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We're going streaking!
An Oregon man was cleared of indecent exposure charges Wednesday when a local judge said his protest of Transportation Security Administration screening procedures was constitutionally protected speec...
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I'd rather force them to feel me up and then moan seductively.
+Chris Jacobs I don't see the problem. The TSA makes fools out of innocents, little old ladies who can't hear enough to understand what they want from her and is very obviously not a threat, and otherwise makes fools of us.

Anatomy isn't something to be ashamed of, and this form of peaceful protest beats other options by a long shot. If the TSA can make fools out of us by doing their jobs, if we want to make fools of ourselves before they can get the jump on us, why not?
que muestra que el desodorante funciona bien!!!!????
If pornography is protected under the first amendment, then this, being a political expression, is most definitely protected under the first amendment.  Plus, it is legal (as the judge rightly found) in Portland, OR to be naked in public.  The judge made 100% the right call here.  Someone needs to organize a mass naked protest at PDX after this!
In the unlikely event that I ever need to travel by airplane, I plan on wearing very loose baggy pants with a printout of the judge's ruling taped to my waist underneath.
This could turn me into an activist. Down with oppression of _____. Down with pants!
Security will be a party now. I can't wait to get the stop line tarted.
If they can strip search you if they suspect something then you should be able to get naked. Sounds legit to me.
I am soooo not into conspiracy theories and the like, but TSA is a joke. Have they yet actually averted any deadly disasters? Not to mention, it's been shown repeatedly that it's possible to dupe them and their scanners.
Very cool.  It' about time citizens stood up to the TSA!
Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend!
I fly so much, too much and internationally so I get the point about the frustration of the inspection.  But then there was the shoe bomber and then the diaper ( I mean underwear) bomber, and the toner cartridge on a UPS flight.  My dream is to stick the real terrorist into a virtual reality where they go through that line endlessly and have to fly on a CRJ200 next to the smelly commode for the rest of their lives.  As for the naked Mr. Brennen that fact that he is from Oregon and the judge under STATE law found his actions constitutionally protected makes sense as those folks are so out there they make Obama look like a tea party activist.  In Oregon you can get naked but your not allowed to pump your own gas..come on!
Someone on Reddit suggested nude flash mobs at airports - power to the people!
lol.. that would be disturbing but funny I think.
And this is why I love Oregon.  
А че эт все на англиском базарят?
Sounds like a judge who flies a lot.
Quick... naked party! We are just protesting officer!
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