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Make sure to join us tomorrow at 11am PST for the livestream of our first #HangOutOnAir ! +Jason Paur will be talking with +Elon Musk about #SpaceX and Private #SpaceTravel .

See you then!
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Sounds awesome. Although i'll be at work during that time. But, I do love the idea of these sorts of hangouts.
Same comment as usual it's all non smoking
What time is that in montreal quebec canada?
Can I set my alarm pacific standard time?
I haven't had a phone since 2000.
Now I'm hard wired.
Might as well just stick a chip my cerebral cortex or whatever Sheldon Cooper would say.
+Branden VanAuken we'll be recording it. I'll keep the channel posted on when it's available to watch. Hope that helps!
Great! Just calculating the correct time difference between PST and CET & GMT now :-)
I'm looking forward to it as I am a big fan of Mr. M. I also look forward to ending the ambiguity of who is the REAL Mr.M on +Google+ . is it +Elon Musk or +Elon Musk or neither? Also please invite him to visit my shrine to him +The Elon Musk Fan Club which I will be happy to end once the confusion is cleared up and his social media minions will agree to keep up a presence here in addition to the +Tesla Motors and +SpaceX pages. Thanks for doing this.
Also... The only question I can think to ask is does he have his Burning Man tickets squared away so that he will be attending? lol. I love his quirky sense of humor regarding Cats and Evil Genius' and using Marvin the Martian as a Twitter avatar for awhile etc.
I work in an elementary school. Will this be school appropriate?
Ok, sounds nice. Just a process improvement, however.

I'm busy, it sounds great, how do I say "I'm coming"? How do I join this thing if it's even possible.

It should make an entry in my diary and remind me.

Google is not good with understanding the common person's needs.

"Just rock up" is "Ok", but I doubt it's optimal.

And I realize this might not be the most effective place to raise this, but its in my head now, and I need to get it out.
Looking forward this this #hugefan of Elon Musk 
Err, ok Thanks Don.

That's in 25 minutes. Surely we can join before then?
I mean think about it this way.

Imagine if Stanford said "you're only allowed into the lecture hall at exactly 11pm". Oh and you can't signup for a course, you just have to be there.
Hope they will do it in 240p and 360p, at the same time when 480p or more. I was on a Hangout with G+ folks recently and I couldn't really participate. I got poor-man's 1 Mbit/s DSL line (standard here) and I'm slow... Other folks had the same probs. Strange though, as normally in YouTube you can go down to 240p if you want, for nearly all movies.
There are Two types of hangout. This will be done on an ON Air Hangout. There is nothing to join until the originator pushes the start hangout button.
+Matthew Tagg The feature to add Google Calendar (or any calendar) to Hangout ad, is a long-proposed feature. Guess we have to keep pushing on #newgoogleplus , +the g+ resource or others for this.

