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In this week's edition of "Z! True Long Island Story," Derrick Bateman Touts a plea to Zack Ryder. How does the Long Island Iced-Z respond? Plus, does Zack have a new WWE entrance theme? Subscribe now to WWE on YouTube and find out!
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All the wwe sanctioned Z! TLIS kinda suck compared to the older ones.
Why WWE let the Bella twins , Batista and John Morrison go while people like Zack Ryder and Santino still here ? 
I think that Zack Ryder is on his way out, why? because for vinnie mac, only the wwe can tell us who are we gonna cheer (great talents in the dog house, sloppy ones on prime time at raw) the booking of Zack Ryder this year have been awfull and the only goal for that was to take him off his own momentum, now he's a jobber again and have less heat every match he has. We have to see Ryback, the prime time players or David Otunga but the real athletes are jobbing with no direction. Zack Ryder have the potential to be a top one, his mistake was to make himself with no permission... very sad but well, just like Vince said in recent comments: this is just Show bussiness not a sport
What do u mean diego? Again u started typing so much of worthless fucking information 
Hey Steve! this is an old post, I have to confess that you saying your "fuck" things are actually cool. Are you gonna find every comment that I have done just to say the things you have alredy said???... anyway, what I was talking about is that the big mistake of Zack Ryder was to fight by himself for a spot, Vince doesn't see him as main event talent, so, when Ryder got his momentum he started the awfull booking with kane and eve and now he's a jobber again with no tv time. Take care
What fucking logic is that Diego. Ryder is not good enough. He is a stupid wrestler who only makes True Long Island stories. So I want you to explain to me, why do u think like this. I want a fucking explanation for this Diego and it better be a good one. 
Steve, I have to admit that talking with you are actually cool hehe because you have your opinion but you are not an ass. I was talking about Zack Ryder's case, if he is good or bad isn't the point here. Since he became a single player, his gimmick has been a complete Joke, so, he started his show, he began to built his gimmick, he began his "step up" by his way, when he finally did it and he got over with the fans, the "punish" from the wwe began and if you have been following him, you can see how awfull is his booking.

He is just a case from many, look at christian for example, since his return from the injury, he hasn't been imrpresive and he is getting back to the midcard just because Vince has never seen him as a main event talent. Vince is the one that really approves whose gonna be pushed and whose not, Zack Ryder decided to did it by himself and now he is paying the price. Sorry for the long post
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