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Minecraft to run artificial intelligence experiments

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Great! Have it on my nas server but it'd be great to see it on more systems.
#DIY #CloudNAS #DocumentManagement #Storage not perfect but a dent in paid services that shut down or switch terms of services.... ;-)

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But in recent years, more and more people are beginning to question whether they're still helping the progress of science. In fact, in some cases, the 'publish or perish' mentality is creating more problems than solutions, with a growing number of predatory publishers now charging researchers to have their work published - often without any proper peer review process or even editing.
#scipub #woes

"In one fell swoop, a network has been created that likely has a greater level of access to science than any individual university, or even government for that matter, anywhere in the world. Sci-Hub represents the sum of countless different universities' institutional access - literally a world of knowledge." #education #values #restrictions #evolve

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Ref: " ...#Shodan's harvesting scheme came to an abrupt end on Thursday, when NTP Pool Project maintainers ejected the Shodan time-keeping servers from the cluster. Many people say the removal was only fair, since the harvesting wasn't disclosed and went well beyond the service advertised by NTP Time Project. Still, if Shodan-run NTP servers were harvesting IPv6 addresses, it's a reasonable bet that others were and probably still are doing the same thing. And, of course, it wouldn't be a stretch if non-NTP services that receive queries from IPv6 devices are, too. In the end, that means the IPv6 privacy assurances may be diminished in the process....." - Arstechica

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[16 million Americans have no wired broadband access, not even at 4Mbps] ( #InternetAccess
" particular, ISPs and Republicans are mad that the FCC is defining "broadband" as Internet speeds of at least 25Mbps downstream and 3Mbps upstream. Using that benchmark, the FCC found that 34 million Americans, about 10 percent of the country, live in areas where they can't buy home broadband..."

#openaccess #openwifialliance #decentralise

#openmesh #networking
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