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I've been posting this on the Arch Linux group for a while, but as the wiki and google before them, they've failed me, hope I have better luck here…
So, apparently infinality is gone, so I uninstalled all the packages but I'm no longer able to use the terminus font (even when reinstalling the official arch repo version) in just about anything.
Plus, I still can't find a way to disable alt+arrow vt-switch…
Any help would be really appreciated!

So, apparently infinality is gone, so I uninstalled all the packages but I'm no longer able to use the terminus font (even when reinstalling the official arch repo version) in just about anything.
Plus, I still can't find a way to disable alt+arrow vt-switch…
Any help would be really appreciated!

For a long time I used "dumpkeys | grep -v cr_Console | loadkeys" to disable alt+arrow tty switching.
But after the latest system update, this functionality broke, and even running "dumpkeys | loadkeys" doesn't work and errors out with:
"adding map 3 violates explicit keymaps line"
Can't figure out how to fix this, any idea on what to do?


I've encountered an odd issue, no matter how (or through what) I'm connecting to the internet on my laptop, I can't ping and SSH (timeouts) but I can perfectly browse the web through Firefox, w3m and lynx, also Pacman and Yaourt still work fine…
Did try to lookup the issue online, but found nothing to solve it, any thoughts on why this is happening?

I've been using Android since the days of the Galaxy Nexus, and since I'm a GNU/Linux user, Android (especially on Nexii) is really easily tweakable, making it suck the least when it comes to smartphones (not bashing Android, but the whole concept of smartphones, anyway I digress…).
My question is simple, since my Nexus 5 seems to be almost on it's last breath, is the Nexus 5X a good replacement? And when will the next Nexus be released? (i.e. the Nexus 5X won't become obsolete quickly, right?)

I need some help/advice here as everyone's reaction on reddit (r/synthesizers) and response has been:"Hurr Durr, monosynths suck, get a polysynth, analog sux, digitaaaal 4 lyfe".

And honestly they're extremely biased towards certain brands and models, so I come here seeking genuine advice.

I've been a guitarist for about a decade now and I play electric and classic guitar, I also sing.
I mostly play Blues Rock and Psychedelic Rock, the latter of which drive me to want to get a synth…

I'm set on getting an ANALOG synth (and don't want any preaching on digital, I've made my mind).
I also may have a chance of snagging a free Organ, so polyphony isn't essential.
I need something with a sequencer and keyboard built-in.

So far I've narrowed my options to these:
-Arturia Microbrute
-Korg Minilogoue

I'm leaning towards the Microbrute for it's smaller size, battery operation, simplicity, knob-per-function and LACK of patch memory (I hate dealing with the controls having different values in the system than what their positions suggest, obviously, I'd be loosing the extra voices of the Minolilogue by going with the Microbrute, but I'll probably have a chance to get a second-hand Organ, so that sorts out my polyphony, in addition to the fact that I'll be mainly using the synth for bass lines and maybe some leads.

So, is my choice a sound one? Especially taking into consideration that I'm a uni student, and my budget is tight…

Google search failed me, hence why I come here with this question:
What is the simplest way to compress all audio outputs where I can still tweak the compression parameters on-the-fly?
Note that I want something that doesn't require PulseAudio, as it screws up my system however I try to set it up.

First off, I hope this isn't too off-topic to post here.

This week my dad had an HDD that started to go "click-click-click" in his laptop and then went dead, luckly he had backed-up most of the important data, so getting back to work wasn't too hard.

Which made me realize that I need a proper backup setup which includes my main work machine, server and laptop (all running on Arch BTW).
I had setup some basic drive mirroring on the server a few months ago, but the other machines have nothing.

So I want a backup solution that is mostly for easy restoration in case of catastrophic failure, so basically in case a disk commits suicide I can easily copy the data to a new disk, plug it in, change the fstab and carry on as if nothing happened.

I thought about two options:
1- Adding extra drives to mirror the existing ones in the two PCs, but that'd leave the laptops without a planned backup solution.
2- Get a central NAS system with an internal RAID setup.

Obviously the second option is more flexible and organized better, but costs more.

Also, do you think it's viable to manually build this NAS and run it on Arch?


So, I have a problem with alsamixer, I can only adjust the "Headphones" output, but the "PCM" and "Master" outputs have just disappeared.

Also when I set the "Analog Output" option to "Multichannel" instead of "Stereo Headphones"/"Stereo Headphones FP", I have no way to adjust the volume, it can just be done through moving the hardware sliders/pots.

I've already went though the troubleshooting page on the wiki and some Arch Forum posts to no avail, any ideas?

I tried reinstalling alsa-utils and also resetting the config (removed all config files/changes to bundled ones), I even did an "alsactl init" all to no avail, and oddly enough I still have the extra (nonfunctional) channels I added earlier today to the .asoundrc file which was deleted, so, basically I'm at a loss here…

Is true bypass way too over hyped? Am I losing anything noticeable in such a setup:

Gibson SG
Dunlop FFM1 Silicon Fuzz Face (True Bypass)
EQD Tentacle (True Bypass)
Dunlop GCB95 CryBaby Wah (Shitty-ish Bypass)
Boss OS-2 (Buffered Bypass)
Boss HM-2 (Buffered Bypass)
MXR M68 Uni-Vibe (Hardwire Bypass)
Amp Input
(Buffered) FX loop send
Boss PH-2 (Buffered Bypass)
MXR M169 Carbon Copy (Hardwire Bypass)
FX loop return

Is it worth it to get a dedicated buffer pedal or two and a true bypass looper? Or just get a small single (external) true bypass switch for the Wah since the Boss pedals are buffered?
FYI, amp is a Marshall Haze 40.
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