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They're out there.
About 40 percent of red dwarf stars may have Earth-sized planets orbiting them that have the right conditions for life.Red dwarfs – which ...
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And in some of then, may exist inteligente life. Because here, there is'nt.
star gate for the new Galaxy, but i like my Milky Way Sandwich :-(
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the aliens are coming. that's right species with FTL travel are going to invade to get our fossil fuels and incandescent light bulbs
Except the technique used to find the planets tells us nothing of their composition. There is no way to know how many, if any, of those billions are rocky planets. They broke this news a bit too soon.
they can tell the composition of planets. they know if some planets are rocky or not
From an expanded article: "Limits of the technology used by the HARPS team, which looks for slight wobbles in starlight caused by an orbiting planet's gravity, make assessments of a planet's density difficult, if not impossible, to determine." "They don't even have the mass, much less the size," Borucki said. "To say it's rocky I think is a real stretch."
of course, The Earth is not the only planet having the right conditions for life :)
I just wanna meet the Asari already.
That is more than one planet per person on earth, and that is just in our galaxy..
Its really a very interesting issue. To think that this planet is so many million years old that we are the only sentient beings in the universe is a very VAIN concept.
now lets actually find them !
Zinni R
wow this is fucken retarded

Getting here is the problem. For them to come all that way, we better taste pretty good. :)
im not saying it was aliens.....but it was aliens
Hellow Neighbors if you can read this comment lol
lololol. Does nobody understand how the earth works? We can only live because we have an atmosphere, magnetic field, correct distance from sun, general size, ozone layer, tilt, spin etc. This article is just making a big claim that most people will find amazing only because they've never actually studied this for themselves. The "scientists" only publish this to get more funding.
I think the operant term is "may have". Then, the details kick in.
Yay now let me get my land before the Government starts taking some and taxing the hell out of it.
+Kenneth Knox, there are more than one technique to discover/study extrasolar planets, and one of them can give information about the presence/absence of atmosphere and composition. I remember that they had discovered an extrasolar rocky planet with atmosphere. However, they only can analyze those planets which ecliptic is (almost) parallel to the direction to their star from Earth. Besides, they only apply that technique to planets orbiting close to the star since discovering and analyzing those planets require less time.
So it's only a 'maybe' how disappointing. Be really amazing to go to travel around in space to see. Shame it will probably won't happen in my life time, maybe never. Space is awesome!
The biggest bummer is that itll take our lifetimes and a few generations to get to the closest one...... Speed of light sucks! I learned that in Astronomy last month.
I blame the Russians. We had a perfectly good space race until they let communism collapse. We could have been on Mars by now .....
Rich...... try taking a remedial English class and you'll soon spell what you can't..............
The bottom line is: SO WHAT?? If you can't get there, it does not matter. We have enough problems here and now without wasting resources on the unattainable.
It's that sort of thinking +Theo Von Druessel that has kept us earth bound. We have to get off the planet. There are already too many of us to be sustained here and you can't shut down sex!! No, the pattern of the human race is to find a nice place to mess up and then move on to another nice place to mess up. So let's hurry up and find another nice place ...... etc. etc..
the ever present myopic view of space exploration. was it wasting resources when Apollo water landing recovery systems were developed and then later used in maritime unsinkable life rafts after all the Moon was once unattainable (
was it a waste a resources to develop the Space Shuttle which lead to the Debakey heart pump using spinoffs from the SSME turbopump because flying a reusable spacecraft to build a space station is pure fantasy

or is it a waste that new rocket engine technology that might help us go further into space can now help Firefighters put out fires in less time using less water

