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Found this on a limited stream. It totally deserves to be public. It's the entire Republican platform for 2012. :P
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I doubt that any sane-minded Republican thinks that way but it remains that their candidates have, at one time or another, made these statements. Yes, it's anti-Republican propaganda but they so richly deserve this slap in the face for making these statements at ALL.
Anyone who believes this is an actual Republican platform is sorely and sadly misinformed. As Jeff said, this reads like it is penned by a Liberal, either trying to pass it off as a Republican agenda, or - even scarier - they actually believe this is what Republicans think.
the sad part is this is all what they actually say... they're so out of reality
This isn't even funny or clever, its just offensive to the millions of Americans who love their country just as much as the other parties. Anyone could make a list just as ridiculous for the Democrats, or Libertarians, or Greens o.O
WHO MADE THIS BECAUSE I THINK WE NEED TO HAVE A CHAT!!!! whoever wrote this stupid and is obviously in a bad spot who if is poor appearantly deserves to be poor.........
Oh Really?? Do try to make a similar list from another party!! These are not just random comments from the Republican Party, these are verbatim from the Presidential Nominees!!
So this was on my feed, and it really made me kinda mad...
You REALLY think this is what republicans think don't you? You are really sad people. -.-

This is what the Democrats think:

Corporations should die
Free AIDS for all
We need more college kids so we can have more kids in debt to us
Free sex between everyone and everything
Everyone should be equally poor
Everyone should be in a Union called Communism
The Unemployed are poor saps lets give them money... after we give money to the African abortion fund.
We don't have the money but... THE WHOLE WORLD CAN LIVE IN AMERICA! Come on in! Oh and by the way, we'll feed you, give you homes, and give you jobs. Even if there IS a homeless/unemployed guy that needs it first.
Christians are stupid pigs who hate everyone who doesn't agree with them.
Global warming is going to kill us all by 2008... oh...
We should give money we don't have to all industries and big businesses, even the ones we previously stated we don't like.
Every republican thinks the president is a Muslim!

Ha! Not so funny when it's about the democrats?
- An independent.

P.S. We need to stop attacking the other party and all become Independents. Both parties have something to offer, we need to have a happy medium before we plunge ourselves into civil war. Cause if this keeps up, we're looking at it.
For the "top 3" I'd agree. I don't believe Paul would think along these lines. And as for college students.....well they have yet to prove that statement incorrect. At least these days anyway. And I am sure not all of them are.
I don't think this is funny. It's wrong to take myopic views of a few Republicans and then make generalizations. If i was to do the same for Liberals, i could write an epistle
@joshua micklus wow...... you just insulted me in so many ways it's not even funny. you think what your perverted mind thinks, and i'll go on living in the real world..... Ha! not so funny when it's about you?
This is great! It really shows just how extreme those folks have become!
@kendall wheeler - okay you just did me a favor....
I think the designer who had this idea of pushing crap to my timeline is Mental.

I understand this Hot on Google+ is currently the place holder for the future add system and how you guys are going to make money out of the site.

Here's the deal I don't want to see political content on my timeline, don't want to read a detailed post borderline stalker of the latest dinner that Vic Gundrota had or watch a stupid picture of a Cat. I have 0 interest on those topics.

