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For two straight weeks, Lord Tensai has pulverized his opponents, forcing WWE officials to stop his matches. finds out how referees know when to put an end to the destruction.
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The Board of Directors should fire him immediately, he's putting too many lives at risk.
Why would they have him wrestle easy opponents I mean really have him fight wrestlers his own size...
Uh did anyone else notice that, that is prince albert?
+william grice If you watch any of the episodes of RAW you hear the A-Train chants in the crowd, and WWE acknowledges it on their website and in the commentary.
The wwe board and wwe creative department is putting Tensai first with inferior opponents to show that he's a demolition competitor a fierce brutal power house,they did the samething with Umaga and after weeks just pray not months dominating the entire roster and putting a few out of action the wwe will finally push him to the mainstream and main event but his obstacle to the limelight I think is Brodus clay and if he can beat clay which is likely we should get ready for world titles and rivalries with the likes of Randy cena and punk.
Wut's up with the Chinese wrestler!! He's been dominating every week and might get a chafe to dominate the wwe. 
Well sorry!?!?!??!???! Just tlkin to peeps who don't know this Chinese dude!!!!
Uhhh japanese actually I believe there's a difference don't you think?
Hey +Tanner Hittesdorf ... If you click the link in the post to the article, at the bottom of the article you can click Lord Tensai's profile. In his profile they tell you that he wrestled at Albert and A-Train previously...
How to know when to stop ? when the little guy's decapitated head asks the ref nicely to make the big, whiter than Shamus, bald guy stop pounding on whats left of his carcass.
that dude needs to stop. he gonna end up the only one in WWE
what he needs to do is to stop making stupid hand gestures as if it were a 80s martial arts movie.
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