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The simple and free waitlisting app
The simple and free waitlisting app

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Are customers nagging you about what your current wait time is?

Get them off your back and show your waitlist on a big screen for everyone to see as they enter your premises. Like a boss!

Our blog post explains how to set it up in a few simple steps.

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Holiday season means food, family, fir trees... and some uninterrupted coding time!

So to that end, we just launched 5 merry new Waitwhile features!
1. Get a text when someone is added to your waitlist
2. Spruce up your waitlist with calendar dates and checkboxes
3. See if your SMS got delivered
4. Quick-sort your waitlist
5. Add your opening hours!

More on the blog:

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One of the best things with using Waitwhile to manage your customer queue is that it lets your customers roam freely while they're waiting. When it's their turn, you'll simply send them a notification alerting them to head back!

Waitwhile supports powerful SMS and Email capabilities with personalized and automated ways to keep your customer informed.

In this blog post we'll explain how you can take full advantage of this and make your customers ❤️ you!

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Waitwhile makes it easy for customers to check themselves into your waitlist when arriving at your business. This can replace the need to have a dedicated host and save you a lot of money!

Learn how to create your very own Check-In Kiosk on an iPad in less than 5 min and awe everyone! 🙌

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The only thing you probably care about when on a waitlist is:
(1) your place in line and (2) how much longer you have to wait for that brunch.

With that in mind, we made our guest experience much more focused on these two things and got rid of the other crap!

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We've been crunching out features for without stopping to share, teach (and occasionally breath).

So here's our new tutorial video. It's just 5 min and it teaches you the ins and out of how to use the world's smartest waitlist! 🎥

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We're pretty pumped that helped the good people at +Tribeca Film Festival manage their packed Storyscapes lines! ♥

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Ever felt that 1 waitlist just isn't enough for you? Well, friend, we got some good news for you.

Starting this week, now supports multiple waitlists so you can have dozens of waitlists for every possible situation.

Have a chain of restaurants and want a waitlist for each location? Done. Running events and want a different waitlist for every happening? Double done!

Just go to the Waitlist panel, create a new waitlist in seconds and experience how easy it is to toggle between your lists (it's awesome).

Check out the "how-to" animation below and get the full scoop on our blog:
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The wonderful +Google Small Business team is covering today on their "Five to Nine" series. Check it out!
Today we're launching "The Five to Nine", a series of inspiring stories from #smallbiz owners with day jobs. For our first installment, we're highlighting +Waitwhile, a mobile app designed to create a better waitlist experience created by Christoffer Klemming, a product marketing manager by day. Check out the article here:  


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"Waitwhile Chris" was Interviewed by Japanese start-up podcast Silicone Valley Freerider this weekend to talk about his favorite topic: waitlists.

Kind of weird.
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