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Get A Sneak Peek!
The cat got out of the bag yesterday as someone asked me about a new book I was writing.  I never knew how they guessed!  But either way, I am releasing just a small portion of what I have to my email subscribers.  The book is called The Relationship Manifesto and it will be coming out later this year.

Sign up to read it:

This will share with you everything I have come to know about relationship marketing and how I have been able to get noticed by some of the top influencers in the industry.  The small portion I have chosen speaks to those people that are struggling with being themselves and will give you some tips to help overcome that fight.

Get your sneak peek here!

Hope you enjoy it!

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Well I hope it helps :)
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Wade Harman

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This would be so incredibly awesome --> "Kendall demoed how a grocery delivery service like Instacart or FreshDirect could integrate a deeplinked Buy button into its recipe pins. When clicked, this “Get Ingredients Delivered” button could instantly open a shopping cart in the Instacart app or site filled with every one of the recipe’s ingredients. With a single tap, you could buy all the ingredients at once, have them delivered, and start cooking what you discovered on Pinterest 45 minutes later."


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میرے پیارے دوست ہم کوئی کمپیوٹر ماسٹر نہیں ہم صرف لکھنے کی حد تک ہیں ہم نہیں جانتے اس کی باریکیاں کیا ہیں اور ان سے مجھے کوئی کام بھی نہیں ہم تو صرف اللہ ایک ہے کی دعوت دیتے ہیں اسی کے کرنے سب ہوتا ہے جو اللہ کے بتائے ہوئے راستے پہ چلا اس نے سب پا لیا  ؟ 
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Wade Harman

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Dan Henderson returns this Saturday at UFC NOLA!
Best Hendo moment! Go!
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Wade Harman

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Branding Strategies
Today's pick comes from +B2C blog and it talks about building a powerful branding strategy on social media as your weapon to success.  Take a look at how you can use this to your advantage.

Image source Marketing without branding is like fishing without a hook. You’ll be distributing your message, sure. You may see results in the forms of sales closed and new customers. But is there e…
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Great article -Lara 
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Wade Harman

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Virtual Bloggers Conference
This session is going to be loads of fun, along with +Mike Allton and +Bess Auer, we'll be talking about how bloggers can build an engaging audience!  Looking forward to it, reserve your spot today!

h/t +Mike Allton & +Chef Dennis Littley 

Engaging with your audience is not always as easy as it sounds.  Not to mention engaging virtually online is much different than engaging In Real Life.

+Bess Auer Founder of GottaGetBlogging, the community for bloggers by bloggers benefiting bloggers. Host of @FLBlogCon. Digital media manager at @FlaSwimNetwork. Former technology teacher - 4th generation of my family to live in Florida.

+Mike Allton Chief Marketing Officer for SiteSell, where entrepreneurs and bloggers get their online businesses started, Blogger and Author.

+Wade Harman Social Media marketing blogger, Psychologist, Relationship Marketing Consultant, YouTube Show Host and Producer.

Saturday June 13th @
11 am PT/ 12 pm MT/ 1 pm CT /2 pm ET / 7 pm UK

If you miss the live event watch it at your convenience on YouTube   Subscribe so you don't miss any of the content!

#VBlogCon15   #askchefdennis   #SEO  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Mike Allton. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Engaging with Your Audience Online and IRL - Third Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference
Sat, June 13, 2:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Wade Harman

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Site check
I need your help, let me know if you see anything that is not supposed to be there (other than the article you smart alecks).  We've been transferring the site today and have been staring at the blog for awhile on mobile to see if I've missed anything.  Your help is appreciated.
The Coal Miner's guide to authenticity on social media & why you shouldn't allow your marketing to fall into this trap.
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Jag vill vara med i din web seminarium blogg 17/6:)
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Wade Harman

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Hope everyone had a great weekend! Here's to a great week coming up.

See you tomorrow!

h/t +Al Remetch​​
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Wade Harman

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The owls are waking up now...I'm going the other way though. Sites up and running well thanks to the help of +Jason Mathes​. I recommend this guy's yearly maintenance fee, worth it!