You are right +Theo Von Druessel by looking and going to the stars benefits no one here on Earth
+michael interbartolo That was pretty silly. The point I am making is that the laws of physics says it is not possible to travel to the stars. Or do you know a secret?
I know many secrets +Theo Von Druessel I know of closed loop ECLSS systems and generation ships, I know of solar sails that can accelerate to fractions of the speed of light. I know that simply saying just because we can't get there right now in a timely manner doesn't mean we should stop looking nor should we stop trying to go.
+Theo Von Druessel We know far too little to know weather or not we can get around those laws. At the rate we are going, theres a good chance we will never find out.
Maybe the God of creation gives each of us one to oversee once we are with Him.
And thats why Earth was created by God, all these planets that have the right "conditions" but only ours has life. God could have put on the Sun or Pluto if he wanted to. But i am still not past God doing whatever he wants on other planets... he created us he can do what ever he likes.
Never in the entire vast proability that is the universe we are the only life there is, becuse creation was kinda like the lottery the odds are huge and the biggest jackpot is usually won by a single player. HA!!
I can't wait to sample all of their beer. (It's only Earth-like if it has beer.)
Actually, God may have more plans than we can ever fathom... Want to take that chance?
I am so excited!!!! I can finally have my own planet! Hello space travel and little Prince!!!!!!!
+++Muzzin Rachel

Mostly its this phone when I tend to type too fast and I get lost from all the things running through my head at the same time but either way correction by the brain does that in you naturally enableing the message and point to be directed and understood and you should know by seeing what I'm trying 2 sayeth. In the light homework of been a teacher to a 6th grader education I have in my locker and left in my backpack in future of the alphabetrixicalendrixs unknown and forgotten by the entire education system of wrong false teachers and leaders. I find it funny how you kan spell what you don't understand about the 26*.
If this is true then we might find our self migrating one day to one of them.
To bad they're so far away and we move to slow to get there.
Einstein said "interstellar distances are God's form of quarantine".
They infected this planet with their pollutionary revolution of politrix, quarantine is the salvation of their idiocrazy for the ones who will remain after taxes in spiritual fraud they have commited.
Rich, thank you for having a sense of humor and not flaming at me for a little jab. You're a good sport. :)
Thank you my lady but I must move on victory is right around the corner and a lot of humanoids are not in the best team to score a big time goal for a win. The champions league.
The only condition for life that counts is if God decided to put it there. Frankly does not matter to us either way. Never understand why people are always speculating on this. What is the attraction? Why do we allow our government to spend money on it?
What an amazing world we are living in
And then there are the amounts of near-planet asteroids/comets that further limits the possibilities of life, or advanced civilizations on those 10 billion earth-like planets. So, 10 billion would, I guess, in reality be much less if the issue is about highly developed civilizations.
Well +Theo Von Druessel you are right to say that it is impossible for A man to travel to the stars but not for the race as whole to finally spread that far. What's more, as a previous commentator pointed out, science is full of surprises. It is impossible to travel faster than light but didn't they just track one of my old friends, a neutrino, apparently doing that? Now, I think, some scientists are trying hard to disprove it all as that would simply be too embarrassing. Rather like finding out that you don't fall off the edge of the world when you go over the horizon. Never say never.
Funny... Gene Rodenberry said the exact same thing 50 years ago.
Unfortunately +Sudhakaran Chemby I don't know. It all depends. I think I am right in saying that an imperial (British) bilion is a million times a million whereas an American billion is only a thousand times a million. So 10 billion is really anyone's guess. It's a bit like long tons, short tons and metric tons. Incidentally I am not sure if there is a metric billion. Anyone any ideas? All I know is 10 billion must be a fudging big figure :-) All hail; metrication .......
+Ian Heams & +Sudhakaran Chemby I'm guessing the 10 billon rocky planets are 10 000 000 000 rocky planets. The billon used here is the American billion (Wired magazine, author from Oakland). I would like 1e+10 notation. I'm from south america and here a billon is a million million. I think it has nothing to do with imperial or metric units, it's just local and cultural tradition.
- +Victor Hammersley & +Sudhakaran Chemby& +Jason Babchuk Yeh, the "10" is interesting too. One naught is usually written "10" and taken as ten, but, of course, if you're in binary then "10" actually equals two and in hexadecimal "10" equals sixteen. As I said the term "10 billion" could mean anything, it depends on the context. I find mathematical terms tricky. A kilobyte, for instance, isn't a thousand anything, it's actually 1024 bytes. And you mustn't confuse your bytes and bits. There are 8 bits in a byte but a bit is what you use to steer a horse !! :-)

Mathematicians and scientists tell us that maths is a universal language. All I can say is that it has a lot of blinking dialects !!
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