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"I know it forward and backwards" is usually idiomatic, but Rob Scallon is a literal sort of dude. The vocals are also giving us serious "Twin Peaks" flashbacks.
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What is genius about a video played backwards?
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Fucking pathetic
Tsarnaev, who has maintained a neutral composure since his trial began, wiped his eyes and nose after his mother’s sister started sobbing during her testimony
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Not sure how, but this was found in my Protonmail account with +Chuck Potchen and +Rich LaDuca 's names on it.  Which can only mean that SATAN was involved somehow.
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They took +W. James Hamel​ 's ego and created a graven image out of it. Actual size. Go figure.
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Ah.  I get it now.   The fucking "collections" show up in the "To" portion of a post, just like the circles do.    So i'm assuming if i share something to a collection, it goes public unless i built the collection to show to only certain people, +Petter Hebæk .

I haz da braynzes.
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So not getting this "collections" shit
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Looks like another distraction to me. Doubt that I ever fool with it.
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Hahaha! The idiocy amazes.
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Have him in circles
3,606 people
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Takin big balls to the chin like a fuckin champ
​Tromso midfielder Gjermund Asen accidentally kicked the ball right into a ball boy's face during a match last weekend. The poor kid didn't duck fast enough.
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It's OK, I've taken balls to the face before”
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Best Intentional use of autoawesome I've seen yet
Google awesome nails it again.
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ok.  You know how with a central AC system, you have the component that is IN the house, and the big fucking thing that is OUTside of the house?    And on the part that is IN the house, you have the (what i assume is) a condensor, with the copper tubing snaking through the aluminum fins.    What causes that part to build up ice?   Ours is building a fuckton of ice that has be be melted off every two weeks or so.   That is with trying to keep the fucking house between 73 and 75F.
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I'm not paying the bill. Matters not to me. 
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Which is a bigger nightmare for a bible thumping fundamentalist Christian?
A gay atheist, or a gay Christian?
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A gay of Christian origin that converted to Liberal Judaism and thus rejects Jesus.
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The longer the Hubble Space Telescope stares into one spot, the more the corpse of god putrefies.
"Judged by many, loved by one.  No fucks given"

The following paragraph is necessary due to the sheer number of you idiots who seem to think that the moniker "G-Nostic" somehow represents a complicit state between myself and any "religious/spiritual" bullshit.

"Gnosis":  Knoweldge of spiritual mysteries.

  1. 1.
    of or relating to knowledge, especially esoteric mystical knowledge.

In my case, the "gnostic" component refers to the full knowledge that your spiritual beliefs are a scam, utter bullshit.   Wrap your head around that so you're no longer "confused".

Now you have no excuse for your stupidity on the issue. 

I'm a fully qualified and 100% vested atheist.  If you don't understand what that means, then ask.  I will not debate theists with any sense of a "level playing field".  I will use the same means and mechanisms to engage them which they rely upon to substantiate their beliefs.  Abject inanity and magical thinking, to name a few.   Not a single theist out there has earned the right to engage an atheist on the basis of science nor facts, as nothing they support in their "beliefs" has any basis in either.   Therefore, when you, as a theist, hear from me, it will be using your own paradigms and mindset that you wallow in daily.   Ultimate woowoo,  Nothing less.    Gird thy loins.

I have a healthy sense of humor and if you consider yourself susceptible to being offended by ANYTHING, then block me now.

Nothing is sacred, nothing is off limits.  And yeah, I understand that "works both ways".

I'm not engaged in this space for anything more than my own amusement and enlightenment.  
Bragging rights
Jessica Hamel. Nuff said.
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