See you tomorrow!
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Love owls!
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Wade Harman

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Getting People To Remember You & Your Blog
This weeks show is a special show for me because I'll be talking to +Ileane Smith the first blogger to ever give me the time of day, to talk about how we can make an impact with other bloggers the way she did with me.

This is a very important aspect in blogging, and getting people to remember you is a key achievement to unlock on your way to success.  I want to discuss how this works and what needs to be done on our end to accomplish it.

Get to know more about Ileane and her site here:


I am currently working on a new book called The Relationship Manifesto that is due out later this year and it will show you how to capture the magic of social media through one simple strategy.  Feel free to get a snippet of the book below!

Get a free sneak peek at the new Relationship Manifesto here:

Head over to the iTunes channel for more great Relationship Marketing shows:

If you have any way engaged with this event I will be putting you in an invitation circle.  If you would like to opt out, please let me know!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Wade Harman. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Getting People To Remember You & Your Blog
Thu, June 4, 5:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Exciting nano-moment to hear you're releasing a new book this year +Wade Harman and perfect timing with getting people to remember me and my blog concept, too.......I do focus on a highly optimized Wordpress blog:  (Personal growth niche...)

:)  :)
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Wade Harman

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How to Grow Your GooglePlus Following #infographic

"Google has begun integrating Google+ posts into search results and with over 500 million active users per month, Google+ is certainly worth prioritizing in your social media marketing efforts. Even if you’re just starting out with GooglePlus, there are many ways you can grow your following rapidly to promote your brand on this network."

The below infographic, created by +Everypost, proposes 14 tips that will help you build your following on the network and get your #socialmedia marketing efforts going!

Some key highlights:

Check the Circles of other brands and influencers:
Use the About section of a person or page to discover lists of people or brands they are following or vice versa.

Consistently share visual content:
Include infographics, photos and videos that are relevant and compelling to improve engagement.

Cross promotion:
Connect your Google+ profile to other social networking sites (like Pinterest) to help move traffic across the web.

See the larger image here

#googleplustips   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips  
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Yes pretty much all of G+ is awesome
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Wade Harman

Shared publicly  - will be down most of the day due to some maintenance to make a better environment for the readers!

We'll try to get this done as quickly as possible!
Thanks for your patience 
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Vi väntar troget!
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Wade Harman