Stop this SPAM crap Google+
+Lindsey Restino his comment was showing how posts like this are decisive and incite hate, he wasn't being serious.... lrn2readingcomprehension
Seriously, well i am stating the facts. did u notice that it says poor people deserve to be poor
they have just been done a ruff patch and deserve to be helped
+Kendall Wheeler that's just something poor people say and it's their fault in the first place that they got involved with something that brought them through a 'ruff patch'
D. L.
America... america... God shed his grace on thee. And crown thy good. In brotherhood, from sea to shining sea...
the president is not like that, the auto place should NOT go bankrupt, stop insulting the bible, women that use birth control are smart and do it for the right reasons they r not sluts, and so many more
some of this is just ridiculous. how is obama even a muslim? musilm is not even the majority religion in america. however, review this list, and some of the these insults are based in fact (4,5,6,7,8,9)...
+Rachel Beckler I didn't say my post was real. But it's what republican's think democrats think. Just like this post is what democrats think republicans think. I realize there are democratic christian, as much as there are atheist republicans. The point is everyone assumes things and it's getting old. Republicans and Democrats are two different view points. We need to respect that view point, as crazy as it seems sometimes.
+Tyler Needham you really are getting on my nerves. just leave it alone and like i said before, GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!
Rick Santorum a top tier candidate picked by the republicans...
Enough said
+Kendall Wheeler you are just antagonizing people like me with a short temper, if you want people to leave you alone, then SIGN OUT!!!!!!
Way to lump half the population of the country in with a bunch of self-serving politicians pandering to and ignorant vocal minority. That's like saying all democrats are communist pot smokers living in communes.
-1 just spewing more hate, and liberal talking points.
you are about 60% correct here....greatr liberal/progressive talking crap points
That's almost simplistic enough to be understood by liberals! Good boy, that's a good boy, who's a good boy? That's you!
Agree, if positioned the wrong way it paints an unfair picture of most Republicans. Also agree, that we should have a more healthy political dialogue in this country.

I also think its scary that this list wasn't "created by a Liberal" but rather, are actual comments Republican candidates have said. These are verbatim from several Republican candidates mouths. While I'm confident most Republicans don't think this way, it's unsettling to see the lack of venom for party leadership when things like this are stated publicly!
cant help laughing at the last part!!!
+Lindsey Restino Okay, you are clearly trolling at this point. Don't you have something better to do? Seriously. You're not ever making a political view point, your just insulting anyone who disagrees.
It's really ignorant of you to accuse all republicans of this. Look into Ron Paul. He believes in freedom of choice, is a strong constitutionalist, wants to end the federal reserve and the war we currently are in. He is honest and unlike any other candidate for the presidency that we'd had. Unlike Barack "Bigger Government" Obama, Paul wants to have smaller government. Look into him.
+WT Gator And you think you are better by labeling people and thinking that all people of a political party think alike? How very narrow minded of you. You should ask Obama to call your parents and tell them how proud they should be of you.
Andy E
To women around the planet, you have the power to change the world: use birth control and practice abortion when necessary.
+Joshua Micklus first of all, i could care less about politics, second of all, what does trolling mean? and third of all, arguing and insulting are two whole different things. Arguing is like a debate, sort of what i'm doing to these people, and insulting is calling someone a fat pig like you.
( alright, now that was an insult )
Stop letting the mainstream media make up your minds for you! Do you think just maybe they have a hidden agenda?

