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OK, who here is a Pinterest Expert?

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Cheap Website Design (my 2¢)

Why Cheap Is (well…) Cheap And Frugal Is Smarter

When someone asks me for a cheap website design, I know what they really are looking for is a web design that won’t flatten their wallet.  But be aware of “cheap” offers. A cheap website design can be unoriginal, flat and uninspiring. Not to mention ignored by Google and the other major search engines. Ouch!

On the other hand, a smart website designer will take advantage of your niche and pull in elements that will help to differentiate your site from any competition (no matter how broad a topic!) - while sprinkling SEO for the search engines in a very sophisticated path.

And the truth is that you can have your cake and eat it too! It shouldn’t cost more to have a great website than a mediocre one. 

Signs Your Site Needs a Redesign

• If your analytics chart is spiraling in a downward trend, and has been dipping for several months.
• The most recent Facebook like was from your Mother.
• You haven’t earned much from your efforts.

Let’s face it, your website should earn way more than it’s keep (domain renewals, hosting, email lists, etc.) and most important - your time. If you were paying yourself by the hour, what would your wages be?

Simple Changes Anyone Can Do

If your home page is crammed with everything but the kitchen sink above the fold it’s time to add in some breathing room - or risk confusing your site visitors.

Take a look at the site’s color palette. Does it match the message? You may think it does, but recently I was reviewing a dating site for men that was really “girlie” and the site owner didn’t realize how off-putting that could be to her target audience. 

Speaking of target audience, do you know exactly who your site is written for like your back-door neighbor? I always advise reviewing the targeted visitor each and every year, because styles and mindsets go out of date faster than dance moves.

If Someone Else Built Your Site

It happens more often than you’d think. You pay someone big bucks to create a website for you and while at the time it looks OK, you aren’t really happy with it. But you think that if you give it time, it will grow on you (after all your webmaster should know best, right?). 

The truth is that it bugs you even to this day.

Or perhaps your site was put together by a well meaning friend or relative, and you don’t want to offend them. This can be a real dilemma, but remember, it’s your business not theirs.

It couldn’t hurt to have a set of expert eyes on your website, just to verify your thoughts and maybe give you some free advice on steps you can take to make your site more “visitor friendly”. After all “visitor friendly” typically leads to more money in your pocket at the end of the day!

I offer complimentary consulting, so you know upfront if your site is on target to reach your goals, needs a small boost or perhaps a facelift. Why? Because I love the web and strive to make it a more responsive, credible place for us all.

Let’s Talk Soon!

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Add This has connection buttons to 291 different social media platforms.

Who can name them all? OK, who can name 10?

What's working for you may not be where your audience is. While listening to a recent podcast on 
The answer was surpassingly clear... 

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Mac users, anyone?

Lately my "older" MBPro has been running slow, and the Genius Bar is no longer an option (so when did they stop seeing us oldies anyway?).

Taking matters into my own hands, I found this informative 2 min YouTube on how to "fix" your slow running Macs by yourself! 

So Genius Bar staff, I will miss you :-)

See this video on how to fix your slow running Mac:

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Buzzwords - Do You Use Them? Are They Effective In Getting Your Message Across?

As I sat down at my laptop this morning to write an article for my site, I reviewed my list of focused keywords — just like any good web business owner should do, right?

But then, I saw it. It just jumped out at me.

So many of the current, up-to-date keywords were nothing more than buzzwords. Has this happened to you?

I’m talking about the use of:

pushing the envelope
outside of the box
I’m wondering how much copywriting talent gets lost trying to impress your audience with the latest shiny new object, when a more traditional and time honored approach would be longer lasting, and obviously more profitable!

Take for instance the word guru, or even advisor.

Many online writers use either of those words in an attempt to make an impression. I'm forward thinking to how will their articles read a year from now, 5 years from now?

If you follow any of the real "gurus" online, you'll notice (if you pay attention) that these experts don’t resort to weaving in common, over-used buzzwords, because the information they share is as relevant to day as it was last month and will be tomorrow.

The honest truth (is that a buzzword?) is that marketing hasn’t changed at all — what has changed is the way people approach it.

Back in the ‘60s all the rage was anything that used the buzzword "modern". I ask you, what does modern conjure up for you today? Even Disneyland’s Tomorrow Land is really “yesterday land”.

