Shared publicly  - presents a rich list of the most money Superstars in history. They say money is the root of all evil, but in this case of the squared circle, it’s also been the root of some truly captivating characters.
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alberto del rio  is a poor excuse of hard earned fame and fortune
just as he follows the footsteps of some of the biggest has bens in the
wwe be smart hang up the boots and return those rented cars 
MHW = alberto del rio
and by the way...
MHW = most hated wrestler

and someone needs to humble that guys ass
The million dollar man is surely surpases both JBL and Del Rio he brought the Undertaker into the wwe he had many stooges he had the million dollar belt!his more original and the only thing JBL and Del Rio brought is the buffalo horn that JBL had on the hood of his limousine and his white towel hung around his neck,and then Del Rio has his rented cars his white scarf and his personal in ring announcer no originality from both man but the richest is JBL from the wealthy trio
its show biz  these clowns would not be on TV or running town to town in a circus like the wwe if they were rich.
Not sure about the others but I know JBL is actually rich. He made most of his money as a stock market investor. He also has a best-selling book on financial planning called Have More Money Now.
Its all true Craig JBL is a renowned and successful wallstreet magnate who made most of his over 600million dollars from investing as for Ted and Del Rio they've been confirmed to have been wealthy before getting into the wwe
WERE did you get that info  wwe web site
Ur right Edward Buddy...JBL is indeed a very wealthy man. He made a lot of money by his stocks and he was also in a television program which dealt with finance. Among the three guys JBL is a legit rich guy.
That's right buddy he was one of the few people who got tax bails at 2009
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