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WashU is honored to once again be selected as host of a presidential debate.  #WashUdebate2016
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Welcome to the family, Hillman Hall!
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What is it used for?
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Pluto's cold, cold heart.

The iconic heart-shaped area is actually a frozen plain, data shows. 
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One of the "coolest urban spaces in America."

Located a short distance from campus, Citygarden is an urban oasis, boasting a sculpture garden, a spray plaza, and Missouri flora and fauna. Via Thrillist
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We love this installation, thank you for sharing!
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"We want our [furniture] pieces to have staying power, in terms of how they're constructed and also how they look. Hopefully they'll become timeless."

WashU alums and founders of Egg Collective are involved in every aspect of their product - design, construction and sales.
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thats a pretty room 
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WashU’s own “gingerbread man”

Dining Services chef, Michael Healy has constructed gingerbread buildings of the WashU campus for five years. Hear him discuss the process of reimagining our campus’ building into a sweet site for all to see.
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New beginnings
Wishing our students, faculty and staff a semester of happiness, success and purpose.
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Must be nice!
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“The science and engineering has been done, the necessary factories were built, and since the first Death Star was destroyed after completion, those that would be overseeing and building were all safely away.”

WashU financial engineering professor, Zach Feinstein explains how the Empire’s economic system paved the way for fast construction. #StarWars  #scifi  
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"I do not know of any other workplace that has their own market. In addition, it makes less of a carbon footprint by only using local items."

WUSM's weekly Farmer's Market offers a range of fresh produce from local vendors, helping members of the community do their grocery shopping at work while also being environmentally-friendly.
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Preparing high-achieving students for success.

The College Prep Program, which nearly doubled its number of acceptances this year, offers local students with limited financial resources a comprehensive glimpse into higher education.
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“There is probably no subject more important than the study of food.”

Sustainable agriculture as we know it today can be traced back to the bulletins written by George Washington Carver, an educator dedicated to bettering the lives of poor farmers in the South.
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# Thanks George Washington Carvaer#
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One Brookings Drive St. Louis, MO 63130
WUSTL is counted among the world's leaders in teaching and research.

The mission of Washington University in St. Louis is the promotion of learning — learning by students and by faculty. Teaching, the transmission of knowledge, is central to our mission, as is research, the creation of new knowledge.

Faculty — composed of scholars, scientists, artists and members of the learned professions — serve society by teaching; by adding to the store of human art, creativity, understanding, and wisdom; and by providing direct services, such as health care.

The university offers more than 90 programs and almost 1,500 courses leading to bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in a broad spectrum of traditional and interdisciplinary fields, with additional opportunities for minor concentrations and individualized programs.