You see, it’s just hard to keep up with the latest shiny ball.

I’m all for keep it real marketing!

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It's time for SBI!'s biggest discount of the year!

We really didn't think SBI! was going to have a special this year, in light of all the great new tools that have been added recently.

But then, SBI! has never been one to dissappoint! 

<iframe style='width:420px;height:315px;' src='' frameborder='no'></iframe>

If you are a Facebook user, take note that FB is changing up their privacy policy on Jan. 01, 2015 (soon!).

Is there reason for concern here?

From Zero To Hero - Locally

My clients often ask what the best way is to reach new, potential customers for their local business, and so I though I’d share what I have seen as a best practice for anyone who wants to grow their business, but doesn’t want or need a full website or blog.

The days are past when a local service business can advertise in the Yellow Pages and attract new business. The good news is that we have evolved to a web-based society who use our smartphones, iPads and other devices in quick order to find a service — that may very well end up being be right down the street.

You see, there is a definite shift that is defining how people search for solutions and more importantly, who they choose to do business with. 

When someone looks for a business or service, they start online. I bet you do the same, even when you need a service that could be viewed as global in nature (video editing, white paper writers, etc.), 

Since we all like to do business with people that are in close proximity to us, we often make decisions on who to contact based on location. This holds true even if the work to be performed can be delivered by email or an online dropbox service. 

There appears to be a more personal connection to people in our own area. (Note the use of “appears” :-)

Copywriters And Other Service Providers Really Don't Need Paid Advertising

One of the best free options I recommend is to set up a Google Plus account (G+). If you are using Gmail, it’s already built in for you, all you need to do is activate it.

By creating a G+ page for your business, you have great potential for reaching prospective customers right where they begin their search — on their smartphone. 

Because G+ is a Google service, you can typically see your efforts result in a top listing for your business, locally. And your time spent on G+ will pay off in spades over other forms of social media.

It’s typical for a businesses have a FaceBook page. But like the Yellow Pages, those days are numbered (sorry, FaceBook!).

You see, in recent years, FaceBook has taken to censoring much of what our followers see, resulting in not much ROI for your time spent there.

The Benefits For Your Business

Reach more searchers who may use alternate devices on Google.
You can accept reviews and testimonies.
Others can upload videos and photos that can enhance your business for you.

Starting Simple - Starting Smart

When you get started with G+ you can upload an image (think book cover) of your business, a happy customer or YOU. It’s your choice!

Remember to add the basic information that your potential customer needs to know to do business with you, such as address (if you have a business address), phone number to reach you at and maybe your business open hours. Be sure to include any information that would help your prospect in making the decision to work with you. 

Google Plus includes a profile section, and this is the place to toot your own horn (tastefully of course), and advertise yourself to your new customer. 

Bottom line, there is no need to feel overwhelmed, there are plenty of us to whom you can turn to for help. The most important part is to get started — because your competition is growing everyday. 

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An interesting video from Google Webmaster Help brings to light some metrics that many of us hadn't thought about.

For one, Google prefers that we choose one way of presenting our site URL over another.

Let me explain a bit more... within Google Webmaster Tools you are asked to choose whether you prefer to use the www version or non-www version of your site, and then redirect the other (not chosen version) with a 301 redirect.

This seems fairly complicated, however rest assured that if you use SBI! to build and host your web business, SBI! has taken care of all those pesky techie tasks for you.

Here's the brief video from Google explaining this in simple terms we can all understand...

If you don't care to mess with these techie items as they come down the pipeline, I might suggest that you transfer your domain to SBI!, or at least check out what you could be missing out on...

Sometimes we just need to step back and try another approach, or possibly try something new altogether!

I was reminded of this while reading this insight from Pres. Roosevelt....

"It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something."
Franklin D. Roosevelt
32nd president of US (1882 - 1945)

I know it's sometimes hard to reverse directions, especially when you have put a lot of thought into a project. But... some projects are simply designed to fail, so we can grow and learn from them.

Who's ready to grow in a new direction... If you are feeling nervous, that's only natural. It's better to have a sense of uneasiness and then blossom into what you were really meant to do, than to stay on the same 'ol treadmill doing the same 'ol thing day after day without seeing results from your efforts.
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