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Kelly Kelly has climbed up Maxim's Hot 100 list, and is joined this year by Divas Champion Layla, Stacy Keibler and WrestleMania XXVIII winner Maria Menounos!
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yep and Kelly Kelly is the best
since their in ring performances and acting skills are usually the time of the show i go to the bathroom that's the least thing one could expect.
Layla comin on strong. I nvr believed she would beat Beth. Well, she did.
Layla comin on strong. I nvr believed she would beat Beth. Well, she did.
Serves Beth rite for under estimating the champ :D
I used to like Beth but I like Kelly kelly the most
The most beautiful women in all of sports entertainment and the world!Stacy Keibler Kelly Kelly and now Layla!wow they all deserve it!
all the divas division is hot exept beth phenix natiaya and karinneta
What?you hate the BEAUTIFUL!Kelly Kelly?! I can sense some jealousy and hatred let me guess your man left you for her?..Hahahahaha!!!..I thought as who said Torrie Wilson is the hottest Diva of all time?that's impossible pal as long as you have Stacy Sable Mccool Candice and Kelly Kelly in the picture!there's no way she's even hotter than Stacy or Kelly Kelly Julio
what du mean Layla is better? than who? only this time around, Layla was nvr a gud fighter. her quarrel with Michell was due 2her constant losses. or r u talkin of beauty, is she beautiful 2? I love Beth. she is glamouros n strong. i agree with Fahad. Beth must ve underestimated Layla. I hope she get her title back, then she'd b carefull. Kk is some' ok.
no i didn't say i hate her,i'm just sayin layla's a better wrestler than her
As far as fighting and wrestling goes yes beth is amazing but I dont like the fact that you think beth should hold the title she was not a very good champion and she just liked to dominate her competition layla actually has charisma and she knows wat shes doing in the ring........and kelly kelly is really only in the WWE for eye candy cause she cant wrestle but shes still sexy
Wao! not that i like her. Sex appeal dont win gold. kk can b tactical in d ring. I 'll alway like n wish Beth the gold. I will tell her 2b carefuulll nxt time.
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