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Ultimate nerd science poster.

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I just put that on my wall at work. They won't get it. :)
Is this a reference? I don't get it - do explain.
Higgs Boson. Probably one of the greatest scientific discoveries in history. The particle that makes something out of nothing at all. The god particle. The building block of the universe. It exists.
There's a lot of mays and could be's in the article I read which leads me to envision a little boson particle wearing a tiny hat and trenchcoat.
Yes. But it's still exciting and now it has a meme. It's arrived, baby. :D
Indeed! I have a minimal amount of physics under my belt. Just enough to be excited to learn more. Something well worth pursuing or keeping up with now, for sure!
From what I understand, that's exactly what it did. Except there was no air. Hence being called the god particle. It gave particles mass where none had existed before. I'm not a physicist, I don't understand all the science behind it and there is still a way to go with this. It makes sense though. If the universe was made out of nothing then the smallest building block of the universe cannot have mass but still must exist. 
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