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World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus will attempt to defend his title in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match against Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules! Will Sheamus repeat his WrestleMania feat and drop the challenger in record time? Or can the submission specialist overcome The Great White to reclaim the title?
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Brogue Kick to Bryan = Sheamus Wins at Extreme Rules...
Well the wwe creative writers and GM of raw and smackdown have given a stipulation that will enable Bryan the opportunity to once again be 2times WHC.But we have to consider the conditions given to sheamus by lauriniatis that if he lays a finger on a wwe official again no matter what mistake or not he will be fired,I fear that Bryan will take full advantage of this that will cause sheamus a lot of trouble but we all know no matter what sheamus will walk out of Extreme Rules still WHC
Hope Bryan regain the title... but let's be honest the next challenger is del río
I am totally calling Sheamus as the winner!! Love him and he can put up a damn good fight!! <3 <3
I agree Pam we all know it and its obvious to everyone even to the wwe lockerroom that Bryan stands no chance even with all his unhanded tricks in the book nothing will stop The Great White from delivering the Brogue Kick
Good! No one wants to look at his ugly ass anyway.
By the way, do you know the real reason he doesn't like AJ? It's because he's a fucking faggot! He says he doesn't like meat; well if he hates meat so much, then why is he always sucking Alberto Del Rios Dick?
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