Politicians don't give a shit about you or your rights!
The Writer had a bad day - I do not agree with any of that!
So this is what people think of me? Wow.. whatever happened to treat others how you would like to be treated?
I don't like both parties. Democrats want to give all money to poor blacks and make US go bankrupt. Republicans want to give all money to rich. I'm middle class, the loser class. No help at all, middle class need to survive on its own. It sucks there is only two parties :-(
O damn! Can we get one for the government as a whole both repukes & democraps and the rest of those circus parties on the side?
Or you can go to consistently strive to better yourself and your lifestyle. Go from lower middle class to upper middle class
typical yanks full of hot air bad ideas and up themselves attitude
Funny how I keep getting all this left wing propaganda on my feed, does Google have a dog in this fight? Also funny is how the lefties go around saying how intolerant the right is, yet look at the comments here, all the insults are from lefties. You fail.
It's funny because Democrats think their politicians really care about them. Both sides of the isle cares not for your thoughts, dreams, goals. That's why i'm stocking the gun cabinet for when it falls apart.
and of course the term "Lefties" is in no way intolerant. Case made I think.
Andy E
Whatever happened to just listening to reason, logic, and common sense instead of religion, ideology, and populism??
I am a republican, and I think for myself. I can't speak for other republicans, but i can tell you that i also have been tempted to look upon political opposition with disdain. We should all try to be better than that.These things aside . the post is pretty funny :-)
The Bible trumps the Constitution? Name some Republicans that have said that. I pay attention to politics and I fall on the side of Republicans and I tell you I have never heard someone say that. Both sides suck. They all need to be fired.
Clear thinking there Derek. Yep, that'll save ya fer shur!
I don't like your quotes! I am a Rep. and proud of it! None of that sh-- is true~!
And they never said that Latinos are illegal. WE say that illegals are illegal!! What is it about the word illegal that u libs dont get? Get your head out of your ass and wake up! And ye unions are socialist thugs and are the cause of some much of the problems in our communities
I get soooo very tired of the hate mongering by both parties. Instead of taking shots at others for what they believe, why not just state what YOU believe?
You can -1 all you want, but sometimes the truth hurts.
i find it so stupid that such powerful words are wasted on party discrimination. i felt empowered until i realized the whole thing had political implication. Americans need to get over their parties.
I second that. Also women who use birth control are sluts? I don't think that is part of their platform at all to my knowledge. Nore have the educated been highly slandered. I think who ever wrote this really needs to just put a generic non pc title to it and not attach a party to it. It would certainly be more accurate that way.
that list exactly why I'm democratic
Lol ..... Fools all of you .... no one i the government cares about any of us.... so go out and make the best you can out of you life and try to be happy in spite of them
the oceans will turn to acid, the oil will run out, global warming was prevented by an ice age, and now the 11 year cycle comes to pass, waves of gas will crash on your shores and you will see, your spaceship is in peril.
OMG the Liberal Zombies are attacking early this year. Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon Florez, where in the constitution does it say that homosexuals cannot marry? Nowhere (and it doesn't say anything explicitly about heterosexuals either). You asked for an example of the Bible trumping the Constitution. There you go, there is no reason that they cannot legally get married. Of course they don't say that's what they believe, but their actions seems to show that their religious beliefs affect the laws they propose.
Gee Jee
Who cares, no politician keeps any promise made to the people, that doesn't make his keepers rich. The funny part is people still work themselves up into Hysterics whenever they hear a paid lair say something they don't like. Again Who Cares! Your going to keep getting the short end, why worry about who talks about putting it to you and start doing something about it. A good start would be to make someone keep their promises.
bob lo
is this real????
here's my tongue in cheek blog and how I believe we need to believe in our American government again. Republicans don't want small government, they want an intrusive governement.
"Corporations are people, my friend" -- Mitt Romney

Women who use birth control are sluts -- Santorum: "… the whole sexual libertine idea that many of the Christian faith have said, well, that’s okay, contraception is okay. It’s not okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be."

College students are snobs -- Santorum again: “President Obama once said he wants everyone in America to go to college. What a snob.”

Poor people deserve to be poor. -- You have got to be kidding me if you actually need a quote for this one.

Union workers are socialist thugs. -- Scott Walker in Wisconsin outlawing public sector unions and similar union rights stripping legislation by republicans in Ohio and Indiana.

The unemployed are lazy parasites. -- Even in the face of the worst unemployment in generations Paul and other libertarians insist that jobs exist when they do not. Republicans in the US Congress tried to stop an extension of unemployment benefits just a couple of months ago.

Latinos are illegal until proven otherwise. -- Republicans in AZ enacted the "papers, please" law to detain anyone who "looks like" an illegal alien.

The Bible trumps the constitution. -- At one of the first debates all but one (Jon Huntsman) of the Republican candidates renounced evolution and advocated teaching "alternatives" which by definition constitutes religious instruction in a public school science classroom.

Global warming is a hoax. -- Inhofe wrote a book. What was the title? Oh, I remember: The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future. He's been in Congress for decades.

The US Auto industry should go bankrupt. -- Mitt Romney, November 18, 2008, NYT editorial, the title: "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt"

The US President is a Muslim agent from Kenya. -- a CBS News/ New York Times poll last year found that 45% of republicans believe Pres. Obama was born in another country.

This may not be what "all republicans" think, but enough of them do either to generate the poll results or to vote for the individuals responsible in large enough numbers to put them in office or in the case of the current candidates keep them in the race.
+bob lo Are you SERIOUS? It's just stuff that Republicans have said at various times or been quoted as saying at various times during the election campaign of 2012. It's satire but it is very, very pointed satire with an element of truth to it. As all good satire is.

