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Brock Lesner should not special treatment all because he is a ufc fighter. He gets paid to entertain the fans and that is all he should get. he needs to stay of off the companies back.
Got to Love the Youth of America Have a Good Night Chris Hand and by the way Get that Money Brock lol
I can not agree more. actualy the Macmonhons should just fire Lesner altogether.
I think he was only supposed 2 make a couple of appearances they needed a way to have him written out of the show but U do have a point no 1 should get special treatment
that is true. i have to agree with u. Just because some one in ufc or box is make their fan statis go up even more. remeber the sittiation between stone cold tyson.
Hell Yeah!! And I mean seriously Millions he made a million in total over everything he did with UFC and sponsors not 1 thing alone I am sure he got paid a lot for coming back 2 WWE but not no millions
yeah i think that it was that. i am not really sure.
Its only a storyline guys from wwe creative don't worry he got paid a lot to return back to the wwe I'm thinking maybe a million not millions but you have to consider its a one year contract till WM29 and there should be 2wwe titles somewhere in the clause of the contract
Thanks for the info glad that he ain't gone and WM29 with the Rock that's what's up
Its all a part of the storyline Tifanny you know wwe nothing is definite.
Triple h and cm punk might get in involve and brock gona turn on that man
Maybe or maybe not we just have to wait and see
Somebody gona beat laurinaitis ass. Dont nobody like him. I know i dont
Brock will make 39 appearances...not 50 appearances as somebody said.
brock shouldn't be allowed back b/c he's a lose cannon. beats up on people and also goes after his boss Triple H and brakes his arm. I hope that everyone that brock went after at the WWE are doing well.
Brock is getting paid for beating up people..thats what he wanted in the contract signing before Extreme rules took place....LOL
the gm didnt have the right to sign over the use of vince's jet or limo with out clearing it with vince first.
+Muhammad Bilal Sarwar buddy i am with you. Even i am a fan of THE GREATONE...THE ROCK.. As u said no one cares what the other wrestlers think because the Rock has acheived everything with his hardwork and dedication and whatever he is now is because of it and the other wrestlers need to control their jealousy and know their roles and shut their mouths..!!!
Are u serious? Lol i didnt know that one. Man this shit goin to be crazy wide
Yes i am serious and The Rock will have a title match in the future as he indicated in his speech after WM28..!!!!
Why want the title when he know he be back and forth thats crazy
Thats the power of the Great One.. The people's Champ ...The Rock. He stepped in the wrestling ring after so many years and he defeated Cena. Wrestling is in his blood. He can win the championship in the future and i am sure of it...
Absolutely Raghavendra buddy TheGreatone has achieved the unachievable I mean just after a year of his return he gets the biggest WM match of all time beats the greatest and most dominant wwe superstar of the past 7years cena at WM28 by age 30 he won 9world titles beaten every guy there's to beat in the entire attitude era was the cradle of the attitude era with sold out crowds every week on Raw created the word Smackdown he's an A-Lister in Hollywood a known commodity is starring together with a legend like Bruce Willis in GI-Joe retialation and guess what he's the leading role actor of such a big budget summer block buster,wow he has done it all so at WM29 TheRock TheGreatone The peoples champion will once again become a 10time world champion putting Boots2Asses!!!...TEAMBRINGIT!!!!!....forever!
Well said buddy....
Triple H is soooo mad. Not boy boy boy I can't wait. His cricket teeth ass dam I don't like him
He is a real coward he put his hand on my dog shawn I wanted to jump in the tv añd kick his teeth down his throat
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