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A night that started with a brutal attack from Brock Lesnar on Triple H, ended with a vicious assault on John Cena lead by Raw and SmackDown GM John Laurinaitis, who keyed in on Cena’s already injured arm.
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Right after Cena punches his face a few times.
i feel so bad for you guys hope you will get better soon and all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
laurinatus says people power....but people boo for his deeds...he mus.t quit or must be kicked..
I wonder why the wwe hasn't fired John Lauranitis? Needs to be done... NOW enough with trash, lets get back to real WRESTLING.... HHH needs to take back control of this mess... and John Cenabuddy, you need to get out of the ring when odds are against you... Show kids how to avoid Bullying...
teddy long was a lot better GM than john L...we want teddy back!!
Yea Lauranitis should be fired. He shouldn't treat his wrestlers like that. I hope that's in the rule book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the people lyk lesnar jerico kane who returned back r all these too with laurinaits
he doesnt have any rule book.....
Mr. John laurinitis da wwe is sick nd tired of listening ur voice nd wants u to b kicked out of da company so b4 u get humiliated plz resign or GET UR CANDY ASS KICKED! AND as 4 u Mr. LESNAR i have nothing 2 say but this U STILL SUCK DONKEY HEAD!!! :P ;D...HHH nd CENA v luv u!!
I have been watching wrestling for many years i grew up with it and my grandparents, I remember wrestling coming out to help a fellow friend and much more, this issue with brock and laurinitis has really gotten me not want to watch wrestling anymore, i really like teddy long he was and is the best manager u all have ever had, please don't make all this like that cause they need to leave for real , shamus got fined for hitting ref but brock did it several times and nothing was done he needs to leave and take his puppet laurinitis with him too....triple h and cena my prayers are with u both for u are true icon as many others there are not brock or laurinitis PEOPLE POWER needs to whip ass and get them gone..
I feel so bad for Cena it's not fair he had to fight lord tensai with one fractured arm
IT'S STAGED!!! Sheamus didn't get fined, it was storyline to build up Laurinaitis' character. John Cena is fine, Triple H is fine! It's all just entertainment, like watching a soap opera!
I was hoping that Brock's assault on Triple H would lead to a match between them, maybe it will, but I'm not holding my breath!
Everything is fine...but WWE is really harassing the referees to much. WWE you need to stop this immediately. As for Lesnar...he showed everyone what a fighter he is. And I really dont understand why WWE is risking Cena's career by doing such acts. 
Cena will beat the crap out of him when they fight
I knew that laurinitus was stupid but I nvr knew he was stupid enough to make a match aganist cena even though he knows that he is gunna get the shit beat out of him.......
Laurinitis is a coward. The only way he will be present in over the limit to face Cena will be with Brock at ringside. I feel thats the idea running in his head right now..!!!
What about otunga also so Tensai and his assistant wow!and on top of that cena has fractures his shoulder too,well buddy cena really has the odds stacked against him.
ur right buddy..he has Otunga, Tensai and finally Brock, so the odds of Cena winning is very less. And i feel Cena would have to face another beatdown from Brock and Brock would use his KIMURA again.
Yeah, but brock was fired wasn't he?? And otunga probs won't be back by then, and lord tensai well he'll be there
Maybe Mara and let's hope there's a match between HHH and lesnar or else if what I and my buddy +Raghavendra just predicted hsopens,cena is as good as dead they're gonna take him out of action definetly and we should expect him next year after the match at over the limits
+ Edward...KIMURA vs STF....I feel KIMURA is more destructive buddy...!!!What do u feel??
Its nothing short of THAT!!!!!!!!..buddy, man did you see HHH arm snap at raw! Its was gruesome! Lesnar is surely gonna get fired!this guy is a lose cannon 
Lesnar is really a very destructive force and he has to be controlled or else many Wrestlers will go out of business by his acts. Lesnar can end many careers and if there is another match with Cena, its definate that Cena's career will be ended by Brock. Just look at the power of Lesnar..its amazing and also scary because he is misusing his strength to attack others..!!!
The sole purpose for lauriniatis bringing back lesnar is to be his hired thug to be a demolition and destructive force to take down and take out anybody that stands in his way which is what happened tp HHH this monday on raw
laurinatus wil face cena....that bloody has nt seen his face in the mirror....nd lesnar sme1 wil break his arm 1 daY
+raghavendra..dnt u think there must be a tag team match between cena,HHH and lesnar,laurinaits
+Vijayraj KP actually lauranitis was a wrestler before and he wrestled as 'johny ace' so he is not a newcomer to wrestling so ur idea wud be good. They can have such a match in Raw or smackdown but cannot have such match for a PPV 
Very true buddy its a fantastic match up one of those ones that will live the entire wwe universe buzzing with excitement,but like you said its only designed for Raw and Smackdown main event not for major pay-per-views 
Lanae !
John Lauranitis really needs to stop he can't wrestle he might be the GM of Raw and Smackdown but he is going to destroy WWE. I think that what Eve and Johnny are doing to Teddy is wrong. Like on Friday 5/4/12 Eve made Teddy rub oil on Antonio Cesaro. I have say Aksana did Teddy wrong dumping him by kissing Antonio after a match right in front of Teddy. Aksana only wanted teddy for his power before he lost the Wrestlemania 28 match because of Eve Torres.
Its an onscreen romance not offscreen Iyanna its only scripted and Cesaro is Aksanas real beau not long its just part of the storyline for losing to Johnny at WM28 
+raghavendra.I now understood....Nw the board of directors have put conditions that laurinaitus wil be terminated if he takes ny 2nd person help 2 fight at over the limit....Who wil win do u think
Oh god.:)there was not a good way to fire laurinatus until the sucker big show put down cena..:-)everythin was planned already 
sorry ia m late hhh happy birth day
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