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Checking in on the Class of 2013

Three WUSTL alumni share what they have been up to since they walked across the commencement stage.
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“This programme will create the positive mindset of executives to orient themselves toward facing the challenges related to innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship.”

EMBA partnership between WUSTL and IIT Bombay will focus on preparing global leaders.
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“People of all faiths and beliefs work for for-profit corporations. The Supreme Court’s decision vindicates the religious liberty of billionaire business owners at the expense of thousands of workers.”

WUSTL law professor, Elizabeth Sepper warns that many corporations will ‘find religion’, after today's ‪#‎SCOTUS‬ decision.
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“Challenges associated with finding food have long been recognized as important in shaping evolution of the brain and cognition in primates, including humans.”

A five-year study of capuchin monkeys in Costa Rica, provides support for an evolutionary theory that links the development of sensorimotor skills, to the creative challenges of foraging for insects and other foods that are buried, embedded or otherwise hard to procure. #evolution  
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“The big issue here is that human beings clearly changed the environment, and that these changes had real consequences for human history.” “It happened in the past and can happen again.”

A nearly 3,000 year-old Levee system set the stage for massive, dynasty-toppling floods.
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Join Washington University on Wednesday, June 18 from 3:30-4 p.m. CT to learn more about visiting campus. Students and admissions officers will answer your questions, including:

Who you will meet
What to expect
What to bring
And places to visit near campus

Send @WUSTL your questions ahead of time via Twitter #askWUSTL or
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Washington University in St. Louis. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#askWUSTL Admissions Hangout
Wed, June 18, 3:51 PM
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Awesome and informative, can't wait to visit!
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“Durability is fundamentally the most important sustainability feature that designers can build into their garments.”

WUSTL alumnus and Levi Strauss vice president, Paul Dillinger discusses his mission to make sustainable thinking a key step in the design process.
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"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." - George Washington

Happy Independence Day from our favorite Founding Father.
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WUSTL's Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts’ digital fabrication labs, support studio and course work assignments, as well as independent research projects conducted by students and faculty. The labs feature fully equipped facilities for building models and fabricating prototypes. Students work with a wide variety of materials, including wood, plastic and paper. 

Learn more about our #FabLabs:
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Are those suffering from #amnesia stuck in time? Not so, according to WUSTL #philosophy professor, Carl Craver.

Learn how his study has opened the door to new discoveries about the memory:
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“He is an innovative educator whose experiments with self-organization and nonlinear systems are grounded in a deep knowledge of art, history, philosophy, science, and design. We are delighted to welcome him to the faculty.”

WUSTL welcomes internationally acclaimed landscape architect Rod Barnett to the Sam Fox School. 
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Department of Energy awards Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center $14.4 million to continue research on natural and bio-inspired systems for harvesting the sun’s energy.
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WUSTL is counted among the world's leaders in teaching and research.

The mission of Washington University in St. Louis is the promotion of learning — learning by students and by faculty. Teaching, the transmission of knowledge, is central to our mission, as is research, the creation of new knowledge.

Faculty — composed of scholars, scientists, artists and members of the learned professions — serve society by teaching; by adding to the store of human art, creativity, understanding, and wisdom; and by providing direct services, such as health care.

The university offers more than 90 programs and almost 1,500 courses leading to bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in a broad spectrum of traditional and interdisciplinary fields, with additional opportunities for minor concentrations and individualized programs.