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#UPS #beyondfrustrated #upsdoesntdeliver

What can Brown do for you? Apparently, nothing!

You know....I understand we had a massive snow issue here recently. I also know it's melting and the roads are cleared.
Due to this, I also understand UPS is backed up with deliveries. Now, we won't talk about the fact that the USPS and FedEx (after a short delay) has managed to deliver stuff. UPS has now, 4 times, marked items as "out for delivery" only to pull it back (sometimes as late as 9pm) due to "adverse conditions".
Oh. That's right. The adverse conditions are that you can't be bothered to bring in extra help to get all the back log taken care of? Great. I'll just sit and watch my stuff get pushed further back and not get the call I was promised. It's all good. 

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Big props to local USPS. They are trudging through and delivering mail today in Ashburn, VA! #USPS

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As Toby says.... Whoa! 

Happy Birthday, +William Smith​ !

I know it won't last but all the windows are open in the house today and its glorius! Please, let the humidity stay away :D

OK #amazon Amazon Underground? A butt-load of "free" apps that have large in-app purchases? You mean I don't have to buy them?

This could be a really cool thing. I already downloaded 3 games. Unlimited lives,etc. Constant play...

Saw the thing for it on the main page.

So, my fitbit charge is having issues. The band is starting to come apart. Interwebs search shows this is quite a problem.
Item was ordered directly from them in December 2014. Emailed them, get a response within 15 mintues "Are you still at this address? We'd like to send out a replacement". Didn't even ask for pictures or anything.
Give them updated information, get email that order has been placed and another email from them telling me to just recycle the original one.

While the situation is not good and hopefully has been fixed now, I'm impressed with how #fitbit responded to the situation.

#tforce Does it have to be this difficult to verify employment for the corporate discount? We've requested the "email" many times and for some reason it's not coming through. There is apparently no other way aside from having HR (really? I'm sure my Amazon HR partner has nothing better to do than to try and wade through a phone tree to verify employment with someone who probably has no idea what they are calling about)

+T-Mobile​ Any easier way to do this?

Free same day delivery. This is..... Awesome! #amazonprime rocks my world yet again! 

#ashleyfurniturehomestore    We are beyond upset with them.

 Original order in May, pushed delivery out because the table was back ordered. Delivery date arrives, no table, its still back-ordered though no one told us. The couch couldn't be brought in (not their fault) so just the chairs were delivered.
 Fast forward a week, we go to Ashley and pick out a new couch, more expensive since we needed to be able to take it apart to get it into the apartment. Push out delivery another week due to scheduling for us and back order for the couch.
 Fast forward to yesterday (day before delivery). Call from Ashley, confirm delivery for today, no mention of anything not being delivered.  Delivery window confirmed for 12 to 3pm (never mind it mostly blows the day). Go out to breakfast ( LOVE The Original Pancake House !), get a phone call...."oh yeah, the couch is still not in so it can't be delivered today, first available time would be Wednesday". OK, that won't work, lets go for next Saturday. "We show nothing available for Saturday but I'll put it in for Friday and keep checking". Yeah, Friday will NOT way, no how. But, please deliver the table as planned today.
 So, we decide to call and cancel the couch. Screw this, I'm tired of the run around. 15 mins on hold get a nice person and request the cancel. Cool.
 Keeping in mind the start of the delivery window is 12pm, at 1125 am we get another call from them...wait for it...."the table is damaged and can't be delivered today" Uhm...ok...yeah, thanks for the info.
 Another call to Ashley CS to request the table be cancelled as well. I'm done with this. Apparently, I'm not important enough to them to 1) let me know when things change 2) attempt to accommodate me when they make mistakes.

 We will see what happens with the refund for the table and the couch since its beyond the 48 hour period. It will not be in their best interests to mess this part up. Amex loves me and I'm sure they will be glad to get this resolved for me.
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