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Who would A.W. "draft" into his own management stable? takes a look...
10 Superstars A.W. should bring into his stable
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in the middle of the summer or right befor or in september
those are all the "bad" people
Aside from Kane, I disagree. They're all the best.
They r all the bad people I agree wit that. I don't like neither of them especially christian. They r fagets!!!!!!!!
who cares he sucked the first time he was in Wwe, why the hell is he back anyway?
That is the list of wwes leading heel none of them are faces but if Lesnar wins cena at Extreme Rules his gonna be the new face of the wwe.But I think wwe is trying to follow a storyline for heels who want to get a push in the mainstream that's why they brought Washington back to the wwe
Emmm maybe?but I think wwe is trying something new because of the wwe image and the McMahons their political ambition and to entertain and satisfy the www universe,its gonna be a semi-attitude era and semi-PG.era they will just call it some fancy name but doing this will satisfy the wwe universe of all ages and including the two generations in conflict the attitude era and post attitude era generation
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