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With The Bellas no longer in WWE to spread their Twin Magic, looks to a new set of talented siblings to fill the void. Step inside and discover our dream list of top 10 twins we'd like to watch compete in the squared circle.
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am so happy , i hate kane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cool oh yeah
they should beat your ass down some more lol
why in theee hell do tey keep puttin that girls picture everywhere moral integrity
I agree Thorsten now this is one of those decisions I don't always agree with the wwe talent department,I'm not a big fan of the Bella twins neither are they my dab divas but so far they've done so well they've both made history of being the first twin sisters to both win the Divas title,I was already beginning to enjoy watching and then what happens?wwe decides ti fire them,and now is back to the scratch looking for replacements this isn't prudent in anyway!really a poor decision! 
Too bad one wasn't fired. Nikki could be working, and slack off to let Brie do her job for a bit. Just like when Nikki first showed up as a "single" superstar. Or was it Brie? Holy crap, does anyone really know which of the twins did the actual debut match?
They didn't need to fire them!they could have just suspended them both indefinetly! Its that simple letting such talent go,in my oppinion is one of the many wrong choices and decision making from the Lauriniatis administration and i believe the day will come and its so soon that the raw and smackdown GM and his cohorts will be reprimanded for their constant bad decision making
They are really going to regret it because them twins are really going to get somewhere and they are going to wish they had them back they so freakin dumb bruh str8 uhp
LJ reid
they leavin they sucked anyway
Bottom line is the contract onthem was up
Probably but that oufff Johnny didn't do the right thing by renewing theur contract instead he sends Eve to fire them both a very lame decision let's just hope the coo Hunter brings them back to their jobs soon before the wwe universe forgets about them and they become after thoughts
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