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The returning Christian shakes up the list as WWE Champion CM Punk drops a spot in this week's Power Rankings! Weigh in on the week that was in WWE and be sure to leave comments to let the Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences know your thoughts on the list!
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โอ้อะไรนี้ๆๆๆ ฮะ ผมทำได้ ว่าว่าอะไรๆๆๆ งง พูดเล่นค่ะ
My brother anthony luvs wwe and u should do something for he on monday for raw

Wrestling Arts and Sciences??? who the hell came up with that?
why bring wolverine and the x-men into this? its pointless.
And i'll admit that i was once a cena fan but when the electrifying returned he earned my respect but anyway like it or not rock's gonna win there's no doubt about that. 
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