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Wagner Match Corporation
Promotional Products Supplier - High Quality Matchbooks and Matchboxes
Promotional Products Supplier - High Quality Matchbooks and Matchboxes
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Matchbooks are a great promotional item that many businesses decide to add to their corporate gift giving!!!

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The Perfect Giveaway for the Holidays

The happiest time of the year is fast approaching. Naturally, business owners like you start thinking of what to gift your valuable customers with. Of course, you can give away shirts, mugs and similar promotional items. But considering the number of customers you have, not to mention family and friends, your holiday budget may not be enough.

So why not give them something that's equally useful, beautiful and economical enough to fit in your budget?
How about personalized book matches? Read More….

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10 Reasons Why Custom Matchbooks Are Fitting Promotional Gifts for the Holidays

It’s October! The end of year is coming which means that the season of giving and sharing is fast approaching. Here are 10 reasons why you should thank your clients with custom matchbooks or color book matches.

1. It is fit for the holidays! The holidays are a season filled with sparkling and shimmering lights. Like Christmas, book matches give spark to your clients.

2. They are useful and helpful. Studies have shown Read More…

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How Book Matches Generate Repeat Business
Nothing assures the profitability of any business than repeat customers. They are the lifeline of any industry. But with so many businesses today, each sporting the most brilliant of marketing strategies, how can your small company stand out and win the hearts of these customers?
The Role of Custom Book Matches in Generating Repeat Business
Do you think that promotional products like personalized book matches are outdated? Do you think that people no longer pay attention to these items? Read More…

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Custom Book Matches: Repeat Business Generators
Ask any finance expert and he'll probably say that one of the best ways to generate repeat business is to give away promotional items like custom book matches. They're handy, economical and effective. But how can these products encourage customers to do business with you on a regular basis?
The Power of Promotional Materials
Promotional items can generate repeat business by: Read More…

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Are Personalized Book Matches Still Relevant Today?
Casinos. Bars. Restaurants.  These are just some of the places where you can find personalized book matches. Who uses them? Tourists, night owls, business owners, men, women - almost everybody.
Why are these custom book matches still being used despite of the proliferation of other promotional materials that double as lighting tools like mini flashlights and lighters?
The answer is plain and simple. Anything that makes fire and light is useful to man. We reach out for the first thing that can light a candle when the power suddenly goes out during a stormy evening or to light a candle for someone’s birthday. Read More….

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Boost Your Sales Using Custom Coasters at Your Restaurant
Using a resource that can have such a powerful impact as coasters logoed with a message can really be an inexpensive way of boosting your sales. You may want to have several different coasters made that depict the different types of beverages that you offer or promotions you are offering.
By having these drink coasters logoed with the best of your wine selection for example, you are immediately promoting this. Read More….

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Top 5 Reasons Why Book Matches are Good Promotional Items
Have you been to a popular business’ product launch recently? If you have, chances are, you were given a couple of custom book matches. But what’s with these tiny souvenirs that make them appealing to business owners? Here are five reasons why:
They are cheap. Yes, they are. You can buy them at low, low prices either online or offline. Make a bulk purchase and you’ll get even more discounts.
They are useful. Studies show that everyday items like book matches, coasters, shirts and so on still top the list of desirable promotional items. Read More….

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Key Advantages of Promotional Products for Branding
The use of promotional products for branding can help your brand be seen, be noticed, and be remembered. Even something so small can command the attention of customers, even more so if it’s something that they can actually use and keep.
With promotional items, we’re not just talking about a one-time promotion. More often than not, customers would unconsciously keep these items on their person or even lying around the house. They might wonder how they still suddenly have it even after a long time, but just that recollection can translate to online or foot traffic and revenue.  Read More….

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How Far Can Promotional Materials Go After Distribution?

With millions of products all vying for that valuable customer attention, entrepreneurs like you sometimes wonder why some businesses make it big while others barely make it to their third anniversary.
If you want to make a longer-lasting impression and reach a wider range of new and prospective clients, then you have to look closely at your marketing strategies. Have you been exerting a lot of effort on maintaining a good online presence? If you answered yes, then that’s a great step in the right direction. The World Wide Web is a good avenue for making consumers aware that you exist. Have you invested in promotional items that you can give away on new product launches, holidays or similar events? If you answered no, then it’s about time to rethink your strategies. Why?
Statistics show that including a promotional product or two in a company’s media mix increased customer awareness for their brand by almost 70% while 84% had a good impression towards their product.
But why invest cash on promotional products Read More….
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