You can actually require a feature from Google, just press the "gear" icon in top right, then go to Support->Fill a complaint (or whatever). Never understood that they ask for features in a bug tracker though...
+Eric Joyce As far as I know, Hangouts on Air are "closed environments" hangouts, so to the best of my knowledge I think it should be safe for the kids to be able to watch it. If for whatever reason I am wrong and you see them opening the hangout to the public, that might be a sign that you might want to use more care for your young audience, but again, otherwise if the hangout is "contained" to interviewer/interviewee, I don't anticipate any age appropriateness issues. (I am not a representative of Wired, so this is purely my personal estimation). Thanks.
So, ahem, its's 20 PM CET, where's the Hangout? Or as usual, should we begin this fun & educating Google+ game titled "Where is that Hangout link, or are they just late" :-)
I also cannot find the hangout!!! What should I do? It's 11 in the morning in California, is this the correct time???????
Yep, it is. Nope, there's no meeting yet (or I'm wrong)
Which link? Which hangout? Hang-on, I'm lost :-D
Sometimes they are not too punctual. stand by or check my stream as I'll share it when I find it.
Hi all, we're in the middle of setting it up (and running a bit late!). We should be live shortly. Also, it's an HangoutOnAir that all can watch.
Ok, now I will have 4 (four) G+ tabs opened, hunting for the Hangout. Elon, I do it only for you! :-)
Why would people want to restrict what they children can watch on the Internet?
They really are not making this easy for us G+ noobs, are they? lol
I feel like I'm going to DDOS Wired's profile soon..
Come on! I am risking my job, hidden to take part to this event! :)
I discussed this post with 4 people in a hangout.
Please be patient as it can be frustrating getting mics and cams all set up if it's the first time they have conducted a hangout.
All good things come to those who ...
+Don Denesiuk are you implying they have not setup the microphones yesterday :O ??? And your post is truncated ...
Hopefully they can get this organized and setup soon...should have tested this first guys! 18 min past due for my Elon SpaceX fix...!
I discussed this post with N+1 people in a hangout.
I imply that everybody should take a chill pill and wait.
I did not see anything under "hangouts"
Hi Wired, could we get an update on the status of this hangout? Thanks!
It would be nice to just start the Hangout with a blank screen or still pic and music until everyone is ready to start the meeting, so at least viewers know we're at the right place instead of waiting for a link to appear.
Maybe the same delays that plague COTS2+ are also happening for this hangout! They need more testing! :D
How do you know when a hangout is active (newbie)
They should definitely have a filler image in...
Don. Howcome you on the defense? Are you the organizer?

Protip: people are not being unreasonable.
I could cook lunch in the time it is taking to set up a google hangout
Hey guys! We're having some difficulties on this end. Hang tight! And thank you for being patient!
Google+ is not a killer social network. They should be humble, and make it easier to use and less confusing.

Instead of "ZOMG My Name is Larry Page and we have a hundred million users"
The natives are getting restless.
No just a big fan of Elon Musk and have seen a lot of On Air Hangouts (+Trey Ratcliff got me hooked lol) and I understand everyone's frustration waiting but I also understand how hard it can be to get things together when everyone is waiting and urging you to hurry. As a wise man once said 'it is what it is'
Teri K
Oh good, I thought I missed it! YAY for still keeping a space program ALIVE.. NASA who?
This just in from twitter

WIRED Science ‏@wiredscience Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
Technical difficulties with our G+ hangout with Elon Musk.... Stand by.
Aww, man! I gotta go to class and I'm gonna miss it.
Ok, here we go!
Btw, do I have to refresh the screen or will the Hangout link just automatically appear?

Also will the link appear as a comment to this post or as a new post itself?
Sooooo...while we wait, how about everybody's thoughts on "Planetary Resources" announcement a few days ago?
Hi all, we are live. To watch the hang out just click on the big arrow in the middle of the video screen. Thanks again for being so patient!
Ok, so it's a youtube vid. How is that "hanging out"?

Hangout implies interaction.
apparently you are watching people hangout with elon, you can't hangout with him
This was billed as an interview with Google + Hangout On Air as the vehicle to facilitate that. Sit back and enjoy. All the other interviews I've seen the interviewer asks long question and Elon doesn't have much time to answer. It's great to just hear him speak in greater detail.
Seems odd though. I mean ok so if his point is to create impact, I don't think Google Hangout is the ticket.

I mean surely TV would get more exposure.

Even if Elon is not there to take random questions, I mean I get that, but surely you want to create a group chat thing and take one or two questions from the floor.

The process is a Big fail IMO.

Still I'm enjoying the content. :)
Thanks +WIRED Short but sweet. When I think about how much stuff +Elon Musk has going on it's amazing he found the time to do this. The most detail I've heard on the delays with the flight.
Also what is annoying, is I changed my schedule to accomodate, for no reason. I can't see how this is different to posting a youtube vid that I can watch later when I'm relaxing this evening.

Instead we create this false hype.

Elon being a legendary entrepreneur and interesting person is not relevant to the point.
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