This is in "What's Hot". Lmao.
Global warming is a hoax, East Anglia University, the place where the bulk of the research was done admitted to falsifying the data (and destroying what didn't fit) to fit the agenda. I think that means that all of it is in question. Its every bit the religion as any other you can think of.
legally,corporations are people.........sick!!!
When did a republican candidate call someone on birth control a slut?
I don't care if you don't like Obama. He still would be better than these Nazi-like thinkers.
1. Corporation are people. Yes, Romney did say that directly, but guess who said it first? The US Supreme Court in several cases. SO Romney is merely stating EXACTLY what the law of the land says per the SCOTUS, so he is not legally wrong (and as President, he would be sworn to uphold that laws unless it was changed). So at least understand the context of the quote are completely ACCURATE and not just your (or the majorities) opinion on what should be.

Dartmouth College v. Woodward, 1819 recognized corporations as having the same rights as natural persons to contract and to enforce contracts.

Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad, 118 U.S. 394 (1886), the Supreme Court recognized corporations as persons for the purposes of the Fourteenth Amendment. They also stated at the beginning head note before the actual opinion "The court does not wish to hear argument on the question whether the provision in the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which forbids a State to deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, applies to these corporations. We are all of the opinion that it does."

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in 2010, upholding the rights of corporations to make political expenditures under the First Amendment.

You can disagree as to whether or not it should be correct or not be correct, which most Americans agree that Corporations are not people. BUT according to the SCOTUS, and therefore the in the view of the LAW, Corporation are people.
Industries do not have money; companies do. If a company is going bankrupt on its own merit, then it should be left to do so on its own. There is no reason why I should pay to bail out a company that failed to convince me to buy its products. Ron Paul 2012.
+Claudia Rahl "Corporations are People" See Mitt Romney (a Republican running for The President of the United States right now):

"Women Who Use Birth Control Are Sluts" See Rush Limbaugh who is a billionaire supporter of Republican causes and has spoken at the Republican Convention.

"College Students are Snobs" See Mr. Santorum (a Republican running for the President of the United States right now):

"Gays are an Abomination" See Mr. Robertson, a former Republican candidate for the President of the United States:

"Poor People Deserve to Be Poor" GOP: Poor Get What They Deserve

(You can also check the Republican Budget which pretty much ignores the poor.)

The Republican's opinion of unions is common knowledge.

"The Unemployed are Lazy Parasites" See Mr. Gingrich's comments in a Presidential Candidate Republican Debate:

The rest you can look up for yourself. If you are an American and you do not realize what these people are trying to push into our country, then the rich have pulled the wool over your eyes.

We are supposed to be e pluribus unum , "Out of many, one." Instead, the Republicans want to make us into "Every man for himself (and to h--- with women altogether)."

These people don't even know what's in their own legislation before they pass it! Should it surprise us that they can't understand conservatism?
PPPSSSTTT!! Stop questioning, you're blowing it. You're supposed to just believe these statements beceause your cynicism tells you they are probably true!
Be a conservative not a republican or a democrat, true conservatives believe in small government, people being responsible for themselves and taking care of others when needed. We don't rely on the government for help or to help others, it's simply not their place. When the government wants to give you something they first have to forcefully take it from someone else, throw 25% in the trash, and try to keep you on the program.
+Jason Combs Read the whole post, not just the hyped up headline; "Fearing that climate change could wipe out their entire Pacific archipelago, the leaders of Kiribati are considering an unusual backup plan: moving the populace to Fiji."

