attorney Chris Yotz has contested these types of tests over the years and is capable of helping you.
Hire a Kansas City DUI lawyer to help you
            An experienced Kansas City DUI lawyer can properly investigate the case against you and accurately evaluate the evidence. Then the attorney can negotiate the best possible pretrial settlement or plea agreement in your case. Only after this can he properly counsel you so that you fully understand the evidence against you and the ramifications of any plea agreement so that you can make a fully informed decision what path you would like to take in resolving your case. Contact attorney Chris Yotz today to help protect your rights.
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NIce Chris!
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There is a new and temporary issue with the validity of breathalyzer test results in Missouri. If you or anyone you know has received a DUI recently then make sure your attorney knows about this. Or, hire an attorney who knows how to fight breathalyzer results.
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- People who got a DUI anywhere in the state of Missouri from November 2012 to January of 2014 might be off the hook depending on who's interpreting the law. "I cannot use high he...
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kbrock9146's profile photo
a year ago
Mr. Yotz helped me navigate a particularly tricky criminal trial. I appreciated the time he took to help me with my case. He made sure that I understood every step of the proceedings and the resolution. I would definitely recommend Mr. Yotz to anyone seeking representation by a defense attorney. Very professional, thorough and helpful.
Danl Obr I always ien's profile photo
Danl Obr I always ien
2 years ago
I can say without reservation that Chris Yotz is one of the best, if not THE best D.U.I attorney in the entire area. This is a bold statement and it comes not only from my experiance with him, but from the knowledge of many others that he has helped with better than could be expected outcomes from dui and dwi cases. From the first converstation I had with Mr Yotz, to the extreemly favorable end, Mr. Yotz went above and beyond to convey his mastery of this area of the law to me. I knew right away that he knew what he was talking about and I felt extreemly confident that I chose the right attorney to represent me. I had not just one, but 2 dui cases that had special circumstances that could have been extreemly unfavorable for me. Through the entire process Mr. Yotz was there to help me through all the fear and unrest and through his help, everything turned out WAY BETTER than I coul have ever hoped for. If you have a dui or a dwi, you need to speak with Chris Yotz.
• • •
caleb walker's profile photo
caleb walker
2 years ago
One of the best DWI and criminal defense attorney in KC. First of all, I hate writing reviews and I’m that guy on EBAY that doesn't leave feedback. With that being said, I work in the medical field and my whole career was quickly circling the drain because of an arrest and charges that were set against me. Christopher Yotz got me the best possible outcome for my case and now I can continue with my medical career. If you’re worried about losing your job or career HIRE Christopher Yotz, you won’t be disappointed.
• • •
Thomas Lityma's profile photo
Thomas Lityma
2 years ago
One of the best lawyers in Kansas City.. Very dependable and professional.