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Help us stop an environmental catastrophe in Brazil!

Studies reveal that the revised Brazilian Forest Code proposal could have negative effects on an area roughly equivalent to Germany, Italy and Austria combined (more background here).

Send a message to the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff asking her to veto the changes on Brazil’s Forest Law! +++ The Amazon is home to the largest remaining rainforest in the world. But the Brazilian government is planning to deliver a knockout blow by creating huge soy ...
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These is serious. The politicians here in Brazil are willing to pass this awful law
The agribusiness lobby is really powerful in Brazil. After all, many politicians are in the business themselves or have friends who are. They say they will increase the food production but truth is most of it is for export. Meanwhile, in northeastern Brazil and other places, some kids are still malnourished or starving.
the situation of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil is nerve-racking
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