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Thank you...


On this Memorial Day let us all express our gratitude and pride
For those who have gone to war fought for us and died

Mothers and Fathers who have left their children behind
To go to unfamiliar places to protect the rights of mankind

Bravely going into combat putting their lives in harms way
Fighting so that each of us can enjoy another free day

Men and women fighting for the security for you and me
Marching to war proudly to keep our land the home of the free

For each soldier that has served their country with dedication
Sacrificing their lives for our freedom without hesitation
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Amen to that +Wade Harman 
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Wade Harman

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Happy birthday! See more at

Celebrating 39 years of Jedi, Wookiees and moon-sized space stations. When did you see Star Wars for the first time?
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Congratulations, Frank Oz, for making the best movie series of all time!
Question for the people who +1'd this: Is Frank Oz the diector? Not really sure, but is he?
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Thank you George.
Something special on

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when is his birthday
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Wade Harman

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Catrina Dennis looks back over Chewbacca’s adventures in search of his finest moments. Did yours make the cut?
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Wade Harman

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I thought this was interesting
Are you a Vader or a Maul? Our latest quiz helps you determine your Darth!
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I go with Vader because he is more important in the first 3 movies because he is basically the main character until he had kids and Luke was the main character. And Vader is more fair in fights. 
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Wade Harman

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Conspiracy Theory
Here I go again, I know you Star Wars fans have something to say about this so I wanted to know your thoughts? Watch the video inside this article to get the full effect and then come back and leave your comments.

#StarWars   #JarJarBinksSithLord  
Most of you hard core Star Wars fans already know about the stupidity of a certain Gungan named Jar Jar. But what you may not know is that this could possibly be a plot by Lucas to throw us off the trail of something bigger t...
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i did not know he was a sieth

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Rocking the old look this weekend. The 67 is finished.

And thanks to everyone who had encouraging words for me this past week. Lots of weirdos on the Target post.

Wade Harman

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Loved this one. Check out more at

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Little late, but still...
Over on

#starwars #chewbacca
Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the man who brings our favorite Wookiee co-pilot to life, Peter Mayhew!
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Happy birthday I love when played chew Ba
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Wade Harman

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A major weapons test is imminent. Find out more this July at Star Wars Celebration!
The president of Lucasfilm will be joined by the director of Rogue One for an opening day event at the massive fan gathering this July!
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that is so cool 
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Wade Harman

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May the Fourth be with you

C/o +Mike Allton

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happy star wars day two
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Wade Harman

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Any gamers out there? May want to take a look at this.
#starwars #playstation #xbox
We're not playing games here. Our list of digital #StarWarsDay deals for XBOX, PlayStation and more is now operational.
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