They are doing it out of fear that sea levels MIGHT rise, not because they are rising.
+WT Gator Once you realize that 'slut' can be sort of a good word, everything may just happen to be... correct.
True in that maybe 1 or 2 people have endorsed ideas similar to those, but that doesn't mean the entire party endorses them.... >_>
This had to be posted by a stupid liberal. The thing that liberals exhibit is that no one can have an opinion other than theirs.
I'm pretty sure that this fake Republican platform illustrates just how deep your thinking process goes. One thing is for sure dumb college snobs are stupid enough to buy this as fact. Wait wait wait, I thought the One said we have to tone down the divisive rhetoric?
never mind Obama's platform. Do Democrats even have a platform?
Here's the problem with this thread.... it is an intentional, and clearly successful, attempt at dividing the American public even more than we already are. Just read some of the comments in this thread... One guy literally said "F*** Republicans". What an ignorant and blind insult to millions of fellow Americans who want nothing but peace and prosperity for as many Americans as possible. By keeping us divided, the government, and the special interest groups that control the government, keep us under their thumb. Imagine if WE, the American public actually controlled the government instead of the huge corporations and special interests??? Maybe we should stop saying things like "f*** republicans" and start saying things like "how can we unite to bring this country back to prosperity?" Think about it.
+Alex Herrera The whole party may not endorse them. There are plenty of moderates, but look at the posts above. Some are eerily similar to what Republican presidential candidates have said. It's safe to say that a significant number of them do.
K. Weil
Sigh ... let's just get the election over with, already. So tired of all this mindless rhetoric from both sides of the spectrum.
A good start would be not electing the people proven to be taking corporate money to legislate for corporate interests... You know. Republicans. Not that democrats are guiltless, but they don't build their platform on it.
+Jack Holt Yes they do, haven't you been paying attention?
1. Create a false impression there is a war on women since they are losing the women's vote.
2. Blame Bush
3. Blame Bush some more
4. Blame the "evil" corporations for everything
5. Blame Bush again
6. Resort to class warfare
7. Blame it on Bush again.
I'm for the Republican party this year and I am a conservative... I can tell YOU - we are not like that and if you think we ALL are, you are sadly mistaken...we are for America and for what it stands...and we want our country back because it is best for all....I ditto Christopher S.
f*** u WT gator democrats are retarded. This country was supposed to be liberal. Thats why we seperated from England. But no, democrats want lots of government and so this country became what it is today.

You people all take yourselves way too seriously. :D
Well, no.

Almost everyone is against the idea of corporations as people.
Limbaugh, who does not speak for every conservative, apologized, and birth control is preferable to the alternatives.
Some college students are snobs. Sorry.
Gay is fine.
No one deserves to be poor.
Union workers are not socialists thugs. The idea you have to be in a union to get some jobs goes against American individualism.
The unemployed are not parasites, but the politicians that prey upon them are.
People who want to work here need a solution. Too many are not making minimum wage.
For an individual, the choice between God and State should be God, but expect consequences from the state if they don't agree, and no one as the right to take the law in their own hands.
Global warming exists. We are need to find a solution that does not make double digit unemployment permanent.
Chrysler should have gone bankrupt under Reagan. Both GM and Ford would have been stronger for it.
Obama is not a Muslim form Kenya. He is a liberal. That is problematic enough.
yawn as if one party is any better than the other baahhh sheeple
Republican's don't get pissed at the liberals for this list. Get pissed at the talking heads for painting your party into this corner. I know plenty republicans. This isn't how they think. they think individualism and low taxes. However, this is how the party sounds to everyone else right now. Take it back. Fire Rush and Glenn. Become a loyal opposition to the president rather then a bunch of petty sore loser obstructionist. When you refuse to compromise it doesn't make you look steadfast ... it makes you look like a child having a tantrum. Your only 51% of the country at best and your 49% the rest of the time.
This is exactly what comes out of the mouths of Republican pundits and candidates every day. I've never heard it's like from Democrats. It has nothing to do with hate, it's simply a statement of Republican beliefs and doctrine. Sorry if the shoe fits. :)
This keeps reappearing in my stream lol. Given the recent statements by +Mitt Romney , the one about the unemployed being "lazy parasites" is still very relevant to what they think about them. :)

I would amend one though.

Poor people deserve to be poorer. You all have too much money, dammit! :P
It's still the Republican platform. How fucking sad is THAT?
Ya have to wonder who's left to vote for them! They've insulted about everyone! Including everyone's intelligence!
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