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#StarWars: The voice of Darth Maul describes what it's like working with George Lucas
The voice of Darth Maul, AKA Peter Serafinowicz, gives his thoughts on The Force Awakens and how working with George Lucas was nerve-racking.
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Chief Communications Officer for Weal Media| Social Media Marketing|Blogger Tips|Relationship Marketing
Social media marketing strategist and psychological social media updating researcher. I work full time at blogging so writing is a good skill of mine. I am a professional speaker and author of 4 ebooks that explain the nuances of the social media platform and how to drive traffic. I write about content marketing, social media marketing, and social media psychology, all interesting topics to me and how we can use these in our online businesses to build a marketing strategy. I have a knack for building relationships with people quickly and a love for writing and blogging and helping people.
  • Weal Media Corporation
    Chief Communications Officer, 2014 - present
    The Chief Communications Officer for Weal Media include such responsibilities as management of the Weal Media site through scheduling articles and press releases, organizing duties through assigned abilities of each individual employee of the company. I manage a group of writers that are account managers for our social media clients on all spectrums. Manager of all social media clients and accounts. Scheduling and organizing social media posts for all clients for maximum exposure through time and concept of posting. Provide dependable search engine marketing, online reputation and brand management advice; to technology companies, national corporations, consumer brands, high-profile individuals, regional businesses, government agencies and officials. Manage content marketing for clients and our own blogs at Weal Media taking into consideration of trends online and what people are wanting and needing help with. It is my goal to answer their questions through blog articles that may need written and I take into consideration the content marketing that both client and our own site needs. Oversee all social marketing duties for all of the clients at Weal Media not limited to strategizing a new social marketing campaign. I work closely with brands and business to show them the best way to produce visibility, exposure, and engagement on social media taking into consideration what is best for their product or brand. The Chief Communications Officer is the voice of Weal Media and is assigned to everything media related. Press releases, blog writing, social media marketing plans, scheduling, strategy sessions and other duties that bring Weal Media and our clients to top of mind for any business that needs better visibility on social media or content marketing.
    Blogger, 2013 - present
    Founder and lead social media marketing writer to I built this site to portray the ideas that I have about similar social media marketing on Google Plus etiquette, relationship strategies, visualization marketing, and other social marketing aspects of Google Plus. I am pinpointing building relationships over building links and how this can be used effectively in your online business.
    Blogger, 2012 - 2013
    Founder and lead contributor to Researcher of social media marketing & psychology and how to influence people to drive traffic to their site through various tips that will explain how to get more interaction on your social media posts which in turn lead to more traffic. This site is dedicated to helping people learn more about social media marketing psychology and how it relates to the social media standpoint of how to attract attention online.
  • Jewell Coal and Coke Company, Inc
    Scoop Operator, 2003 - 2012
    Underground coal mining work. I operated a scoop that had no brakes, no lights, and the hydraulics never worked on the boom half the time. I worked in a 40" space for 10 hours a day doing my part to mine coal. This is probably the worst coal mines that someone can go into. Very dangerous. They never heeded to the mining inspectors, naked wires lying around, didn't rock dust half the time, all they wanted us to do was work hard and get the coal out! I was in charge of air stream underground, maintenance of underground vehicles, and maintenance of miner, stopping builder, and just about everything else you can think of.
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Tennessee - Mississippi - Cincinnati
G+ Nerd & Content Fire Marshall
Hey my name is Wade and I'm a full time social media marketing blogger!  I have a Psychology degree and I use it to help people create action from their updates on social media.  I love helping at my website. You can find me at  I will share more of the relationship marketing and Google Plus side of things.

I'm all about building relationships online.  People these days have a twisted sense of how marketing is done and I'm here to set them straight!  Become a Hero to one individual at a time and stop marketing to the masses!  One on one, investment in time and personalize everything you do, and that is going to help you!  I can show you more Relationship Marketing tips through my coaching too. 

My social media marketing blogs are dedicated to helping people succeed with social media through techniques such as creating a social presence, building relationships, and driving traffic!  

I use Psychology to prompt action from the reader and I can help you to do the same.  You see emotion plays a big part in what we see on social media.  Learning how to pull an emotion that creates action out of the reader can be a pretty powerful thing to do! Most of my posts relate to the tips on how to build interaction with your updates on social media and the power of relationships and what you can do to build them on Google Plus.  I also have a weekly Hangout on Air called Relationship Marketing where I have different guests appear each week to show you how to build your marketing from this aspect. Let me show you how this is done to create profits, build readership, and a bigger following online!  I have a coaching program below dedicated around the people following you because people make up your business either online or offline and they are a very important part of your success.

What Types of Circles You Should Put Me In Here:
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Plus Tips
  • Blogging
  • Online Success
What I Normally Share on G+:
  • Tips on Content Marketing
  • Tips on Google Plus
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Blogging Tips
  • Relationship Tips
  • Etiquette measures
  • Funny gifs and images (sometimes)
The Best Tips I Can Give You on Google Plus:
Tips on Relationship Marketing:
Communities I Recommend:
When you join a community it's important not to go in thinking that you're going to spread your site links everywhere.  Google Plus is starting to be a place where people do not tolerate spam.  Go in with the mindset of building relationships and making friends and see where you can help people always.

HOA's I'm Running:

Tips For Google Plus:
You can definitely find some great help for posting to G+ from some of the above members and also in my blog posts, however, just be yourself.  This is not your every day social network, again, don't come in with the idea that you're going to drop your link and leave.  Make friends, be helpful, and remember your manners!
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I used to be a coal miner, and I have a hick accent :)
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