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Nice commute this morning. Cool and sunny. Had a guy in a big black SUV pull up next to me, roll down his window and say, "We see you all the time. Man, you're awesome!" He and his son were all smiles and wanted to know how far I commuted, and what I did for a living. I like it when bikes make people smile and see new possibilities.
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So, do you wear a helmet on your commute?
Do you really want to go there? ;)
I don't actually care - to each his own. Only, a friend recently gave me a copy of the Advocate magazine's story on bike commuting. So, I was wondering if the pic of you riding down Northwest Hwy was your typical kit, or just for the photo...
Typical kit. I stopped at Preston Center on my way home from work for that shoot. NW Highway isn't part of my route, but it was a nice setting for some shots in rush hour traffic. It was a good article, they didn't quite get my position right, but it was one of the best attempts to tackle a complex subject in a balanced way that I've seen in the local press. Nice of them to do it.
Of the places I've lived and cycled in the United States, Texas drivers were by far the friendliest I encountered.
I think they have gotten worse over the years (the city has really grown and there are lots of transplants) but the roads are totally overbuilt and operate at low capacity, so it is a pretty low friction system. And most people are pretty nice. ;)
I lived in Texas through the 80s and early 90s, bike commute across the Mid Cities & DFW airport to Irving from Haltom City.
That's a pretty serious commute. I bet you don't miss our summers, LOL.
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