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This is a hellish landscape for mobile designers.
But to understand why, step back in history with me... because I am old and my kids remind me of that fact.

As a website programmer from the 90s, there was a limited number of common screen resolutions you planned for in your web application. So you designed for a single layout that covered them all... and by all I mean 4. #imissyou640x480

Then... mobile hit.

Yes, mobile has been around for a while and terms like "graceful degradation" were frequently floated by upper management who didn't like the way their websites looked when their stupid phones couldn't process CSS or Javascript while surfing a 3 inch screen by flicking their clitorus-like "pearl" mouse ball.

Blackberry phones still make me giggle a little. Thank gawd they didn't dictate the mobile landscape.

Then there was a movement away from the "scrolling is BAD M'KAY" to "SCROLLING GOOD! PARALLAX BETCHES!".

Like a fat man who has found love, "below the fold" was no longer relegated to neglected content, it was merely the beginning of the next chapter of your website's scrolling story.

Then mobile REALLY hit.

Now terms like "mobile first" are tweeted by digital-designer like cats in heat screeching MEOOOOOOOWWWWBLEFRST! into the competitive web-service industry.

Which really means that your website will look like weak broth or a bouillon cube. Content spread too thin or condensed to the point it makes no sense.

This is because many companies flog their websites with so much Bootstrap that it ends up looking like it was tortured and teased apart by a management dominatrix, cat-o-12-tails in hand and no safe word to be uttered.

BAM it's "mobile ready!"

It is a no wonder that study after study generally finds that people prefer apps over "mobilized" websites.

But what about that picture Wade.

Yeah, look at all the boxes.
Imagine if you had to write a 24 page college thesis but it has to be stupid simple and drawn in crayon.

Now image you have to write it so that it works on 300 DIFFERENT sizes of paper.

That is the world of the mobile designer and the reason why a UI/UX mobile designer is a job in itself.

Those who have had to deal with this usually go to their analytics, search on the most popular screen sizes, narrow it down to a half dozen resolutions and work it from that angle. Biggest bang for the buck....until a new screen size falls into popular favor.

That is the boulder the UI/UX Sisyphus constantly pushes up the hill. And for someone who is full stack, it is a challenge to keep up with the boulder being pushed and creating the mountain underneath.

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To avoid this little hack...
1) If you lose your phone, lock it, and breath deep accepting your loss.
2) Don't trust any emails or SMS messages you get regarding your phone.
3) Use this as an opportunity to get the latest iPhone model.
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This is a simple little script that takes form field values and puts them into a coredata table, loads the values and finally deletes them.  

#coredata   #swift   #ios  
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A small challenge that had me exploring the almost mind numbing logic behind not having a "done" or "return" button for a numeric keyboard on the iPhone.

Anyways, the solution is to simply put a tool bar on the keyboard and it is pretty easy.  Here is how it is done along side the textField delegate methods.

Credit to this tutorial as it covers all of this.

#UIToolBar   #UITextField   #UIBarButtonItemStyle   #UITextFieldDelegate   #Swift   #iOS  
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An article that I posted and got picked up and promoted by LinkedIn.
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I am having a strange time with importing fonts from TypeKit.  I put in my kit id and I get a red "x".  Any ideas?

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Just finished my new public profile site.
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I.T. Programmer : Data Architect : iOS Developer : Dad
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