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Well I finally went to get Ingress to see what the hooha was about and was told that it could not be installed in my device's country. I may as well have had an iPhone ffs. 
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I have Australian cooties. :(
You want my HTC Desire? 
That's strange +WT Gator , I could install it in South Africa. Still waiting for an invite/activation code though...
South Africa before Australia??
Same issue.  Not that surprising given that I'm also here in Oz.
deep sigh
I'd gladly trade you. (if you don't mind a 2 year old android 2.1 phone...)
The Ingress app is not officially launched in Australia, but there are ways around that ... the invite code is a different story, you'll still have to get one before you can play ... there are at least a few dozen people playing in Australia though ... portals have appeared in Mel, Syd, Bris & Perth 
I don't know how the HTC desire stacks up, +WT Gator, but I've got an iPhone 4. Nothing to spark envy, that's for sure (especially since I have the 'upgraded' OS). Wheee!
Read that there's an app to let you install American versions of apps. Gotta be rooted though.
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