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I'm not sure this is entirely accurate :)
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+Andre Amorim and physics drives Reality ;-)
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Wade Harman

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11 absolute truths of social media marketing via Inc Magazine #ChoiceContent
Break these rules and you could lose followers and credibility and hurt your business.
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You are right about social media. It does change fast.
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Wade Harman

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Nice explanation of Kylo Ren's table of ashes in #StarWars  
It’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray week. With the disc set going on sale Tuesday, Entertainment Weekly is featuring five days of new behind...
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Right on +Shanewall O'connor thanks!
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Wade Harman

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With #SMMW16  around the corner, a lot of people are getting ready to take the stage. Here's some tips for that.

Concrete ways to be a better speaker ... and some great TED Talks, too!
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Wade Harman

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Wow I know a couple of people suffering from this :)
The less people know, the more they think know.

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Sounds more like the Donald trump effect 
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Wade Harman

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Add me over on #Snapchat we're having fun over there! Add wadeharman & I'll see you there!
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Wade Harman

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Ok, let's try this again as the first share I did on this erupted a conversation about transgenders and how I didn't agree with them.

Let's get this straight. I don't agree with it, never have, never will, but I'm not hating on transgenders. It's the men who will take advantage of this opportunity in order to harm women and children that I'm pointing out.

This has never been a conversation about whether transgenders should use the bathroom (lol), but about the sick-oes (And im talking about the straight men) who will prey on the innocent.

Comments have been turned off to guard against people who will turn this into a different conversation.
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Target said Tuesday that transgender customers at its stores are welcome to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity, the latest corporate reaction to a wave …

Wade Harman

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This was fun.
I am still reeling from the excitement of #SMMW16  - thank you +Social Media Examiner 
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It was an action packed, "star-studded" event for me +Nicky Pasquier So glad to have met +Wade Harman #IRL 
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Wade Harman

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Don't have an excuse for why you can't/couldn't do something. Be real to yourself and those around you by being honest. They usually know anyway :)
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BTW, did you stop blogging? It looks like you haven't had a new post since October...
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Wade Harman

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5 tips to make sure you get social media right this year.

h/t +Inc. 

If you want to make more of a social media impact, and connect with more people in the coming year, employ these strategies.
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Very nice!
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Wade Harman

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Come over to SnapChat and let's connect! @wadeharman or you can add me by the snapcode below. What's your SnapChat username? Add it below!
#Snapchatmarketing #snapchat 
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Wade Harman

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I like this one
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I wouldnt
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Hey my name is Wade and I'm a full time social media marketing blogger!  I have a Psychology degree and I use it to help people create action from their updates on social media.  I love helping at my website. You can find me at  I will share more of the relationship marketing and Google Plus side of things.

I'm all about building relationships online.  People these days have a twisted sense of how marketing is done and I'm here to set them straight!  Become a Hero to one individual at a time and stop marketing to the masses!  One on one, investment in time and personalize everything you do, and that is going to help you!  I can show you more Relationship Marketing tips through my coaching too. 

My social media marketing blogs are dedicated to helping people succeed with social media through techniques such as creating a social presence, building relationships, and driving traffic!  

I use Psychology to prompt action from the reader and I can help you to do the same.  You see emotion plays a big part in what we see on social media.  Learning how to pull an emotion that creates action out of the reader can be a pretty powerful thing to do! Most of my posts relate to the tips on how to build interaction with your updates on social media and the power of relationships and what you can do to build them on Google Plus.  I also have a weekly Hangout on Air called Relationship Marketing where I have different guests appear each week to show you how to build your marketing from this aspect. Let me show you how this is done to create profits, build readership, and a bigger following online!  I have a coaching program below dedicated around the people following you because people make up your business either online or offline and they are a very important part of your success.

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When you join a community it's important not to go in thinking that you're going to spread your site links everywhere.  Google Plus is starting to be a place where people do not tolerate spam.  Go in with the mindset of building relationships and making friends and see where you can help people always.

The Podcast:
The Social Brain show is a podcast dedicated to helping you learn social media marketing for your business by using psychological methods through various research and study that I have done online.  These methods work and are very lucrative for your business.

Listen to the podcast here:  The Social Brain Show

Tips For Google Plus:
You can definitely find some great help for posting to G+ from some of the above members and also in my blog posts, however, just be yourself.  This is not your every day social network, again, don't come in with the idea that you're going to drop your link and leave.  Make friends, be helpful, and remember your manners!
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Social media marketing strategist and psychological social media updating researcher. I work full time at blogging so writing is a good skill of mine. I am a professional speaker and author of 4 ebooks that explain the nuances of the social media platform and how to drive traffic. I write about content marketing, social media marketing, and social media psychology, all interesting topics to me and how we can use these in our online businesses to build a marketing strategy. I have a knack for building relationships with people quickly and a love for writing and blogging and helping people.